Monday, July 27, 2015

Some "worth reading" items I've saved

Some "worth reading" items I've saved
Though I unsubscribed from over 50 email feeds, I still had over 500 emails when I returned from vacation. Of course, there are sites like NCPA and Jihad Watch I still want to follow. When I announced that time constraints meant I had to stop the daily news posting, much as I miss them, I promised I'd pop a few items on the blog from time to time. Below are the items and some graphics that I culled from those 500 emails that may be of interest, plus a couple of book reviews and some fun graphics at the end.

Most readers understood why I couldn't continue. One Marine vet accused me of "surrendering to the blob" in an email top his list, as he termed the mess engulfing our country. I offered to get him started doing a similar blog, but he said he didn't have the time. So neither of us has the time, but I have surrendered, he fights on. Go figure.

I have labeled a couple of these pieces as "Must Read." Every once in a while I'll pop up stuff I think you might be interested in and left you know. Thanks for understanding. ~Bob

Book Recommendation: Big Boys Don't Cry Kindle Edition. By Tom Kratman. $2.99
A Kindle-only novella by the incomparable Tom Kratman. (His books on kindle are why I bought one.) As usual with his books, Big Boys makes you think while it entertains you. Can a battle machine, a combination troop carrier and tank, powered by AI, have more humanity than the humans it serves? Tom Kratman is a retired USA LtCol, an occasional contributor to this blog, and an outstand author of military science fiction, including the A Desert Called Peace series. I've loved everything he has written.

Book Recommendation: The Highland Witch: A Novel by Susan Fletcher 
My wife and I love books on CD for long trips, but finding ones that fit both our tastes can be a challenge. This well-written, well-researched novel by Susan Fletcher, based on real people, fits the bill. The protagonist, Corrag, is an English girl who is an herbalist and healer as were her mother and grandmother. All were accused of being witches. When her mother is about to be detained by witch hunters, she sends Corrag fleeing north and west, where she finally settles in Glencoe, about a year before the massacre. In the book, she is in a Campbell jail, waiting execution, and tells her story to an Irish minister, who is gathering evidence of the massacre to support the Jacobite cause. I recommend it.

Must read: The Way of All Appeasement. By Victor Davis Hanson 

Must read: Trump 2008: Bush Is Evil, Talk to Iran, Obama Cannot Do Worse Than Bush

How Trump spent the war years

Trump Says He Heroically Avoided Capture in Vietnam by Staying in U.S. By Andy Borowitz

Criminal Inquiry Is Sought in Clinton Email Account

Mission to Purge Syria of Chemical Weapons Comes Up Short
May have to Google the title.

John Doe horror stories: ‘I felt completely helpless in my own home’

Tomi's Final Thoughts: I'm Not a Hero, My Heroes Wear Camouflage




San Francisco: One Sick Sanctuary City. By Victor Davis Hanson 

The Period Of No Global Warming Will Soon Be Longer Than the Period of Actual Global Warming

Disaster: Today's Warrior Purge in the U.S. military

ICE’s sex offender policies under scrutiny


The Four Horsemen of a Looming Apocalypse. By Victor Davis Hanson 

"He aint do no wrong: He just shot a cop. Thassall."

Affirmative Action Lands in the Air Traffic Control Tower

A Legacy of Cliches. By Thomas Sowell

Obama’s Never-Ending Middle East Blame Game. By Mark Moyar 

In Pakistan, Detainees Are Vanishing in Covert Jails

Is This the End of Christianity in the Middle East? ISIS and other extremist movements across the region are enslaving, killing and uprooting Christians, with no aid in sight.

Saudi Prince Bandar: The U.S. nuclear pact with North Korea failed. The Iran deal is worse.

Latest satellite technology.... a huge advance!
These guys have come up with a fantastic idea, that will give everyone access to very high resolution images of every spot on the planet taken every day.  I don't know who is paying for all this, but it's an incredible project. The video was set up by someone so that Vietnamese could read it as well.  I don't know how you get access, which the developers say is free to all, but it would be interesting to start looking at assorted areas of interest.  Maybe prison camps in North Korea, or Viet Nam, or the shipyards in China where they're building their super-carriers.  Or of course, there's Iran.....Del

Ireland: Muslim rally against the Islamic State draws…50 people

Who watches the watchmen?

SATIRE: Iranian Negotiator Discusses Nuclear Deal


Iran's Ayatollah Vows Opposition to 'Arrogant' U.S. Despite Nuke Deal

79 Mispronounced Words

I did pretty well. Forte, correctly pronounced "fort" when you mean strength, is one of my bugbears. ~Bob

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