Sunday, January 11, 2015

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Book Recommendation: On The Wealth of Nations: Books That Changed the World by P. J. O'Rourke 
Introduced to the concepts of Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations by my high school economics teacher, Ben Mark, I set out to read it. "You won't finish it," Mr. Mark predicted. As in so much else, Ben was right. I never have. So when I came across this book by the great political humorist, P.J. O'Rourke, I grabbed it. It is terrific. Not only do you get an explanation of Smith's basic concepts, but it is full of the pointed wit that O'Rourke is famous for, so you get entertained as well as educated. Smith's key concept is that the prosperity of nations depends on three things: division of labor, pursuit of self interest and free trade, both external and internal--and that government often limits prosperity by blocking these. It's as true today as it was then. Some quotes from the book: ""The desire for power pushes a man, Smith wrote, to 'the highest degree of arrogance, erect his own judgment into the supreme standard of right and fancy himself the only wise and worthy man in the commonwealth.' Smith managed to describe not only Barbara Streisand, but everyone in the world of politics." "Smith: 'The man of apt to be very wise in his own conceit, and is often so enamored with the supposed beauty of his own ideal plan of government, that he cannot suffer the smallest deviation from any part of it...he seems to imagine that he can arrange the different members of great society with as much ease as the hand arranges the pieces on a chessboard.' PJ: Barbed wire always seems to be needed to keep the chessmen on their squares." Smith called universities, "the sanctuaries in which exploded systems and obsolete prejudices found shelter and protection, after they had been hunted out of every other corner of the earth." Smith on debt: "When national debts have once been accumulated to a certain degree, there is scare, I believe, a single instance of them having been fairly and completely paid." This is just a sample. I highly recommend this book.

General News and Comment

As liberalism collapses and bankrupts cities, towns, states, and even the nation - racial politics and class warfare is all they have left.

How the PC Police Threaten Free Speech. By Nick Gillespie
Excerpt: Today we are all Charlie Hebdo. But what about tomorrow? And the day after that? That’s when our commitment to free expression will really be tested, and in ways that are less obvious and prone to easy, social-media heroics. That’s when the battle lines over “allowable speech” will really become clear and we’ll see who’s standing where. If the recent past in America is any indication, we should be worried, as free speech and the marketplace of ideas it energizes are never really popular for very long. They are always suspended over a precipice, dangling by a slender thread that shows every sign of snapping.

Elderly Woman Yells for ‘Help!’ After She is Threatened by Armed Thugs. Then 3 Marines Showed Up.
Excerpt: Outside of a U.S. Marine Corps recruiting office in Washington, a woman was in the process of being robbed by two thugs in a parking lot when she repeatedly honked her truck’s horn. They’d threatened her and she said they had a firearm. Three Marines came running from the office, saw the woman who was yelling for help, intervened, and instantly put an end to the altercation.

Mitt Romney tells donors he is considering 2016 presidential bid. By Seth McLaughlin 
Excerpt: Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney told donors Friday he is considering another run for the White House — a move that could further unsettle the emerging GOP presidential field and create a glut of competitors vying for the backing of establishment Republicans.

David Petraeus in Justice Department crosshairs for criminal charges. By Eric Tucker
Excerpt: Federal investigators have been looking into whether Petraeus provided classified information to his biographer, with whom he admitted having an affair when he resigned from the CIA in 2012.

Marine Corps Infantry. By Andy Weddington
Excerpt: I am sick of the subject but not tired of addressing it: So...As soon as the "standards" of the unpredictable rigors and horrors of ground combat are "lowered" then lower the standards, which are never truly adequate no matter how demanding, for preparatory training. That to which we now bear witness - subjecting women to something they cannot do at the reckless risk of injury or death - is an epic failure of leadership. A Marine Corps unrecognizable to me. 

Excerpt: Two female Marine officers who volunteered to attempt the Corps’ challenging Infantry Officer Course did not proceed beyond the first day of the course, a Marine Corps spokesperson confirms to the Free Beacon. The two were the only female officers attempting the course in the current cycle, which began Thursday in Quantico, Virginia. With the two most recent drops, there have been 29 attempts by female officers to pass the course since women have been allowed to volunteer, with none making it to graduation. (At least one woman has attempted the course more than once.) Only four female officers have made it beyond the initial day of training, a grueling evaluation known as the Combat Endurance Test, or CET. Male officers also regularly fail to pass the CET, and the overall course has a substantial attrition rate for males. (by all means, lower the standards, and if that gets people killed in combat, well, it won't be the kids of politically correct politicians or journalists who die. And it's discriminatory that old guys with disabilities--like me--can't pass the course. To be really PC, do away with standards. And, of course, in the NFL as well. ~Bob)

7 Ways Liberals Are Just As Bad As The People They Hate Most. By John Hawkins
Excerpt: Liberals are the mirror image of everything they claim to hate. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds, their ability to unflinchingly examine their own beliefs is practically non-existent and they are almost incapable of objectively examining the policies they advocate. The more fully people become engulfed by liberalism, the more they embrace political correctness, groupthink, and close-mindedness until their thought process becomes little more than simplistic tribalism.

College athletes ran tax-refund fraud scheme, netted $400K
Excerpt: The card, however, did not belong to Alphonso "Rico" Valdez. A scheme to defraud the IRS of $1.1 million began to unravel. After a months-long investigation, authorities busted up the fraud ring, which netted about $400,000 over nearly a year. Six people involved in the complicated scheme were USD football players at the time, and another had once been on the track and field team and impeached as USD's student government president over allegations of misused funds.

The movie ‘Selma’ has a glaring flaw. By Joseph A. Califano Jr. 
Excerpt: What’s wrong with Hollywood? The makers of the new movie “Selma” apparently just couldn’t resist taking dramatic, trumped-up license with a true story that didn’t need any embellishment to work as a big-screen historical drama. As a result, the film falsely portrays President Lyndon B. Johnson as being at odds with Martin Luther King Jr. and even using the FBI to discredit him, as only reluctantly behind the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and as opposed to the Selma march itself. In fact, Selma was LBJ’s idea, he considered the Voting Rights Act his greatest legislative achievement, he viewed King as an essential partner in getting it enacted — and he didn’t use the FBI to disparage him. (I'm not a big fan of Landslide Lyndon, and not because he was the CiC who sent me to Vietnam, but I hate movies that say they are based on a true story, then embellish it with lies. The public, which reads little history, comes to believe the lies. ~Bob)

Boehner's embrace of GOP rebels nudges House caucus to right
Excerpt: Die-hard House conservatives bungled a coup against House Speaker John Boehner but now look like winners, pushing Republicans farther right. Rather than punish and isolate those who opposed him as leader, Boehner surprised many on Friday by embracing an immigration plan that's tougher than lawmakers had expected. It would block President Barack Obama's recent limits on deportations and undo protections for immigrants brought to the United States illegally as children. (If Boehner really moves a notch or two away from his "moderate" positions, things could get very interesting in the near future. --Del)

California Breaks Ground on $68 Billion Dollar High-Speed Rail System That No One Wants
Excerpt: The first sentence in CNBC’s announcement read: California broke ground Tuesday on its $68 billion high-speed rail system, promising to combat global warming while whisking travelers between Los Angeles and San Francisco in less than three hours. A far more accurate lede would have been: California broke ground Tuesday on its publicly-unpopular, federally and state funded, not-faster-than-the-existing rail system, hoping to combat global warming, while carrying travelers between the thinly-populated cities of Bakersfield and Merced. (Well, Progressives want it. High Speed Rail, like Global Warming and White Privilege, is high on the liberal confession of faith. ~Bob)

Gun News

An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life. - Robert Heinlein

Worth Reading: America’s Provocateurs Are at the Mercy of the Barbarians. The most likely targets of Islamist wrath are in the cities with the most restrictive gun laws. By Charles C. W. Cooke
Excerpt: To the foreign or uninitiated visitor, it must appear somewhat peculiar that the most prominent, recognizable, and provocative public figures in all of these United States spend the majority of their time in cities that are indifferent toward their security. Taken together, Washington, D.C., New York City, and Los Angeles host almost all of the more controversial media personalities in America; and, taken together, these cities have some of the worst self-defense laws in the country. ... Last year, the FBI suggested not only that media types are likely “targets” of Islamic extremism, but that the nature of “lone wolf” attacks is such that “law enforcement [has] limited opportunities to detect and disrupt plots, which frequently involve simple plotting against targets of opportunity.”

Irony Alert: Anti-Cop Activist Pastor Trains With Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
Excerpt: A progressive pastor who has lead protests against law enforcement said “his attitude has changed” Wednesday after a local law enforcement agency invited him to a training scenario simulating life threatening situations. ... He responded to a verbal disturbance between two males for his next scenario. “What’s going on today gentlemen? What are you doing?” he asked both men. One of the suspects rushed Maupin, causing him to discharge his firearm at the suspect’s center mass. When KSAZ asked why he did that, he replied, “Hey, he rushed me.” ("Shoots" unarmed man! Ha! ~Bob)

Human Reaction of Cop Forced to Kill Man in the Line of Duty is Something Every American Should See
Excerpt: A Montana police officer, Grant Morrison, shot and killed 38-year-old Richard Ramirez at a traffic stop last April. The incident took place in an area with a high crime rate. Now, video of the shooting has emerged. During the stop, Ramirez, high on methamphetamine, reached for his waistband. Morrison, believing Ramirez was reaching for a gun, repeatedly told the man to put his hands in the air. When Ramirez failed to comply, Morrison responded by shooting and killing him.

Detroit Thugs Shoot Grandma 3 Times… Then Learn Why Her Nickname Is “Rambo”
Excerpt: Fearing they may have bad intentions, she readied her .45 handgun and exited the vehicle. Ainsworth had applied for and received her concealed carry permit two years ago. It’s a good thing she trusted her instincts about the men, as they suddenly began shooting at her, hitting her three times in her side and once in her non-shooting hand. Apparently unfazed by the shots (perhaps because of surge of adrenaline), Ainsworth drew her .45 and returned fire at the thugs, sending them scrambling.

Shooter cleared in Dayton Mall shooting
Excerpt: Jawaad Jabbar, 16, was shot and killed outside the Dayton Mall on Dec. 20 during an attempted robbery. Police said Jabbar displayed a loaded handgun and attempted to rob an adult male, a valid CC permit holder, who pulled out his own handgun and shot Jabbar.

Hurst Resident Shoots & Kills Robbery Suspect
Excerpt: A homeowner in Hurst was shot while confronting a robbery suspect on Thursday night, but was then able to return fire, killing one suspect and wounding another man. 

Interpol: allowing citizens to carry guns in public is most effective way to prevent terror attacks. By Nicolai Sennels
How long would the jihadis at Charlie HebdoWestgateMumbai – and many other terror attacks to come – be able to continue killing if they were surrounded by armed citizens? Interpol states that the only way to stop such attacks is to allow citizens to carry arms (the only alternative to an armed citizenry is “extraordinary security” surrounding every area where many people meet – train stations, super markets, schools, etc. – which is of course completely unrealistic). If guns are illegal, only violent criminals, fanatic jihadis and our over-worked, understaffed police will have them. In case you are unsure whether it is a good idea that citizens legally own firearms: Switzerland has very liberal gun laws and one of the lowest percentages of homicide in the world. Interesting statistics on guns, homicides and firearm related accidents in the US here. From abcNEWS: Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble said today the U.S. and the rest of the democratic world is at a security crossroads in the wake of last month’s deadly al-Shabab attack at a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya – and suggested an answer could be in arming civilians.

WA Gun Owners Stage The Largest Felony Civil Disobedience Rally In America’s History
Excerpt: At the end of the rally, gun owners burned their concealed weapons permits and signed a petition vowing to refuse to follow the new gun control law. The petition ended with the text, “We pledge our blood. We will not comply.” This certainly isn’t the first large scale act of civil disobedience by gun owners in defiance of gun laws. (Isn't this interesting? We need more of this, a lot more, and all over. --Del)

3 Idiotic Armed Thugs Try Robbing the Last Place You Would Ever Want to Rob. And They Pay the Price.
Excerpt: A group of armed robbers enter a gun store. No, this isn’t a joke, but it should be – because that’s probably the last place a criminal should ever try to rob. According to The Kansas City Star: “The co-owner of a Shawnee gun store was fatally shot and three suspects were wounded during an attempted robbery Friday afternoon. The gunfight broke out after four robbers entered She’s A Pistol, at 57th Street…according to Shawnee police.”

Milwaukee Barber Shop Customer Fatally Shoots Armed Robber
Excerpt: A would-be armed robber who stuck up a Milwaukee barber shop on Friday received more than a haircut when an armed patron pulled out his own gun and fatally shot the criminal.

Race Card News

Not verified by me. ~Bob

The real racial bias: Cops more willing to shoot whites than blacks, research finds: ‘Counter-bias’ rooted in concerns over social and legal consequences
Excerpt: An innovative study published in the Journal of Experimental Criminology found that participants in realistic simulations felt more threatened by black suspects yet took longer to pull the trigger on black men than on white or Hispanic men.

Teenager pleads guilty in beating death of WW2 veteran
Excerpt: A 17-year-old pleaded guilty Wednesday to murder in the beating death of 88-year-old Delbert Belton, a World War II veteran who survived the battle of Okinawa but was killed in a robbery outside a Washington state bar in 2013. Kenan Adams-Kinard pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in exchange for two lesser charges being dropped. He faces a standard sentence to 20 to 27 years in prison when he is sentenced at a later date. (His victim is dead forever. No justice here. ~Bob)

Obamacare/Government Healthcare News

House passes 40-hour workweek for Obamacare; just 12 Democrats back change. By tom Wolfgang
Excerpt: Congress took its first swipes at Obamacare on Thursday with the House approving a bill to cancel the law’s 30-hour workweek provision, though only a dozen Democrats bucked President Obama on the vote. Republicans set the showdown as an initial test of how many Democrats would be willing to defect against a lame-duck president and after the GOP relentlessly attacked Obamacare in November’s election campaigns, riding those attacks to big gains.

"You're Greener than Gore" News

Obama’s Keystone amnesia: President ignores GOP pipeline push. By Ben Wolfgang
Excerpt: While the president did tout massive increases in domestic oil-and-gas drilling, he didn’t mention the Keystone pipeline, which has dominated debate this week in Washington. Mr. Obama has delayed a decision on the project for six years, and lawmakers once again are trying to force his hand.

Court upholds Keystone pipeline route through Nebraska. By Ben Wolfgang
Excerpt: Pressure to finally approve or reject the Keystone XL oil pipeline is squarely on President Obama's shoulders after a long-awaited court decision Friday upholding the project’s proposed route through Nebraska.

Religion of Peace News

Two-State Solution for France?
This is a comment made on the internet following the report of the murder of twelve individuals in Paris today: "My condolences to the families of those killed. More importantly, this attack only underscores the need for France to immediately engage in negotiations with French Muslims that will result in the creation of two states for two peoples, living side by side in peace and security, with Paris as a shared capital..." Why not? If it would work in the Middle East, then shouldn't it be OK in Europe? --Pat T.

The Future of France?
France and their inbred appeasement are a victim of their own devices and will drown in their own blood! Twenty years from now Islamists will be defiling Allied cemeteries. --TC. I fear the writer is correct. How long before they are defiling cemeteries in the US? ~Bob

Source: Terror cells activated in France
Excerpt: French law enforcement officers have been told to erase their social media presence and to carry their weapons at all times because terror sleeper cells have been activated over the last 24 hours in the country, a French police source who attended a briefing Saturday told CNN Terror Analyst Samuel Laurent.

‘Je Suis Charlie’: France Stands Up, 700,000-Strong. By Zach Noble
Excerpt: The number of French turning out to support slain staff members of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo — and, by association, protest against violence and support free speech — could top one million on Saturday, Agence France-Presse reported.

Muslim employee saved lives in attack on Paris kosher supermarket
Excerpt: Quick thinking by a Muslim employee may have saved the lives of 15 customers in the kosher supermarket in Paris during a deadly terrorist attack on Friday, Buzzfeed reports.
When the Islamist gunman broke into the store, Lassana Bathily, a 24-year-old Muslim from the African country of Malitold customers to hide in the store's basement freezer.

Tweet: Baghdad, Abu Nuwas street shows solidarity for the evil committed in Paris by holding #JeSuisCharlie signs.

Who Is To Blame for the Paris Slaughter? Yes, the terrorists were the principal culprits, but there is other guilt to be apportioned. By Andrew C. McCarthy
Excerpt: If constitutional constraints and Western tradition won’t abide laws that bar speaking against Islam, then we’ll just have to rely on extortion. On that, Hillary Clinton and Anjem Choudary could not have been clearer, or more in sync. Mr. Choudary argued the case as an Islamic-supremacist imam from Britain — one who makes no bones about his desire that sharia, Islam’s repressive legal code, be imposed throughout the West, very much including America. Mrs. Clinton argued the case as America’s secretary of state.

How Much Zionism is Acceptable to the BDS-Lite Movement? By Alexander H. Joffe and Asaf Romirowsky
Excerpt: Among the most pernicious consequences of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction (BDS) movement has been the wedge driven between Israel and liberal Americans, including liberal American Jews. The relentless misappropriation of human rights and anti-racist discourse, the slanderous talk of Israeli "ethnic cleansing" and "genocide," and the bitter, ad hominem attacks against Israelis, their international supporters, and the peace process itself have taken a severe toll on American civil discourse.

Worth Reading: Let's Laugh at Islam. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: While we fight with police actions and holding elections, Islamists are seizing control of governments by force or by democratic elections. They are conquering African nations and staging civil wars in pacific ones. They are importing millions of Muslims to Europe and America as Europe's 'Palestinians' for a coming European Intifada. They are rewriting history to claim that Arab explorers originally discovered America and Australia giving them claim to the land. They are aggressively evangelizing hundreds of thousands a year to convert to Islam through misleading claims and marriages of Western women to Muslim men. What we believe is a war, is merely a minor skirmish in a global conquest. While we spend billions of dollars and thousands of lives to stabilize a single Muslim country, dozens of non-Muslim countries including our own are being destabilized day by day. (It's an interesting idea, but to be honest, I doubt it will go anywhere. --Del)

More Muslim Mayhem – One Man Killed another Beaten for “Insulting Islam”
Excerpt: At some point aren’t we all going to have to start questioning this idea that Islam is “a religion of peace”? I mean, it seems that each new day brings us more Muslim violence somewhere in the world. On Wednesday it was Paris… today, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia

The Middle East is full of ancient, mysterious religious sects. The Islamic State is wiping them out. By Gerard Russell 
Excerpt: I’ve spent the past four years writing a book about the mystery religions of the Middle East — ancient versions of Judaism, gnostic sects, breakaway movements within Islam that teach reincarnation and the manifestation of God in human form. So I wanted to ask him more. But I couldn’t. Yazidis like Mirza don’t know even the basic tenets of their faith. These groups’ holy books are carefully hidden from lay people; the priests who read them must promise never to reveal their contents.

Charlie Hebdo terror mentor's wife on benefits in Leicester. Sylvie Beghal, a French citizen, lives rent-free in a four-bedroom house in Leicester having arrived with her children in search of a more 'Islamic environment'
The West is paying for its own demise. ~Bob

No Surprise: New York Times caught scrubbing details about Paris terrorist attack. By Joshua Riddle
Excerpt: So many people rely on the New York Times are their only source of news. I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg. Die-hard liberals will change tiny details about stories that are mostly factual to push their narratives. Here is a before and after from a story about the terrorist attack in Paris. They scrubbed a report on the terrorist proselytizing during Charlie Hebdo attack. (An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile--hoping it will eat him last. --Winston Churchill. Appeasers believe that if you keep throwing steaks to a tiger, the tiger will become a vegetarian.
Heywood Broun. The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who, in time of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality. --Dante, The Inferno. ~Bob)

With the Paris Attack the European Civil War Just Began
Excerpt:  The colonization of Europe by tens of millions of Muslims is on a scale unmatched in human history—except by the colonization of North America by Europeans. Most countries in Western Europe today face a large, angry, separatist population in their midst committed to outfacing, outbreeding, and finally outvoting their foolishly generous hosts.

Excerpt: As the world endeavors to digest the savage massacre of 12 innocent people in Paris by French Muslims, it is worth stepping back to remember that the last week or so has also seen the publication of two important manifestos by prominent Muslims. Both manifestos, though in different ways, are remarkable for their frank recognition of some salient facts about Islam, what a Marxist might call “really existing Islam,” as distinct from those ideal constructions urged upon us by the naïve but well-meaning. (Here is a really well done article on the situation, quoting two very different spokesmen for Islam. The second guy is the one who is the more important in a way, because while he only represents a fraction of Muslims, that's the fraction that is the problem, and they will not be listening at all to the first guy. The reformation of Islam is a wonderful, fantastic idea, but chances of it happening run slim to none. Chances of that fraction of young Muslims loving Mr. Choudary are a lock. So much as I would hope for some other scenario, personally I think nothing less than a massive effort across all of Europe to find and somehow neutralize the core of radicals, maybe by expelling them back to Muslim countries. --Del)

In Paris, slain cop was Muslim. Hero of Kosher supermrkt was Muslim. Commanding officer in final raid was Muslim. The perps were Muslim.

Child suicide bomber kills at least 16 in Nigeria
Excerpt: A bomb strapped to a girl aged around 10 years old exploded in a busy market place in the Nigerian city of Maiduguri on Saturday, killing at least 16 people and injuring more than 20, security sources said. "The explosive devices were wrapped around her body and the girl looked no more than 10 years old," a police source said.

Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man. - Thomas Paine

Jews Are Abandoning France. By Zach Noble
Excerpt: Rocked by anti-Semitic violence, most recently when Islamists took hostages at a kosher grocery in Paris Friday, the half-million Jews of France are leaving in droves, according to a British journalist.

Sixteen killed by two car bombs in Aleppo
Excerpt: At least sixteen people were killed Saturday when two car bombs exploded in the northern outskirts of the Syrian province of Aleppo, a Monitoring group said. The first bomb, which detonated at a checkpoint manned by fighters from the Al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front in the Miskan region, killed 12 people, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights head Rami Abdel Rahman said. Most of the dead were civilians and only two were fighters, he said.

This Cartoon Summarizes Exactly how MSM Sees Islamic Terrorists

Europe’s Brutal Truth: Europeans are both too Islamophobic and too timid to face up to the roots of Islamic fundamentalism. By Yascha Mounk
Excerpt: For now, it is difficult to think beyond the brutal slaughter of journalists who would not bow to intimidation even though they knew the risks their bravery would court. But the long-term consequences of Wednesday’s events are likely to be just as disastrous. The attack on Charlie Hebdo will further entrench the terms of a confused European debate about Muslim immigrants—one in which both the “accusers” and the “defenders” of Islam are painting in dangerously broad brushstrokes. While the European far right points to Islamic terrorism to exclude and malign all Muslims, the European left responds by refusing to recognize how fundamental a challenge Islamic terrorism represents (or that it is inspired by Islam at all). (I thought this presents a balanced, reasonable view of the situation. --Del)

A Traitor In The White House? If The Shoe Fits ... Exclusive: Pat Boone offers 'hypothetical' scenario of treason in nation's highest office

Excerpt: And, to leave no doubt whatsoever, while our nation is slipping into all-out war against inhuman killers who behead innocent people, this pretender in chief makes the personal decision to release known murderers from a military prison and to send them back to the Mideast, all expenses paid and with no penalty for their crimes, to supposedly “rehab” – and then certainly reassume leadership positions with our murderous enemies. No consultation with, or consent from, Congress. Just his own decision, knowing brave young Americans will face these beasts again in a battle to the death.

Excerpt: A new video has been posted online showing Amedy Coulibaly, who killed a French policewoman and attacked a kosher market in Paris last week, pledging allegiance to the Islamic State and its emir Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. The video does not appear to have been produced by the Islamic State, as it does not bear any of the group's usual markings. The video was first obtained by the SITE Intelligence Group, which notes that it was released by jihadists "linked" to the Islamic State. Coulibaly is identified as "Abou Bassir AbdAllah al-Irfiqi" and as a "soldier of the Caliphate" in the opening screen shots. (So, was this the third guy at the Charlie killings? A guy the police were looking for surrendered but was released as he had an alibi. ~Bob)

Hacktivist Group ‘Anonymous’ Confronts ISIS: ‘We Will Track You Down – Every Last One – and Will Kill You’
Excerpt: The underground activist group “Anonymous” posted a video on multiple websites on Thursday as a direct response to the Muslim terror attacks in Paris. Calling it #OpCharlieHebdo, after the name of the satirical French magazine that was the focus of the attacks, they also published a statement summarizing the points made in the video as well:

‘No-Go Zones’ in France Restrict Citizens & Allow Islamists to Conquer Territory Without Firing a Shot
Excerpt: The national motto of France is Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité (Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood), yet non-Muslim French citizens are forbidden from entering “no-go zones” throughout France, where Sharia law rules and radicals recruit new followers openly.
As many new immigrants do, Muslim immigrants have formed communities in France, but with one exception. Often, they aren’t integrating into French society at all, according to an interview on Fox & Friends Weekend Saturday with military veteran and journalist Nolan Peterson.

Hayat Boumeddiene: The jihadist ‘bride’ who trained with al-Qaida
Excerpt: Police are still hunting the girlfriend of Amedy Coulibaly after the gunman was killed during the violent end of the siege of a Jewish grocery shop in Paris, in which he killed four hostages. The whereabouts of Hayat Boumeddiene are unknown after police named her as an "armed and dangerous" suspect. She was reported to be Coulibaly's accomplice during the shooting of a female police officer on Thursday. 

French leader declares ‘war’ on radical Islam after attacks
Excerpt: Prime Minister Manuel Valls declared Saturday that France was at “war” with radical Islam after three days of bloody attacks around Paris that sparked fears of a tide of violence by militants living in Europe.

Religious Extremism and the Road to Civilization. By Steve Chapman 
Excerpt: In the 21st century, it is a true shock to be reminded that anyone could regard a cartoon as a legitimate cause to slaughter human beings. All of us have been confronted with pronouncements and images we find despicable or unspeakable. But we have overcome the childish impulse to use violence to punish or silence the offender. We in Western societies almost always defer to the wisdom of Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., who said the basis of the First Amendment is "not free thought for those who agree with us but freedom for the thought that we hate."

The Real Islam: 'What do you expect if you insult Islam?' British hate preacher BACKS the Paris massacres and tells his followers 'Britain is the enemy of Islam'
Excerpt: Cleric Mizanur Rahman, of Palmers Green, north London, defended the brutal murder of 12 people at the Charlie Hebdo offices, saying ‘insulting Islam…they can’t expect a different result.’ Experts have warned the sermon, which backed the jihadists who killed 17 people over three days in the French capital, could incite further killings. (While they live on the dole. ~Bob)

CNN: “Muslims cannot get a break.” By Robert Spencer,
Excerpt: You can be absolutely sure: whenever the mainstream media raises the question of whether or not Islam is a Religion of Peace, it will answer that it is, and claim that Muslims are victims of unjust suspicion. But this CNN piece is particularly grotesque: after Muslims murder twelve people for transgressing Islam’s blasphemy laws, and four more for being Jewish, CNN gives us “Muslims cannot get a break.” Can Infidels get a break? Or will there just be more and more jihad, and then more and more denial, half-truth and obfuscation from the mainstream media?

Egypt: More Christian girls continue to be abducted, complete indifference from local authorities. By Raymond Ibrahim
Excerpt: Yet another young Coptic Christian girl, Sabrine Mushir, has been kidnapped in Egypt, from the village of Dalga. Coptic activists are complaining that not a single person from among the authorities and security apparatus has done a single thing to try to find the hapless girl, adding “If this was the daughter of one of the local authorities, she would have been retrieved in seconds.”

“If someone offends the prophet then there is no problem, we can kill him.” By Robert Spencer,
Excerpt: “Whoever curses a Prophet, kill him. Whoever curses my Companions, beat him.” —Muhammad. Muhammad asked: “Who is willing to kill Ka’b bin Al-Ashraf who has hurt Allah and His Apostle?” One of the Muslims, Muhammad bin Maslama, answered, “O Allah’s Apostle! Would you like that I kill him?” When Muhammad said that he would, Muhammad bin Maslama said, “Then allow me to say a (false) thing (i.e. to deceive Kab).” Muhammad responded: “You may say it.” Muhammad bin Maslama duly lied to Ka’b, luring him into his trap, and murdered him. (Bukhari 5.59.369) “A Jewess used to abuse the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) and disparage him. A man strangled her till she died. The Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) declared that no recompense was payable for her blood.” (Sunan Abu-Dawud 38.4349)

Obama's plan to defeat ISIS: Martin Dempsey: ISIS Will 'Collapse Under its Own Contradictions.'
Excerpt: While the United States is committed to defeating the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) and other terrorist groups, General Martin Dempsy, current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said eventually ISIS will collapse on its own.

'Muslims of the Americas' Depositions Reveal New Enclaves. The revelations came during depositions of three senior officials of the group after MOA unsuccessfully sued two of their critics.
Excerpt: A senior official of the Muslims of the Americas/Jamaat ul-Fuqra (MOA), a terror-linked group, said during a deposition that it has a “community” outside Anchorage, Alaska. Officials also confirmed the existence of three communes in New York, California and Michigan that have yet to be publicly pinpointed.

Robert A. Hall is a Marine Vietnam Veteran who served five terms in the Massachusetts State Senate. He is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic. For a free PDF of Collapse, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at) Hall’s eleven books are listed here:


  1. Today's Executive Summary: Obama is a loser. Biden is a loser. Kerry is a loser. Holder is a loser. And the list of losers goes on. At present, our citizenry at-large not exempt. For only losers would permit losers to continue in office. Reveille!

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