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Random Thoughts for February, 2015

Random Thoughts for February, 2015. By Robert A. Hall
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True Love
As the pastor loves his God,
As the miser loves his lock,
As the farmer loves the sod,
The liberals love Barack.

As the mother loves her child,
As the mobster loves his pelf,
As the hunter loves the wild,
Obama loves himself. ~RAH

Extremists, left or right, almost always believe that lying and fraud are okay if done in the name of a higher good, as they define good. See: "You can keep your health plan."

Nazis, fascists, communists, Islamists and progressives all believe they know exactly how everyone should live. So of course, do other religions or philosophies. The difference is that the former are willing, in fact compelled to use coercion to make everyone live according to their vision, whether the people want to or not. It is not so far from slaughtering people in concentration camps, in man-made famines in the Ukraine and China's "Great Leap Forward," or in the twin towers or the offices of Charlie Hebdo, to building an ever-larger government bureaucracy to force you to eat what you should, use energy as you should, use your property as you should, disarm yourself in the face of thugs as you should and seize your earnings to "help" the various disadvantaged groups that are in their favor, with ever more draconian penalties to ensure compliance. (See: Madman who starved 60million to death: Devastating book reveals how Mao's megalomania turned China into a madhouse Progressives may wear a silken glove, but it covers the iron fist of government coercion. It is no wonder that Obama debate coach and cabinet member Anita Dunn described Mao, the greatest mass murderer in history (Hitler is only third behind Stalin) as one of her favorite philosophers.

Many people go through life with little hope and fewer expectations. And they usually get what they expect.

If not for poor impulse control, many people would have no control at all.

The old adage, "Hire for attitude, train for skills" remains true. The problem is that in our society today, poor attitudes are fostered. Kids are denied low level jobs, where they could learn basic jobs skills, by minimum wage laws at the behest of unions. (My junior year in high school, I worked at Moffet's, a small grocery and butcher shop, delivering groceries on a bike and stocking shelves. I learned a lot for $1.00 per hour and tips for deliveries, usually a quarter.) The "systems" fosters attitudes that every thing is unfair, that poor people are victims, and that people are entitled to things that other people worked to earn. Personal responsibility is an unknown concept--nothing is ever their fault. It's big business, Wall Street, racism, drugs, politicians or whatever, but never them. Of course they make bad employees and thus have trouble getting or holding jobs.

If all forms of capital punishment are "cruel and unusual," are not all forms of assisted suicide also?

The way my body stores food for the coming famine, I'm worried it knows something I don't.

So far, all that money I've spent on life insurance has been a waste.

My wife reads magazines with health articles like, "Eat Eggplant and Banish Hangnail for Life." I'm waiting for one like, "Boston Cream Donuts--the Secret to Great Health."

My Medigap Policy dropped 50 cents a month for 2015. Great news, except that my wife's health care policy went up over $40 per month. Way to bend that cost curve down, Mr. President.

Though I go to physical therapy three morning a week, I don't like to exercise. However, I like having exercised--that seems to be enough.

So called "conservatives" who don't vote for a GOP candidate because he/she is not a pure conservative on every issue (as they define pure) are the handmaidens of the progressive agenda. I have found that I never agree with any candidate on 100% of the issues. Having been elected to the Mass. state senate five times, I found that I didn't even agree with myself on every issue. Some times I had to vote a certain way to survive, so I could vote conservative on the state budget. Sometimes I was just wrong, or not sure of either side in the debate. Senator Ed Brooke was a pretty liberal Republican, but he supported me and I supported him. He lost in part because conservatives he had supported sat on their hands in his election, because he was "too liberal." The result was far left Senator Paul Tsongas, followed by far left Senator John Kerry. Kerry might have won the White House. Wouldn't that have been great for the country?

Hollywood celebrities and other leftists firmly believe that talent excuses evil. See their stout defense of Roman Polanski for his drugging and rape of a 13-year-old. Whoopi Goldberg excused it as "not rape, rape," though she doubtless had the vapors over the faux-rape store in Rolling Stone.

Global Warming is today's Y2K scare, raising great funds from the public for the intimidators.

We have the granddaughter's 14-pound Teddy Bear pup, Caramel living with us. He's a good watchdog, though completely unable to distinguish between an elderly lady lawfully using the sidewalk, and three armed thugs bent on home invasion and mayhem.

It's bad enough to have an unwanted song stuck in your head for days. But when it's January and the song is "Santa Claus is coming to town"....

You are, of necessity, subservient and obsequious to those you are dependent on: a boss, a rich uncle, your parents. The fast-growing percentage of the population that is dependent on the government for jobs or handouts are no different.

The problem with doing exercise is that, like laundry and dishes, it doesn't stay done.

We don't need more laws. we need politicians and officials with the grit to enforce the laws we have.

Too many people have bought into the, "Poor me, I'm a victim" mentality. They are not happy if they have nothing to complain about, and cast about for something to fill their empty lives.

Refusal by much of the media to publish the Charlie Hebdo cartoons is cowardice cloaked in the cause of multicultural principles. It's the left's staple. Je suis poulet.

Hillary can lie as expertly as Barack, but progressives won't really take to her unless she shows her bowing and apologizing for America is in his league. ~Bob

Given how he has destroyed race relations for political gain, I suspect future historians will classify Obama's elections as hate crimes.

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, you'd have to have a heart of stone to read about Harvard Professors up in arms over their health insurance rate increases caused by Obamacare and not laugh.

"Nice" and "Annoying" are not mutually exclusive.

Politics is strange. From time to time, even a good man wins.

Muslims seem a LOT more upset by the Charlie Hebdo cartoons than the slaughter of thousands of fellow Muslims by ISIS and Boko Haram.

I hope if Hillary runs in 2016, she will again regale us with tales of being under fire in the Balkans. Politics needs more old-fashioned, side-splitting humor.

I looked over Jordan, what did I see,
Coming to cut my head off?
A band of Jihadists coming after me,
Coming to cut my head off.
I.S.I.S., you wouldn't dare,
Coming to cut my head off.
If Barack Obama would just grow a pair,
Coming to cut my head off. ~RAH

Addition from a blog reader:

As you crossed over Jordan, what you did not see
Were two loaded Glocks belonging to me
Extra mags readily at hand
I'll gladly transport you to Allah's land.
Better turn around now before it's too late
Before you and my defense have an unpleasant date.
Shut up and leave, it's all that I ask
Or else you will have lead in your . . . .BW

They say if you repeat a lie long enough and loud enough, people will believe it. Seemed to work for Hitler and Stalin. And it seems to work for liberals (see "Global Warming") and Obama/keep your plan/etc. (see Obamacare). But when enough people realize they have been lied to, the backlash can get nasty.

If you do not read and cherish books, you cannot justly call yourself a civilized person.

"We often forgive those that have injured us, but we can never pardon those that we have injured." -- Fran├žois, duc de La Rochefoucauld (1613–1680). Which is why the left and the media are compelled to pick at Sarah Palin, though doing so makes her more popular with her base, and thus more wealthy.

Ted Cruz says every time Republicans run to the middle, they lose the presidency. Thankfully, Barry Goldwater--on whose campaign I volunteered as a teen--ran to right. Carried six states, too. Both Bushes ran to the middle, for three wins out of four. Reagan was arguably less conservative than he is pictured. In my view, the last truly Conservative Republican President was Coolidge. The last Conservative Democrat president was Cleveland. But folks will believe what they want to believe. We all thought Goldwater was going to win. (Of course, I missed the last three months of the campaign, on vacation at "Beautiful Beaufort by the Sea, the Parris Island Resort and Spa.")

As the Greek elections just showed, no one likes austerity. Spending money is much more fun then tightening the belt several notches to pay for past spending to buy votes. But trust me, they will like the eventually results of profligate spending far less. It will involve fiscal, political and social collapse, violence, starvation and a lot of the folks who are against austerity now running around blubbering, "Why didn't someone do something?"

You'll notice that the media that says it is wrong to publish something that offends Muslims has never extended the same content veto to Christians and Jews.

If you support the Muslim Brotherhood, you support terrorism and the extermination of the Jews. Jews first that is...

Do you suppose Obama ever asks himself on foreign or domestic policy, "What happens if I'm wrong about this?" No, me neither.

Ziggy: Wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself.

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