Friday, September 22, 2017

The Navy

The Navy – It’s Not a Job, It’s a Total Cluster. By Ray Starmann, Editor in Chief at US Defense Watch
Excerpt: The US Navy, the mighty and heroic service that beat the tar out of America’s enemies for 240 years; the force that won brilliant victories at Midway, Manila Bay, Leyte Gulf, Lake Erie and a thousand other places is no more. The US Navy that refused to surrender and ‘had not begun to fight’ under the leadership of John Paul Jones, is now too incompetent to fight anyone; and every American should be seriously concerned. To paraphrase Oliver Perry, “We have met the enemy and it is cultural Marxism and social engineering.” The latest debacle to engulf the Navy was reported yesterday in a myriad of media outlets, including US Defense Watch. According to Fox News: The majority of ships operating in the U.S. Navy’s Seventh Fleet, where two destroyers have been involved in fatal collisions since June, weren’t certified to conduct basic operations at sea related to war-fighting, according to U.S. Navy records. As of late June, eight of the 11 cruisers and destroyers in the Seventh Fleet, and their crew members, weren’t certified by the U.S. Navy to conduct “mobility seamanship,” or basic steering of the ship, according to U.S. Navy records provided to two House Armed Services subcommittees. (An article I hate to read and pass on. But it's on point, and should be seen by every voting American. If PC insanity is not dialled way back in our military, our actual capacity to take on anyone, anywhere, will continue to plummet. And in this world, we simply cannot afford that. --Del)

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