Tuesday, September 8, 2015

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Saturday, September 5, 2015 was Bonnie and my 23rd wedding anniversary. We went to the Wisconsin Scottish Games to celebrate--and I wore the kilt I was married in! You could have gotten good odds betting that our marriage would last more than five years, and equally good odds betting that I'd still be alive for this one. A lot of folks would have bet against either one. Last time I was at these games was in 2013; I was pulling an O2 tank.

At the Scottish Games a dog the woman said was a Carolina Dingo came over and was nuzzling my leg. Sweet pooch--I leaned over and petted him, then noticed the vest that said, "Service Dog" and apologized. "That's okay," she said, "He came to you. Do you have blood sugar issues?" I replied that I was diabetic from steroids due to my lung transplant. "That's why he came to you," she said. "I'm a diabetic and he's a diabetic alert dog. He could tell that you were."

The games featured the usual Clan tents, food sellers and venders of Scottish kilts and other goods, athletic, dance and piping competition, Scottish dogs, herding demos, archery, a pub tent with folk singers, weapons demos and jousting--which is hot work in 90+ degrees.

Must Read: Why Clinton's email problem won't go away. By John Schindler, Los Angeles Times
John R. Schindler is a security consultant and a former National Security Agency counterintelligence officer.

Latest Clinton email release reportedly contains 57 threads with 'born classified' information

Johnson Jr.: Lynchpin witness could implode Clinton campaign

Really? Hillary Clinton to Show More Humor and Heart, Aides Say
Excerpt: There will be no more flip jokes about her private email server. There will be no rope lines to wall off crowds, which added to an impression of aloofness. And there will be new efforts to bring spontaneity to a candidacy that sometimes seems wooden and overly cautious. (Got that? They’re planning spontaneity. --Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt. “The Autumn Campaign of Joy and Spontaneity! Join the All Party Cadre! Celebrate Kim Jon Hill! Extra gruel! Missile parades!” --Rick Wilson.)

Second Review Says Classified Information Was in Hillary Clinton’s Email
Excerpt: A special intelligence review of two emails that Hillary Rodham Clinton received as secretary of state on her personal account — including one about North Korea’s nuclear weapons program — has endorsed a finding by the inspector general for the intelligence agencies that the emails contained highly classified information when Mrs. Clinton received them, senior intelligence officials said.

Worth Reading: The March of Foolish Things
You may need to Google the title to get to the article. ~Bob

Worth Reading: No Movement That Embraces Trump Can Call Itself Conservative

Interesting: Why Hillary Clinton is helping Donald Trump. By David Weigel, Washington Post

My loathing of Trump validated: Paul Krugman just wrote an op-ed praising Donald Trump for being 'right on economics'
Comment on Facebook: Paul Krugman, noted leftist, Keynesian, NYT economist supports Trump's economic policies.

Trump: I ‘Always Felt That I Was in the Military’ Because of Boarding School. By Jim Geraghty
Excerpt: Donald Trump, who received draft deferments through much of the Vietnam War, told the author of a forthcoming biography that he nevertheless “always felt that I was in the military” because of his education at a military-themed boarding school. Mr. Trump said that his experience at the New York Military Academy, an expensive prep school where his parents had sent him to correct poor behavior, gave him “more training militarily than a lot of the guys that go into the military.”

Worth Reading: Virginia shootings revive gun myths. By Steve Chapman

In the states, they get Obama-Phones. In Iran the get Obama-missiles. ~Bob


Armed Iowan Saves Neighbors from Assault and Robbery

'All Lives Matter': Pastor's Song Aims to Promote Love & Unity

Raymond Ibrahim: Koran’s Contents—Not Carbon Dating—Cast More Doubt on Islam

Alert the slander machine! ~Bob

Watch What This Group of Marines Does When Obama Walks In…

Sharia Afghanistan: Man, woman given 100 lashes in public for adultery. By Robert Spencer, JihadWatch.org
Excerpt: Remember: opposing Sharia punishments makes you a racist, bigoted Islamophobe.

You know Common Core is a debacle when even Leftists have given up on defending the monstrosity...Breitbart


Updated NASA Data: Global Warming Not Causing Any Polar Ice Retreat

Iran Pact's Secret Side Deals: A National Security Fraud
The Deal is going to go, for sure now, and the GOP idiots aren't even going to put up the kind of last ditch screaming fight that they should, for the sake of honor if nothing else.  It's a travesty, a tissue of misinformation and optimism taken to total fantasy, liberally salted with denial about the Iranian leaders and their past consistent patterns of action and deception.  This scares the hell out of me, what will happen in ten years is super scary to think about.  But we'll probably see other things going downhill a lot sooner than that.  I only hope Obama, Kerry, and the Democrats who pushed for this are all alive to be held responsible when the final impact comes along. --Del. Actually, I hope they are in NYC for the final impact. ~Bob

Worth Reading: The Racial Reality of Policing

Kate's Parents Strike Back
Chances of this going anywhere are slim, but maybe it'll make some trouble for the idiot who left a loaded handgun in sight in a parked car.  Maybe it'll make a few people in SF rethink the whole "sanctuary" thing, but actually I doubt it'll make any difference overall there.  Only Congress growing some cojones and penalizing sanctuary cities with withdrawal of federal funding will make any difference.  If then.... but at least my tax money wouldn't be going there. Del

DIVINE? ‘Hillary’ replaces ‘Jesus’ in campaign rally song



Note:  This was written awhile back.  It has gotten worse.  According to the Labor Department, as of Labor Day 2015,  93.6 million have workers have left the labor force and no longer even bother trying to find a job. 

Will China crash?


China's New Video About Kicking America's Ass Is More Than Meets the Eye
Excerpt:    These sentiments made the recent release of a fairly polished CG video, almost six minutes in length and produced by an unidentified entity, showing how totally and comprehensively they'd kick US ass in a shooting war, seem a bit puzzling. Popular perception of the video outside of China is of a full-blown Sino-Smackdown, but there's actually more to it than meets the eye.

End Times: Europe crumbles under the devastating Impact of Mass Immigration


Expert: School choice has improved both public and voucher schools in Milwaukee

U.S. scrambles to defend Arctic from Russia, China
I thought the area was supposed to be off limits to all for development by international treaty....  Oh, well....(and that was a treaty).  Savage Nation had the best comment; went something like:  US has 2 ice breakers and Obama wants to up to 7.  The Russians have 40 (may be 41).  Obama went to the arctic and stood by a glacier and noted it was melting at an advanced rate due to global warming caused by man.  So, if all the ice is melting, why do we need ice breakers? --Barb

Flashback--WaPo Fact Checker: Hillary Clinton’s uncredible statement on Syria
Excerpt: The State Department’s refusal to identify these lawmakers is also suspicious, especially after Clinton backtracked and sought to pin the blame for the sentiments she expressed on others. So we are left with a public record that suggests Clinton was exaggerating or inventing the chorus of support on the GOP side. In fact, Clinton’s remarks gave a highly misleading impression — that there was general consensus by experts on Syria in both parties that Assad was a reformer, even though Clinton’s own State Department reports label him otherwise. Three Pinocchios

Brown Privilege: A white guy named Michael couldn’t get his poem published. Then he became Yi-Fen Chou.
I did exactly what that pseudonym-user feared other editors had done to him in the past: I paid more initial attention to his poem because of my perception and misperception of the poet’s identity. Bluntly stated, I was more amenable to the poem because I thought the author was Chinese American . . .And, hey, guess what? In paying more initial attention to Yi-Fen Chou’s poem, I was also practicing a form of nepotism. I am a brown-skinned poet who gave a better chance to another supposed brown-skinned poet because of our brownness. (The Editor's statement on this. ~Bob)

Again? U.S. rethinks strategy for battling Islamic State in Syria: NYT

Scary: The Coming War with Russia. By David Pugliese
In a war with Russia or China, we would use nukes...or lose. ~Bob

Pizza delivery boy from UK becomes Islamic State jihad murderer. By Robert Spencer, JihadWatch.org
Excerpt: After studying in a Qur’an camp. One might almost get the idea that the Qur’an played a role in such transformations, were it not for our leaders and the entire Western intelligentsia constantly insisting that it isn’t so. One wonders nevertheless how Ruhul Amin could read the Qur’an and miss the peaceful teachings in it that are so patently obvious to John Kerry and Joe Biden and David Cameron and Boris Johnson.

Germany Feels Backlash for Welcoming Migrants: Bertrand Benoit in Berlin and Nicholas Winning in London
This is really getting crazy over in EuropeSyria used to have a population of about 23 million.  There are something like 2 million of them in Turkey now, and another couple million or more spread all other places in the Middle East.  They are great majority Muslim, and not people who want to go to a Western nation to assimilate.  Is Europe supposed to absorb a million people because of a war in the Middle East?  Interestingly, after WW2 the millions of then called DP (Displaced Persons) of whom many were Jewish refugees, were not cheerfully accepted by other nations, and in fact the Jews in particular were not handled especially nicely, and even when they were just trying to leave Europe to get to Palestine, they were blocked and harassed. But now all kinds of people see pictures of drowned kids and get worked up and want to somehow be generous to these refugees from a war.  So politicians start saying they'll volunteer their country to take in thousands, and they want other nations to also take "their share".  I had to laugh, the president of Macedonia, with a population of 2 million, where they have already taken in thousands of refugees, pointedly asked just what other, prosperous nations thought they could demand of a poor, small nation in taking in people. There are people in the USA who think we should be ashamed because we're not volunteering to take in thousands.  Well, we have taken in a bunch of refugees in the past, notably the Somalis, who have not assimilated very well and have caused various difficulties.  I'm sorry, I would be happy if we sent money, food, medicine, tents, maybe weapons to defend themselves, to set up decent camps for them until the war ends and they can all go home.  But I don't feel any need to welcome thousands of people here who come only to get to a land of safety and welfare for immigrants, not because they believe in and want to take part in the American Dream.  I think the Germans will live to regret their generosity, and that those who say it's a really bad idea to encourage refugee flight to Europe are right. --Del

Muslim members of the Waffen-SS 13th division at prayer during their training in Germany, 1943

What happens when the government prints money: Children playing with stacks of hyperinflated currency during the Weimar Republic, 1922

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  1. Congratulations on your 23rd anniversary! I'm the knight on the horse at the Scottish Highland games. I've been following your blog for a few months now and I love it. From one vet to another, here's to you and Bonnie! May you celebrate many more!
    Sincerely, Carlo and Caesar