Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Old Jarhead's Seabag--my newest book now available!

The Old Jarhead's Seabag--my newest book now available!

This collection of short stories, essays and some recent poetry is now available on Amazon.
As with all my twelve books, the royalties go to charity--in this case the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.

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See my author's page for all my books:

Contents of The Old Jarhead's Seabag

Note that the short stories and essays were written between 1985 and 2016. Therefore, please excuse any elements that time has passed by.

Trigger Warning: Short Stories to Offend Every Variety of Genteel Political Correctness

The Price
The Hunt
Billy's Birthday
A Bit of Colored Ribbon
Acceptable Casualties
Win One for Old Earth
The Identity Thief
The Supervisor's Tale
Pick a Winner
The Loser
Trial by Fire
Wheels of Love
Merry Christmas, Snake
The Lock
The Target

Essays to Make Pajama Boy Seek His Safe Space

Soon it will be Spring
Riding Along With Officer Al
Developing Influence
A Lung for Christmas: Local VA helped extend my life
Eight Books Every Presidential Candidate Should Read
Fifteen Tips for Making You the Indispensible Employee
Racism in America (With suggested readings)
It doesn't matter who you vote for
Fifteen Habits of Highly Effective Marines
Thirteen Things Obama Cannot Change by Executive Order
The Progressive Legacy
Turning the Economy Around
Economic Facts of Life
Fixing our electoral system
Press two for racism

Irish Pennants - Poetry
Most of my poetry is in my two other books, Old Jarhead Poems and Share the Cup. These were written post publication of those volumes.

Casualty Call
Mother Corps
I loved Heroin more than you
LCpl John Payne
Marine Air
Molon Labe
Sonnet for AJ
There's Nothing Dignified in Death
We will come for you
Who is “Iron Mike”?
You'll never be alone

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