Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hacksaw Ridge

Bonnie and I went to see the movie Hacksaw Ridge. It was a good movie, but with better historical and military input could have been a great movie. I kept wanting to yell, "Don't bunch up." It had a lot of gory violence, so don't take someone with a squeamish stomach with you. Surprisingly, Bonnie liked it and wasn't bothered.

It was based on the true story of Desmond Doss, a conscience objector who saved 75 men on Hacksaw Ridge on Okinawa. However, he had been in combat before that and saved other men, which the movie doesn't depict. In addition to his Medal of Honor, he earned three bronze stars and three purple hearts. They were awarded for his actions over a period of weeks, not just Hacksaw Ridge. He refused other book and movie officers as they were not willing to try to be accurate.

The real howler for Marines is that or the sake of Hollywood, they make out his father, his father's dead buddies and the Colonel at Doss's court martial as Army veterans of Belleau Wood. Doss Senior is wearing the Silver Star, established in 1932 to replace the Citation Star. I found no evidence that they had been changed to the Silver Star for earlier recipients. Of all the WWI battles they could have picked, they chose the Marine fight at Belleau Wood.

Worth seeing but not a must see. ~Bob

Desmond Doss

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