Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Obama sets up shadow government organization to destroy Trump and the US
I found this in a New Zealand conservative site, but written by an American, probably appears elsewhere on the Net too. But it's a very telling explanation of what Obama and the Left have set up, and I personally have to agree this is dangerous to the whole nation. Whether Trump is a perfect President or not, a focused, concentrated, wellfunded effort to undercut the entire Administration is a bad thing to do for everyone in the long run. Hillary used to talk about the "vast Right Wing conspiracy", but here we are seeing, truly, a vast Left Wing conspiracy, triply dangerous since the media and academia are fully in step with it. Trump, his staff, and the GOP leadership need to figure out very soon how to stop making mistakes that add fuel to the fire, and how to counter these subversives and show to the nation that they are the real danger to the republic. --Del

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