Wednesday, June 21, 2017

From the Chair of the Republican Party of Dane County Wisconsin.

What we are fight for: As many of you know, my earlier days in political action revolved around an effort called Reach Out Wisconsin. Reach Out Wisconsin (ROW) is a non-partisan organization I helped create to encourage civil discourse on political issues. Although I turned the reins of the ROW over to others when I became Chair, I remain committed to the founding principles of that organization. 

While I still believe in the mission of ROW, I can't ignore the reality of where we are as a nation. Last week we had a gunman target Republicans practicing to play a baseball game for charity. You would think this would be an opportunity for a nation to come together but unfortunately it hasn't.  Too many on liberals continue to cling to some equivalent of "Republicans asked for it" in the aftermath. 

I didn't get into politics to drive a hard line. I absolutely believe in live and let live as a personal philosophy - somewhat libertarian frankly. Yet more and more I find that's not good enough for the liberals in our country and especially here in Dane County.  

I can't simply accept how an adult chooses to express their sexual identity.  Unless I embrace it, encourage my children to embrace it, and rearrange society to embrace it, I'm the bigot. 

I can't believe in an individual's right to bear arms.  Unless I recognize that Republicans asked for it when a gunman starts shooting then I'm a hypocrite.  

I can't believe that climate change is more complex than blaming it on the industrial revolution.  Unless I recognize the infallibility of Al Gore then I'm a 'science denier'.  

It goes on and on but the bottom line is that there is no middle ground.

Furthermore, what we see on the national level today is nothing short of John Doe III. We lived through the John Doe and John Doe II investigations here in Wisconsin as liberals went after Governor Walker.  It was a witch hunt then and it's a witch hunt now.  

This is the logical application by liberals of a "John Doe" investigation on the national level as they go after President Trump now.  Russian collusion, obstruction of justice, we just need to keep investigating until we find something!  In a nutshell, as it was in Wisconsin, it's an investigation in search of a crime. They will not stop unless we beat them back as we did five years ago, first here in Wisconsin.

This is the reality we face today. We should continue to encourage civil dialogue but we can't stop fighting at the same time. We need to support the President's agenda, we need to support the President, and we need to keep fighting right here in Wisconsin for our beliefs.  We need to not lose focus of what we have gained here and what we need to do to not lose ground in Wisconsin in the coming year. 

We all have a role to play in this fight.  Our role is right here in Dane County; right here on the front line of liberal extremism.  


Scott Grabins, Chair

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