Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Students paid to protest Trump

Paying Students to Protest Trump
Excerpt: Pomona College is paying students to protest the new president-elect. That chilling detail trumps all the news about frantic college students who require safe spaces with Play-Doh and puppies to recover from the election. According to the Claremont Independent, Pomona College’s Draper Center for Community Partnerships advertised a November 9th anti-Trump rally in Los Angeles on Facebook. It wasn’t enough, however, for the center to promote a partisan political event. It went all the way to using university funds to rent buses to take students to the rally and to reimburse travel costs for those who missed the bus. The Draper Center personnel knew what exactly they were doing: “The Draper Center is organizing a bus that will take students to downtown LA TONIGHT to stand against Trump.” This isn’t just the usual leftist politicization of the university. Typically that political mischief is veiled. It takes the form of Marxist history, one-sided syllabi, and wholesome-sounding code words such as “environmental awareness.” But at Pomona the mask has slipped. We are seeing outright political zealotry in plain violation of the college’s tax status—and its educational integrity. (OK, and now we have a flat-out pushing of political bias on the part of a college, spending money to support protest rallies.  But of course, only the right kind of protest rallies.  That is NOT what a school is supposed to be doing.  It's bad enough for professors and administrators to engage in indoctrination rather than education, but when they actually start spending school funds for a particular cause, that's well over the line.  I hope there's some kind of flak that hits this school and its activist bosses over this. --Del)

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