Thursday, June 2, 2016

There is no lesser of these two evils!

People continue to attack me because I will not vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. One recently said that was half a vote for Trump! (Why not half a vote for Clinton?)

People are saying that by not voting for Trump, I'm handing the election to Clinton. (So I guess that by not voting for Clinton, I'm handing the election to Trump?) When they dropped out, Rubio was doing 16 points better, Kasich was doing about 8 points better, and Cruz was doing about 8 points better against Clinton than Trump. In my view, if anyone handed the election to Clinton, it was the Trump primary voters who insisted on supporting him despite these numbers. Especially as we told them that principled conservatives could not vote for him. We were telling the truth, something that must come as a shock as their candidate lies to them so often. Apparently they thought we were lying too.

I believe in voting for the lesser of two evils, I really do, because the alternative is to be governed by the great of two evils. But in the case of Trump versus Clinton, I cannot discern which is the lesser of two evils. Both are, I believe, evil beyond my ability to discern nuances. Both Trump and Clinton have spent their careers in self-enrichment and rent-seeking. Both are proven and inveterate liars. Both are odious people with meretricious characters that I have despised for decades. Both are deeply flawed morally. Clinton has a sense of entitlement to rival a black hole. Trump has such a virulent cast of narcissistic personality disorder as to make Obama look self-effacing. Both are life long liberals, though Trump has started talking like the liberals' caricature of a conservative since he announced. But I ask you, is it more likely that a person tells you his true views when he is running for office, or when he's not.

If its true that we know how bad Hillary will be, moving the country further towards to coming fiscal, economic, social and political collapse in her pursuit of power and vast wealth, it is also true that, with his vast ignorance on every subject a president needs to know about, his childish bullying and fits of spite, no one knows what Trump may do or say on any given day. Least of all Trump. I cannot use my vote to make either of these people President when I don't believe either is fit to be the Flint Water Commissioner.

My essay, "22 Reasons Principled Conservatives can Never Vote for Donald Trump."
Could as easily be written about Hillary Clinton. There is plenty of material there.

But I console myself with the knowledge that I'm 70, not that well, and that "It doesn't matter who you vote for in November"

I now think only divine intervention can save the Republic. ~Bob 


  1. I do not agree. I do feel sympathy that your analysis does not include treacherous behavior on Clinton's part against the United States. Shame on you, we have all changed in the last 20 years so to hold Trump"s disparity as a reason we should possibly be stuck with Clinton is absurd. Get a grip. S/F