Monday, July 18, 2016

So About That Coup in Turkey

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Worth Reading: So About That Coup in Turkey. By Tom Kratman
Excerpt: Make no mistake about it, last Friday’s apparent coup attempt by elements of the Turkish Army to oust budding Islamist dictator Recep Erdogan was a disaster for the West and for Kemalist, which is to say, “secular” Turkey, and a boon only to the – speaking of Erdogan – murderous lunatics and fanatics that Islam has been throwing up with increasing frequency and virulence over the last several decades. But what actually happened concerning the “coup?” (Tom Kratman is a retired US Army LtCol, an occasional contributor to my blog, and an outstand author of military science fiction, including the A Desert Called Peace series. I expect that in 20 years they will move his novel Caliphate to the history section. ~Bob)

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