Wednesday, June 21, 2017


India and the Fight Against Islamic State by Natalie Tecimer
Muslims make up about 14% of the population of India, Hindus are just short of 80%, and the other roughly 7% are Christians, Sikh, and a few other denominations. The Hindu-Muslim tensions go back many centuries, and just simmer below the surface in many places. A few years ago, when I was working in India, I heard about one of the radical attacks where some Muslims blew up a train with Hindu pilgrims on it at a medium size city whose name I can't recall. Within a few days there were no Muslims left in the city, it wasn't a massacre, it was the general population rising up and driving them all out. If push really comes to shove in India, it will not be settled in a nice way. But this is also a sign of the virulence of what we might call the "jihadist virus", which just continues to spread among a fraction of Muslims across the world. It remains a very dangerous thing for everyone, and we need to hope that some kind of countermovement starts in Muslim countries and among Islamic scholars. The best way for this to die off is for Muslim societies to reject and discourage it. If that doesn't happen, the long term scenarios are very grim. --Del. Only a fraction of the Germans were Nazis...~Bob

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