Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Health Update--Anniversary

Health Update--Anniversary

Today marks one full year since I was last in the VA Hospital for complications from my lung transplant on 12/23/13. They haven't done a bronchoscopy in a year, as they decided that was what was putting me in. I went off Oxygen in August and in that time, even in physical therapy on the treadmill, my O2 saturation has remained above 90%. All this is good. (I was on oxygen from June of 2010 until the transplant, back on from March to August of 14.)

I've been pretty stable since January--not real well, but not real sick. I still spend 35-40 hours a week managing my health, including PT three mornings a week. Plus I seem to need more sleep--I try to get nine hours a night, though it can take me an hour to get to sleep, and often need a nap during the day. I still feel weak and tired a lot, but am able to get out and do stuff: shop, eating out, church, take drives in the country, go to the shooting range, stuff with the grandkids, etc.

I have scaled back my blog so I can keep up with other stuff. Hope to do some writing and if I feel stronger, maybe some consulting.

Thanks for being there. ~Bob


  1. Congratulations on your new lung anniversary.
    I felt I should respond to your post and encourage you to push on, Marine. I understand the journey you have been on as my husband, also a Marine, had a lung transplant in 2012 and he too served our country in Vietnam.
    Much of your blog is very similar to my husband's politics and thinking.
    Semper fi, Marine.

  2. Godspeed Marine

  3. I check in here occasionally. Hope to read your writings soon, again. I am grief-stricken by what happened in Chattanooga today.