Wednesday, November 30, 2016


‘I Go Where I Please:’ Unshackle Navy To Reply To Iran
It's well past time to stop pussyfooting around those who seek deliberately to harass our naval vessels in international waters. The answer is to boldly go wherever we wish in those areas, as often and as slow or as fast as we wish, and respond to threats and harassment with clear, unequivocal actions. Buzz close to our ships and you get one warning shot, if you don't turn away right then, in three seconds you get one right through the hull into the engine compartment and we watch you sink and then pull your sailors out of the water to parade them around looking wet and unhappy. Send a missile in our direction and the site gets obliterated within minutes if not seconds. Make it simple, we go where we please but not deliberately provoking anyone, and if you leave us alone, we leave you alone. If you come at us, we come at you, in spades. As the Bible says, the "strong man armed" doesn't get challenged much. We've always been armed, but we haven't been strong for too many years. Time to go back to simple rules and old mottoes.... "Don't Tread On Me". --Del

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