Saturday, July 4, 2015

Confederate Battle Flag

There was a Confederate Battle Flag in the Columbus, WI 4th of July Parade, something I have never seen in a parade in the North before, outside of the Gettysburg Reenactment we went to. I think there's still a streak in the American people that doesn't like self-righteous people telling them what they must do. I didn't salute it.


  1. I would not salute the battle flag of a Virginia confederate regiment, either. Too many people think this is the flag of the Confederacy and that makes it even more unpleasant, as this is representative of secessionism, slavery, and racism.

    1. you obviously must be an un-educated asshole without much knowledge of your history!!

    2. Your need to rely on gutter language reveals your intellectual level. And I at least have a masters degree in history.

  2. On the 4th of July it's important to remember our history, all of it, not just what we deem to be politically correct today. The old saw "walk a mile in someone else's shoes before you judge" is pretty wise advice. So, on this day, as pols and shallow thinking people opt to ban the Confederate Battle Flag, consider this story.
    In 1860 young Edward Driscoll set off to make his way in the world. He moved to the South. When the Civil War broke out young Driscoll was drafted into the Confederate Army. He showed great courage on the battlefield and soon won a Lieutenant's commission.
    While Edward Driscoll was being drafted into the Confederate Army, his father was drafted into the Union Army.
    Father and son would meet up on opposing sides during the Seven Days campaign in 1862. In the final battle of the campaign, the Battle of Malvern Hill, Union troops were taking heat from one company being led by a young 2nd Lieutenant who kept standing his ground after each Union charge and led a countercharge each time they were driven back.
    As explained by Captain D.P. Conyngham, of the Irish Brigade, the union officer commanding called on the brigade sharpshooter to take the young lieutenant down. The sharpshooter hit the mark on the next Confederate charge, after which the Union commander said "if he is dead that was a brave soldier".
    After the skirmish, the sharpshooter joined the others as they marched through the battle line, counting the dead. When the sharpshooter turned over the young Lieutenant he found that he had shot his own son. The son, still clinging to life, uttered "Father" and then died. The sharpshooter was father Driscoll and the brave young Lieutenant was his son, Edward.
    Utterly despondent, on the next Union charge, the senior Driscoll refused to take cover and ran into a hail of enemy fire. He would die just a few yards from where his son had died.
    Father and son, both drafted into war, both who served gallantly, and both losing their life on the same battlefield. As tragic as it was, that's our southern heritage, and that battle flag represents courage and gallantry....and no measure of political correctness can ever erase our memories of those who gave the last full measure...on both sides.

  3. Race-baiters are beating their chests over how "offensive" is the Confederate flag, and how it "symbolizes racism." Does the rising sun of the Japanese flag symbolize conquest and domination of the Pacific rim? Yet nobody is calling for the the Japanese flag to be abolished. There is no liberal sense of self-superiority in bringing up World War II, only the Civil War. Which event is more current, the end of World War II in 1945, or the end of the Civil War in 1865? Which war killed more people? Nobody in the South supports slavery today, but they do support southern hospitality and charm. It's long past time for race-baiters to stop their offensive, divisive chest-beating and victocrat mentality. The greatest gains for blacks in America by far were won before the enactment of civil rights laws of the 1960s. Today America is in a downhill spiral of black family pathologies, crime, and entitlement mentality. These destructive practices will not abate until liberal race-baiters cease their vile practice of creating strife and dissent, solely to sustain their own sense of moral superiority and garner black votes.