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More on Phishing
Hi, Bob. I was surprised when I read Sharon's comment on phishing. I have also gotten those calls from "Rachel" and other names. I am also on the Do Not Call lists at the state and federal levels. After the first few years of getting them, I acquired a phone that lets me "block" annoying callers. After I had blocked 10 or 15 different numbers, all from them--and the calls still kept coming--I stayed on the line until I got a live human being. Ever so politely, I asked what company he was representing. He told me it was Chase Bank. I then asked not to be called any more. He responded that since I had had a relationship with Chase within the past 36 months, they were permitted to call regardless of my DNC status. I don't know if that's true or not, but it seemed fruitless to yell at him, so I hung up. That was last Spring. The calls have become less frequent, though they are still coming once or twice monthly. Then, I read an article on-line called "You Can Make Big Money From Those Annoying Telemarketers" ( ). Excerpt: "Every call or text made without your permission is worth a minimum of $500, and if it's intentional, which 99 percent are, each one is worth $1,500," said attorney Billy Howard of the Morgan & Morgan law firm. "These unwanted texts are one of the biggest invasions of our privacy. (...) The senator who wrote the Telephone Consumer Protection Act called them the "scourge of modern civilization." (...) When Congress passed the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, it put a big part of the enforcement role in the hands of consumers. The idea was that if telemarketers crossed the lines (there are a lot of rules they have to play by, including when, how, and by whom calls can be placed) they would be penalized $500 to $1,500 for every time they did -- and those fines were to be paid to the affected consumers. But the customers have to speak up. That 1991 law -- and consumers -- got a big boost last year with provisions that further restrict companies about when they can call you. Even companies that you've done business with before are not allowed to solicit you unless you've explicitly provided consent. I haven't yet had the chance and motivation to do as the article suggests, but Sharon sounds far more irritated with them than I feel. Perhaps she'd like to give it a try and report back to us? --Ron P.

General News and Comment

Thank you for the balanced article about the upcoming Supreme Court election between Judge James Daley and Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, in the Jan. 1 State Journal. I recently met and talked with Judge Daley, was impressed, and will be supporting him in the election. This may seem natural because like Daley, I served in the Marines in Vietnam, though with not such a distinguished record. But I'm for Daley because this election, like so many for the judiciary, will be between a judge who believes the laws should be interpreted according to what the constitution clearly says, and a judge who believes the law and constitution say whatever she wants them to say on any particular day. Judge Daley and I are of the former opinion. But I'm sure most Madison voters will prefer rulings based on feelings, not law. They should be careful. They might find that, having set a precedent, others may rule according to what they feel the constitution should say. Thankfully, Daley will not be such a justice.

Said I'm Clint Eastwood. ~Bob

Bureaucracy: Government fires employee who skipped work for 24 years
Excerpt: Even in India, where government jobs are considered to be for life, A.K. Verma was pushing it. ... Even after an inquiry found him guilty of "willful absence from duty" in 1992, it took another 22 years and the intervention of a cabinet minister to remove him, the government said. (You laugh, but such is our future, as government becomes ever more obsessed with protecting the "rights" of government employees at the expense of the citizens. ~Bob)

Religious freedom crucial to national security. By Nilay Saiya
Excerpt: This week especially, we should remember the plight of millions of people around the world who are subjected to harassment, intimidation, or violence because of their religious beliefs - or those of their persecutors. Though religious freedom is enshrined in various international human rights covenants and most national constitutions, successive reports by the Pew Research Center have found that government restrictions on and social hostilities to religion have been steadily increasing since 2007. Religiously based beheadings, crucifixions, assassinations, forced conversions, jail sentences, beatings, and attacks on property have become daily occurrences. (This is good, but unrealistic in its expectations that extremists will be able to see they are wrong. They are illogical and unreasonable. --Bonnie M.)

Worth Reading: This Letter from Ayn Rand Shows a Niece ‘Tough Love’ for Wanting $25. It Will Have Parents Cheering.
Excerpt: Now I will tell you why I am so serious and severe about this. I despise irresponsible people. I don’t want to deal with them or help them in any way. An irresponsible person is a person who makes vague promises, then breaks his word, blames it on circumstances and expects other people to forgive it. A responsible person does not make a promise without thinking of all the consequences and being prepared to meet them.

This Woman Just Found Out the Hard Way How Alabama Punishes Sexual Predators
Excerpt: Thursday was not a good day for Wendy Holland. The Alabama woman was sentenced to 219 years in prison for sodomy and sexual abuse. She was convicted of participating in an incestuous sex ring accused of molesting children for years. It gets even worse. ... Holland and Brownlee were part of a group of friends and relatives who not only sexually abused children, but traded their own kids for sex for years.

Worth Passing On: 5 Things Every Young American Should Know About Politics. By John Hawkins
Excerpt: ) There is no free lunch: There is no such thing as “free” birth control, “free” community college, “free” health care or “free” anything else. Someone ALWAYS has to pay and if you’re not sure who that “someone” is, the person paying may be YOU. Even if you’re sure it’s not you this time, it may be you the next time, which is why people who work hard, play by the rules and take care of themselves run from “free” offers like a deer who catches sight of Ted Nugent off in the distance. (When the government gives you something "free," it only means that you got it and they forced someone else to pay for it. ~Bob)

More Evidence against Big-Spending Keynesian Economics. By Daniel J. Mitchell
Excerpt: Keynesian economics is a perpetual-motion machine for statists. The way to boost growth, they argue, is to have governments borrow lots of money from the economy’s productive sector and then spend it on anything and everything. ... Heck, Krugman even asserted the 9-11 attacks were good for the economy because governments then spent more money. And Nancy Pelosi actually argued that paying people not to work was a great way of creating jobs. I’m not joking.

Paul Krugman Rejected by His Peers. By John C. Goodman 
Excerpt: Since 2011, the United States has followed what Krugman correctly calls a policy of “austerity.” For example, the federal budget deficit has declined from 8.4 percent of GDP in 2011 to a predicted 2.9 percent of GDP for all of 2014. All along the way Paul Krugman protested that such policies would prolong the recession and even push us into a “low-grade depression.” In fact the opposite occurred. 

Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty. --Plato

Soon silence will have passed into legend. Man has turned his back on silence. Day after day he invents machines and devices that increase noise and distract humanity from the essence of life, contemplation, meditation. Tooting, howling, screeching, booming, crashing, whistling, grinding, and trilling bolster his ego. His anxiety subsides. His inhuman void spreads on like a gray vegetation. --Jean Arp

School punishes blind child by taking away cane, replacing it with a pool noodle
The modern American education establishment. ~Bob

Idiot: Delauter to The News-Post: Don't use my name without permission
Excerpt: Frederick County Councilman Kirby Delauter wrote on social media that he plans to sue The Frederick News-Post if his name or any reference to him appears in print without his permission. In a Facebook status posted Saturday, Delauter said he was upset with reporter Bethany Rodgers for “an unauthorized use of my name and my reference in her article” published Jan. 3 about his and Councilman Billy Shreve's concerns over County Council parking spaces. “So let me be not contact me and do not use my name or reference me in an unauthorized form in the future,” Delauter, R-District 5, said in a Facebook status update.

Gun News

Drugs the cause?
Bob, I wish we could get more background on these stories. I imagine a good percentage of these armed robberies are perpetrated to support drug addiction. I always found it specious to hear people argue that drug offenses are "victimless" crimes. They ignore the fact that putting these people away is one of the correlating factors in the long term decline in violent crime. Increased private ownership of guns is another. Tilting the benefit/cost ratio against the sociopath really does work. --Steve

Masked man killed in Gainesville home invasion
Excerpt: Police said two masked men tried to rob an apartment that was occupied. One of the masked men, identified as 23-year-old Taylor William Killingsworth, was shot by the resident of the apartment, according to the Sheriff's Office. Killingsworth was found dead at the scene.

JSO: Woman uses 2 guns to shoot man she called 'robber'
Excerpt: Porter said when he told the man he didn't know who that was and began closing the door, the man pulled out a gun and said, "This is a robbery, give it up." Officers said his wife, Jessica Porter, heard the commotion, came out of the bedroom with a gun and started shooting at the robber, who returned fire. According to the report, the Porters said the man started shooting back, so Jessica went back into the bedroom to get a second gun, then continued to fire at the intruder. The alleged intruder, whose name has not been released, was shot more than a dozen times.

Woman Thwarts Holdup By Shooting Would-Be Robber
Excerpt: According to Kneeland, police were flagged down and told that two men — one armed with a rifle — tried to rob two people in a hallway. A female victim took a handgun from her purse and fired at one of the men, shooting him in his arm, Kneeland said.

Tulsa Convenience Store Reopens After Clerk Shoots Attempted Robbers
Excerpt: Two of the four suspects that attempted to rob a store clerk are now behind bars; the other two were shot and killed by the clerk. Police said the men went into the Ryan's convenience store near 21st and Mingo Wednesday night, wearing masks and carrying guns. They said they fired one shot at the clerk but he fired back twice, killing two of the suspects.

Why cops shoot first: Arizona cop's body cam captures fatal encounter with suspect
Excerpt: Rookie Flagstaff Police Officer Tyler Stewart’s camera caught the entire, deadly encounter with Robert Smith, whose girlfriend had called police on Dec. 27 to report he had trashed her apartment. The video, released by the police department in response to Freedom of Information Act requests, begins with Stewart getting out of his squad car and ends with Smith pointing the gun at him and firing.

Obamacare/Government Healthcare News

Dem Lies are the Life Support for Obamacare. By Michael Schaus 
Excerpt: The news got somewhat lost amidst all the headlines about Jonathan Gruber duping the American voters, but the Obama Administration lied about the number of people who are enrolled under Obamacare. Well, maybe “lied” is a strong word. But we were definitely “Grubered” over the number. In their desperate attempt to inflate the number of Obamacare enrollees to 7 million (the number forecasted by the Congressional Budget Office), the administration included enrollees who merely applied for dental coverage. (no, "lied" is the right word. ~Bob)

Undocumented Democrat News

Je Suis News-Press: California newspaper office vandalized over use of 'illegal' immigrant label
Excerpt: A California newspaper will continue to use the term "illegals" to describe people who enter the U.S. without permission, despite an attack on its building by vandals believed to object to the term. The Santa Barbara News-Press's front entrance was sprayed with the message "The border is illegal, not the people who cross it" in red paint, sometime either Wednesday night or early Thursday, according to the newspaper's director of operations, Donald Katich. The attack came amid wider objections to a News-Press headline that used the word "illegals" alongside a story on California granting driver's licenses to people in the country illegally. (It's not just Muslims who will go outside the law to shut up opposition. ~Bob)

Attack of the Open-Borders Mau-Mau-ers. By Michelle Malkin
Excerpt: I stand with the Santa Barbara News-Press. How about you? The newspaper is under fire for refusing to kowtow to left-wing word police and militant propagandists who demand unfettered illegal immigration. Last week, in the wake of angry protests against the publication, vandals threw paint bombs and spray-painted graffiti on its offices. So, what exactly is the News-Press' unforgivable crime? Calling illegal aliens "illegals" in a headline for a story about illegal aliens descending on California DMVs. (The insanity in CA just continues to grow. I do like the fact that the "Aztlan" activists are so open and frank about what they believe in and what they want to accomplish. Personally I'd parachute them all into the remotest province of Mexico with no US ID on them at all, and have their pictures at all border crossings to be barred from entry. What's hilarious about it is that they claim to be on the high moral ground since the rotten Anglos came and took their land. Except gee, I don't think a thousand years ago there was anyone speaking Spanish in the whole of what is now California. It was all various Indian tribes, who had their land taken away from them by the Spanish. So I guess morally it really all has to go back to the Indians and everyone else has to leave, whether they speak Spanish or English. --Del)

"You're Greener than Gore" News

Scientists Balk At ‘Hottest Year’ Claims: Ignores Satellites Showing 18 Year ‘Pause. By Marc Morano 
Excerpt: Any temperature claim of “hottest year” based on surface data is based on hundredths of a degree hotter than previous “hottest years”. This immeasurable difference is not even within the margin of error of temperature gauges. The claim of the “hottest year” is simply a political statement not based on temperature facts. “Hottest year” claims are based on minute fractions of a degree while ignoring satellite data showing Earth is continuing the 18 plus year ‘pause’ or ‘standstill’. (But Global Warming made Al Gore $300M and brings in lots of taxpayer grants to "researchers" who find the right things. ~Bob)

Worth Reading: Merchants of Smear. By Paul Driessen 
Excerpt: The “crisis” was global cooling, until Earth stopped cooling around 1976. It was global warming, until our planet stopped warming around 1995. The alarmist mantra then became “climate change” or “climate disruption” or “extreme weather.” Always manmade. Since Earth’s climate often fluctuates, and there are always weather extremes, such claims can never be disproven, certainly not to the alarmists’ satisfaction. (When Al Gore reduced his carbon footprint to say, twice mine, I'll know he at least really believes in the stuff he has peddled for $300M. ~Bob)

Religion of Peace News

Worth Reading: Boko Haram and the U.S. view. By Jibrin Ibrahim, Daily Trust, Nigeria
Excerpt: The insurgents got a clear message; no one was ready to act for a full year as the earliest date for intervention was announced to be September 2013. It was with this assurance from the United Nations that pushed the Malian insurgents to conquer more territory while human rights training was being planned. On Thursday 10th January 2013, they captured the town of Konna, a gateway towards the capital, Bamako to the south. It was the signal that told the world clearly that the ambition of the insurgents was not just to keep Northern Mali but also to conquer the whole country and extend the repressive governance they have introduced beyond the North. Alarmed that the terrorists would completely take over the country before the human rights training had commenced, France had to intervene and the rest, as they say, is history. What is important to point out is that the terrorists that took over much of Mali and the ones that are currently occupying more and more of Nigeria’s territory were/are engaged in massive human rights violations, far in excess of anything that has been associated with our armed forces. The logic of saying that help will not be rendered to a military that has been challenged by terrorists is a political choice the unintended outcome of which is to help the insurgents. It makes it easier for the terrorists to take over more territory and widen their base for massive human rights violations.

Excerpt: On Friday, the day French police killed the terrorists who attacked Charlie Hebdo, the liberal Saudi blogger Raif Badawi was publicly flogged in Jeddah for insulting Islam.
The two cases are bookends. The terrorists, who apparently had links to al-Qaeda and ISIS, murdered 10 journalists in the name of Islam because the journalists "insulted" the prophet Muhammad. Badawi, a brave human-rights activist, was sentenced to 15 years by a Saudi court - and 50 lashes once a week for 20 weeks - because he critiqued the way Saudi clerics interpret Islam. The Saudis export their harsh Wahhabi version of Sunni Islam, which disdains or denounces other religions or variants of Islam.

Balanced Column: Don’t sugarcoat Islamic terrorism. By Colbert I. King, Washington Post
Excerpt: Still, there’s no denying that there are Muslims who regard it as their duty to subjugate non-Muslims and other Muslims with whom they, for theological reasons, are in conflict. ... Within the Obama administration, “Islamic terrorism” is an offense that dare not speak its name. The administration referred to the Fort Hood massacre, where Nidal Malik Hasan, a self-identified “Soldier of Allah” who shouted “Allahu Akbar” while shooting dozens of people, as “workplace violence.” Why? Whose feelings are being spared? Certainly not Hasan’s or those of groups like al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, which proudly take credit for the mayhem they cause. (Black Writer. ~Bob)

French Prime Minister: 'I Refuse to Use This Term Islamophobia.' Manuel Valls argues that the charge of 'Islamophobia' is often used to silence critics of Islamism. By Jeffrey Goldberg
Excerpt: The prime minister of France, Manuel Valls, has emerged over the past tumultuous week as one of the West’s most vocal foes of Islamism, though he’s actually been talking about the threat it poses for a long while. During the course of an interview conducted before the Charlie Hebdo attacks, he told me—he went out of his way to tell me, in fact—that he refuses to use the term 'Islamophobia' to describe the phenomenon of anti-Muslim prejudice, because, he says, the accusation of Islamophobia is often used as a weapon by Islamism's apologists to silence their critics.

Dem Rep, ‘Obama Right Not to Call Terrorists Islamic Extremists Because It Would Anger Them’
Excerpt: You gotta be kidding me. How are you supposed to fight an enemy you can’t even properly address? When asked if the Obama Administration was right to refuse to use the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism,” Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) backed the White House because saying “Islamic Extremists” would anger the terrorists. (Well, same reason FDR called the Nazis "Gentlemen of Aryan Extraction." Didn't he? ~Bob)

France, Germany arrest at least 12 Friday as threats from Islamic State loom
Excerpt: French and German authorities arrested at least 12 people Friday suspected of links to the Islamic State group and a Paris train station was evacuated, with Europe on alert for new potential terrorist attacks. The police raids came the morning after Belgian authorities moved swiftly to pre-empt what they called a major impending attack, killing two suspects in a firefight and arresting a third in a vast anti-terrorism sweep that stretched into the night.

How to Fight Alleged Corruption in Turkey: Eliminate the Allegers. By Burak Bekdil
Excerpt: Imagine one chilly day the American people wakes up to news that, in early morning raids, squads of public prosecutors and police detain the sons of cabinet secretaries, a mayor, a state bank manager and prominent businessmen -- all with publicly known close ties to the Obama administration. The mounds of evidence include telephone conversations, video material, and more -- all unmasking the trafficking of huge amounts of illegal money and expensive gifts among the suspects, who include a shady Iranian businessman. Dozens of audio recordings reveal a network of relations among Obama's closest political and business allies, involving billions of dollars. And imagine an audio recording of Obama calling his son and ordering him to get rid of all the cash he keeps at home; and his son, after trying for several hours, tells him there are still millions left. And Obama claims this is a coup d'├ętat against his elected administration, and purges all prosecutors and police officers investigating the charges. This is what exactly happened in Turkey in December 2013.

Terrorist Training ‘No Go Zones’ Now In U.S.
Excerpt: They are here and just waiting for the signal to attack. Check it out: Watch footage taken inside Islamic Terrorist Training camps in the U.S. where young Jihadists are taught how to kill guards, kidnap Christians, and strangle the infidel. Muslim enclaves that are hostile to surrounding communities are springing up across America. Funded by Pakistani radicals, 22 villages in 9 states have already been established that are teaching terrorist tactics to members of their compounds. Find out where they are. (Have not seen covered elsewhere--needs verification. ~Bob)

The Real Islam: Saudi cleric condemns snowmen as anti-Islamic
Excerpt: A prominent Saudi Arabian cleric has whipped up controversy by issuing a religious ruling forbidding the building of snowmen, described them as anti-Islamic. Asked on a religious website if it was permissible for fathers to build snowmen for their children after a snowstorm in the country's north, Sheikh Mohammed Saleh al-Munajjid replied: "It is not permitted to make a statue out of snow, even by way of play and fun." (Next, Obama will outlaw snowmen by executive order to avoid offending Muslims. ~Bob)

Charlie Hebdo: Niger protesters set churches on fire
Excerpt: At least two churches have been set on fire in the capital of Niger amid fresh protests against French magazine Charlie Hebdo's cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad.
Saturday's protests began outside Niamey's grand mosque with police using tear gas a day after at least four were killed in the second city of Zinder.

Saudi Arabia Unveils Badass Anti-ISIS Wall That Makes U.S. Border Look Like Swiss Cheese. By Jennifer Van Laar
Excerpt: Last week, a Saudi general was killed in a skirmish with ISIS at the border with Iraq, along which Saudi Arabia is constructing a 600-mile-long wall: .. The prospect of this wall separating Iraq from Saudi Arabia is not a welcome one for ISIS, whose goals include capturing Saudi Arabia – home to the Holy Mosques of Mecca and Medina. (Well, the Maginot Line didn't work o well in 1940. n in Vietnam the troops were ridiculing the McNamara Line we had to try to build. It didn't work either. A wall has to be defended with mobile forces ready to tackle those who breech it--and they will. ~Bob)

How Justice is Served in Even ‘Moderate’ Muslim Nations: Woman Beheaded in Broad Daylight While Police Watch
Excerpt: In this graphic video taken in Saudi Arabia near the city of Mecca, a woman is punished for having committed what her husband alleges is the murder of his 7-year-old daughter. (I wouldn't call most Saudis moderate. ~Bob)

ISIS Gathers Crowd to Witness Brutal Punishment for Those Accused of (Being Gay)
Excerpt: While the terrorists have beheaded people for cursing and crucified people for leaving Islam, what the Islamic State did when they found out a man was gay is absolutely heinous. ... The barbaric jihadists then threw the man off the roof. ... There are many other countries that punish being homosexual with a death sentence. In Iran, gays are hung from the gallows. While in Saudi Arabia, gays are beheaded.

Brushing Aside Media Criticism, Egypt's Sisi Preaches Tolerance. By Raymond Ibrahim
Excerpt: Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi continues to be the antithesis of longstanding mainstream media portrayals of him. First there was his historic speech where he, leader of the largest Arab nation, and a Muslim, accused Islamic thinking of being the scourge of humanity—in words that no Western leader would dare utter.

Just Two Bro's Hanging Out
Good cartoon. ~Bob

Foes of free speech take down Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs with a huge denial of service attack. By Robert Spencer,
Excerpt: It’s ironic that on the eve of her Rally for Free Speech in Garland, Texas (join us — RSVP here), the foes of the freedom of speech would vividly prove her point by taking her site down. But we cannot let them win. Pamela Geller is one of the foremost voices for freedom in the world today. Every day’s headlines brings new confirmation that what she has been saying has been right all along — and has continued to say, despite an avalanche of ridicule, scorn, and contempt that would have driven a lesser person into silence long ago. (Je Suis Atlas Shrugged. ~Bob)

The Real Islam: Muslim cleric in India leads special prayer to praise Charlie Hebdo killers
Excerpt: A video has come out showing a Muslim cleric in India leading a funeral prayer, where he praises and endorses the murder of cartoonists and satirists of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo. ... has found out that the video was shot in Hyderabad, the common capital of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, and the cleric is Maulana Mohammed Naseeruddin, who is a well known and respected cleric and Khateeb in the old city. ... Later, talking to the reporter Abuaimal Akram, who uploaded the video on YouTube, Maulana Naseeruddin justified the act of terror at Charlie Hebdo’s office as a deed sanctioned by Islamic traditions. In fact, he went out to claim (at 3:26 minutes onward in the video above) that Prophet Mohammad himself had ordered executions of people who had mocked or insulted Islam and Allah. (John Kerry better explain to the respected cleric that he doesn't understand Islam. ~Bob)

Muslim cleric: “We shall chop off the head of France, with a sword that bears the words: ‘There is no god but Allah.'” By Robert Spencer,
Excerpt: Zarouq also said: “All Muslims must kiss the head and hands of those who killed the journalists.” This is because, he explained, “According to the sacred texts, and by consensus of the Islamic scholars, those who curse the Prophet Muhammad should be killed, regardless of whether or not they repent. Those who curse the Prophet should be killed.” Will one of the legion of mainstream media Islamic apologists — Reza Aslan? Qasim Rashid? — kindly explain how this Muslim cleric is misunderstanding Islam? I didn’t think so.

Pat Condell: “It’s getting hard to keep up with all these Qur’an-inspired atrocities that have nothing to do with Islam”

Boko Haram terrorists killed woman while she was giving birth
Excerpt: A woman was killed while giving birth to a baby boy during a horrific attack by Boko Haram fighters in north-east Nigeria, it emerged today. Amnesty International said it has collected eyewitness testimonies to the massacres in neighbouring towns Baga and Doron Baga last week, in which at least 150 people died and more than 3,700 homes and buildings were damaged or destroyed.

Shakespeare of Arabia
Interesting history. ~Bob

Robert A. Hall is a Marine Vietnam Veteran who served five terms in the Massachusetts State Senate. He is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic. For a free PDF of Collapse, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at) Hall’s eleven books are listed here:

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  1. Sharon again about "phishing." The phone calls I get come from a large number of numbers. The caller ID has even listed MY number as the caller, a Wells Fargo number that is no longer in service and many other numbers. I have called my local phone company to let them know about what is going on. These people can not be easily traced. Used to be that the calls only came on home phone but now they're coming on my cell phone. Some days I get more than 1 call. Rarely does a week go by that I don't get called. I report some of the calls but it is frustrating to keep reporting and nothing is done. If you google Rachael from Card Services, you will notice that this is a scam used by identity thieves. This has been going on for several years. It must be a profitable scam and I hope that people wise up and hang up when they hear Rachael from Card Services.