Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pokemon Go!

From Greg: While wishing great things can resume for America, it would seems (I note) that clueless endeavors among Americans are putting us in the fast lane for disaster. I would invoke that tone towards droves of aimless wandering Americans pursuing a totally incomprehensible thing called Pokemon Go! What the heck is going on??? Along the streets (and on campus) I see “walking dead” – hands outstretched – searching for reality – NOT! One of my former squadron commanders (Ron Folse) sent me something yesterday on this affliction that he assesses (and makes sense) when he notes: “Millions of people playing a game made from a foreign company. A game that uses your camera which feeds onto their servers. People exploring sensitive areas to include police stations, restricted zones, military installations, etc.. If I was plotting a major offensive attack, what better way to gather your Intel than from the nation's citizens themselves; and mask it as an innocent nostalgic game. Think about it.... By the way..... REAL MEN DON'T PLAY POKEMON GO!”
For more on this subject go to the link Navy vet Ray Longaker just sent me http://debka.com/article/25562/Pokemon-Go-%E2%80%93-super-spy-potential-terror-tool

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