Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Left

Ignoring The Radical Left Is Worse Than Ignoring Alex Jones
Charlie Sykes argues that it’s dangerous for the Right to ignore fringe figures like Alex Jones. But the Left has a much worse track record.
Excerpt: In a weekend essay for The New York Times, conservative commentator Charlie Sykes argues that the Right can no longer disregard marginal figures like the conspiracy-mongering Alex Jones. “We can’t keep ignoring the fringe,” writes Sykes. “We have to expose it.” It’s an odd piece from the usually insightful Sykes, considering the Left’s manifest failure to confront its own fringe, a member of which tried to assassinate Republican members of Congress just days before Sykes’ article ran. Given all that’s happened in recent weeks, and the long history of left-wing political violence in America, is the Right’s failure to confront Jones really a more pressing problem than the Left’s refusal to renounce their own radicals?

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