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Wednesday Afternoon, 1/21/15: I had my cataract surgery today. As everyone predicted, it was a cakewalk, No discomfort at all during the surgery--worst part was the four insertions of four eye drops each time before. Two of them burned a bit, but not for long. I was awake during it, under local numbing and mild sedation. I listened carefully, and neither the attending nor the resident surgeon said "oops" or "not bad for a beginner" once. So I think it went well. Won't know until tomorrow when they take the patch off. By "patch," they didn't mean a cool black pirate one, but a small, oblong silver colander type cup about an inch high. It prevents me from wearing my BiPAP mask or glasses, so I can't really do email, my blog or read until it comes off. Which was okay. I came home and slept for the afternoon, thanks to the sedation, and no over-the-counter sleep meds last night. So as of now, all good. Thanks as always for everyone's thoughts, prayers and good wishes.

Thursday Afternoon, 1/22/15: They took the patch off the eye this morning. It is still blurry, but the surgeons both looked at it and assure me that it is fine; blurry because it is still dilated and a little swollen, which is normal. They stay it will get steadily better as that goes away and it already seems to be better. In any case, this morning it was 20/60 without my glasses. Before the surgery it was 20/70 with glasses.

So now that I can see, I see I have 187 emails backed up. Here we go....~Bob

General News and Comment

Worth Reading: A Strange Alliance. By Theodore Dalrymple
Excerpt: I haven’t written much about religion, but I have been surprised by the vehemence, not to say the violence, of the response to that little that I have written. This vehemence has been provoked by the fact that, though not religious myself, I am no longer anti-religious as I was when it occurred to me as a child and then a teenager that God might not or did not exist. Indeed, I can see many advantages, both personal and social, to a religious outlook. The usefulness of religious claims is not evidence of their truth, of course, though that usefulness probably depends upon a belief in their truth. Probably, but not certainly. Gibbon tells us that in Rome, religious observance, highly syncretic in nature, was adhered to by people who did not accept the truth of the beliefs that supposedly underlay their observance.

FBI: NY Assembly speaker arrested on corruption charges
Excerpt: New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was arrested Thursday on charges he used his position as one of the state's most powerful politicians to collect millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks disguised as legitimate income. The 70-year-old lawmaker was taken into custody at the FBI's New York City office and released later in the day on $200,000 bail on federal charges that included bribery and conspiracy. The charges carry up to 100 years in prison. ... As speaker of the Democrat-controlled Assembly, Silver is one of the most influential people in New York state government.

Hillary Clinton Accidentally Proves the Power of a Free Market
Excerpt: I think it is hilarious that the people most adamantly opposed to the free market are often enormously benefitted by its machinery. Think Hollywood. Or Hillary Clinton. A story surfaced recently that her speaking fee at colleges is higher than Mitt Romney’s. Much higher, in fact: Mitt Romney will charge Mississippi State University $50,000 to deliver a lecture on campus next week, most of which will go to charity — a dramatically lower fee than the $250,000 to $300,000 Hillary Rodham Clinton requires for her university lectures.

An American Flag Was Burned in Front of a School. But a Marine Stepped Up in the Classiest of Ways. By Victoria Taft
Excerpt: First Sergeant Reginald Daniels loves his country and the flag. The married, father of two recently volunteered with some fellow Marines to build a play ground at Brattain Early Learning Center in Springfield, Oregon. When he discovered the school didn’t have a flag, he bought one and showed the staff how to properly raise and lower it. Then this week he got the news: somebody had burned the flag and left the burned and shriveled remains at half staff. (Picture of Top Daniels. Good Marine. ~Bob)

D.C. lawmakers float bill to allow voting without U.S. citizenship
Excerpt: The Local Resident Voting Rights Act of 2015 would allow D.C. residents who are not U.S. citizens but meet the federal definition of having permanent residency status to cast ballots in local elections, including races for mayor and the D.C. Council as well as initiatives and charter referendums. D.C. Council member David Grosso, at-large independent, introduced the legislation Tuesday.

Remembering the Last Lion. By Victor Davis Hanson 
Excerpt: From August 1939 to June 1941, the Soviet Union was an accomplice of the Third Reich. Russian leader Josef Stalin was supplying Hitler with critical resources to help finish off Great Britain, the last obstacle in Germany’s path of European domination. Some of the British elite wished to cut a peace deal with Hitler to save their empire and keep Britain from being bombed or invaded. They understandably argued that Britain could hardly hold out when Poland, Denmark, Norway the Netherlands, Belgium and France all had not. Yet Churchill voiced defiance and vowed to keep on fighting.

Funny but sad: Woman Showcased by Obama in SOTU is a Former Democratic Campaign Staffer: Woman apparently the only economic success story in Obama's America. By Brent Scher

Excerpt: The woman whose story of economic recovery was showcased by President Barack Obama in his State of the Union address is a former Democratic campaign staffer and has been used by Obama for political events in the past. Rebekah Erler has been presented by the White House as a woman who was discovered by the president after she wrote to him last March about her economic hardships. She was showcased in the speech as proof that middle class Americans are coming forward to say that Obama’s policies are working. (The sad part is that the vast majority of Americans will never learn of this fraud, as the media presents only the facts Obama wants. ~Bob)

‘American Sniper’ hits close to home. By Colonel Kenneth Allard (US Army, Ret.)
Excerpt: From the Alamo to Audie Murphy, Texans revere our war heroes. As the closing credits for "American Sniper" rolled across the screen last weekend, a packed audience lingered in the dark silence, reverent and maybe stunned by what they had just seen. The reason: The movie depiction of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle's heroic life of service provided an increasingly rare glimpse of what were once unquestioned American truths. It begins with the bedrock values imparted by a loving, two-parent family who believed their first obligation was training their young sons to be honorable men.

Hollywood’s War Against American Sniper. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: The Iraq War already had an official narrative in Hollywood. It was bad and wrong. Its veterans were crippled, dysfunctional and dangerous. Before American Sniper, Warner Brothers had gone with anti-war flicks like Body of Lies and In the Valley of Elah. It had lost a fortune on Body of Lies; but losing money had never stopped Hollywood from making anti-war movies that no one wanted to watch.

'American Sniper' criticism makes for amusing theater. By John Kass
Excerpt: I've got to admit that it has been a barrel of fun watching the political left get its "Je suis Charlie" all tied up in knots over the movie "American Sniper." They're tweeting and making angry faces, insisting that the movie is not appropriate history. And generally their antics have been quite amusing.

Ukraine crisis: Army retreats at Donetsk airport
Excerpt: Ukrainian troops have withdrawn from Donetsk airport's main terminal, scene of bitter fighting in recent weeks. The government said the military still retained control of parts of the airport, but six soldiers had died and 16 had been wounded.

Economics 101: Obama's Paid Sick Leave Policy Will Hurt Workers
Excerpt: President Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday night called for seven days of paid sick leave for American workers. That policy may sound nice, but NCPA Senior Fellow Devon Herrick says that the workers the president is purporting to help with ultimately pay the price for the policy. Why? When employers are forced to pay mandatory benefits, they won't just accept the new costs -- they will find ways to shift those costs. If employers must provide seven paid sick days to their employees, Herrick says they will reduce paid vacation days or will lower worker compensation in order to make up for the additional labor costs imposed by the government mandate. (Over Obama's head. Or he just doesn't care about workers. ~Bob)

Pension Debt Burdens Will Fall on Millennials
Excerpt: Millennials were credited with Obama's electoral victories, and many believe they will continue to vote Democrat. But Lance Christensen, director of the Pension Reform Project at the Reason Foundation, says that in states with large pension deficits such as California, millennials might become disillusioned with the crushing debt that can accompany big government.
What kind of shape is California's pension system in? CalPERS, its public employee retirement system, has an unfunded liability of more than $60 billion. This is relatively healthy compared to the $70.5 billion unfunded liability from the state teachers union and the nearly $14 billion unfunded liability for the University of California

Waiting For Walker. By Matt Vespa 
Excerpt: Of all the governors in the Rust Belt, Scott Walker is the only one gearing up for a possible 2016 presidential bid. Walker could potentially put states, like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and his home state of Wisconsin in play, in the general. He has the respect of the establishment, the adoration of the conservative wing of the GOP, and has the foundation for potentially building one of the largest fundraising networks. 

Early Presidential Prospects: What the GOP needs is a candidate with clarity of thought and words, plus a record of getting things done. By Thomas Sowell
Excerpt: The more optimistic among us may hope that the Republicans will nominate somebody who stands for something, rather than the bland leading the bland — the kind of candidates the Republican establishment seems to prefer, even if the voters don’t. If the Republicans do finally decide to nominate somebody who stands for something, and who has a track record of succeeding in achieving what he set out to do, then no one fills that bill better than Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who has put an end to government employee unions’ racket of draining the taxpayers dry with inflated salaries and extravagant pensions.

Sen. Baldwin had Tomah VA report for months
Excerpt: Sen. Tammy Baldwin's office received an inspection report last summer detailing high amounts of opiates prescribed at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Tomah, but there is no indication her office took action on the findings until last week, when she called for an investigation after a news report revealed a veteran died from an overdose at the facility.

When we go to war: Blog Comment
This is a copy of a post I placed on my blog in September of 2012. It still applies now, especially. "Just short of three years ago, I wrote a post about why we should go to war. In a nut shell, the only time we should go to war is when our interests are threatened to such an extent that violently forcing our will on a people or country becomes absolutely necessary. The only way to wage that war is in such a way as to quickly, efficiently, and decisively inflict our will on the enemy. There is no such thing as “collateral damage”. Either you are fighting to aid our cause or you are the enemy. The only end game is unconditional surrender. Period. challenged readers to study history: WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, and Israel before and after the Camp David Peace Accord. I find the parallels between the aftermath of Chamberland’s and Jimmy Carter’s “foreign policy” and the current administration’s striking. Each one acted from reason and conciliation as the best solution. The result? The bad guys decided we were too weak to stop them. Violence erupted. Many lives were unnecessarily lost because the free world’s leaders believed that reason was the solution. Ever try to reason with a two year old? It works just about as well with foreign policy. Dictators and fanatics only understand that you can and will hit them with everything y0u have. Only then will they cease from the violence. If they perceive that you have neither the will or the balls to strike, they will walk all over you. Read the writings from Hanoi sometime. Their tactics were almost completely based on dragging the war out until the French and then the Americans couldn’t take the losses any more. Sound familiar? It should. It was invented in America. How do you think we won the Revolutionary War? he United States used to be the world power that held nations accountable. No longer. World violence is on the increase as a result. Make no mistake. We will pay a much higher toll in our children, our wealth, and our freedoms because we allow those who do not seek peace to operate with impunity." --David R. Fry 

White House aide says Obama will 'steamroll' Democrats in Congress after they split with White House on Cuba, Iran, energy and trade just a DAY after combative State of the Union
Excerpt: The Obama administration appears to be arming itself for a take-no-prisoners approach to lame-duck governing, at the risk of crushing Democrats who disagree with policies outlined in the president's State of the Union address on Tuesday night. A White House aide said plainly on Wednesday that 'party loyalty' won't protect Barack Obama's fellow Democrats on Capitol Hill if they get in his way. 'The president is in the last two years,' the aide told Daily Mail Online, 'and party loyalty isn't worth what it used to be. He's going to steamroll them.'
Excerpt: The US may not have “risen from recession” quite as rousingly as President Barack Obama suggested in his State of the Union speech Tuesday night. Seven years after that severe downturn began, household income hasn’t recovered and healthy job growth is complicated by the poor quality, and pay, of many of those jobs.

Voters Think Obama’s Plan Makes More Middle Class Taxes Likely
Excerpt: One reason for the opposition may be that 66% of all voters think that if the president and Congress agree to a plan that raises taxes on wealthy Americans, it’s likely that middle-class taxes will go up, too. Thirty percent (30%) consider that unlikely. But this includes 33% who say a middle-class tax hike is Very Likely and just five percent (5%) who consider it Not At All Likely. (Actually, if they raise taxes on "the rich," they will pass it on through businesses to the middle class/working class. ~Bob)

Excerpt: Ever wonder how lowly paid lawmakers leave office filthy rich?
Sen. Dianne Feinstein is showing how it’s done. The US Postal Service plans to sell 56 buildings — so it can lease space more expensively — and the real estate company of the California senator’s husband, Richard Blum, is set to pocket about $1 billion in commissions. (I must have done it wrong. When I left office after ten years in the state senate, my net worth, including the contributions I had made to the retirement fund, was about $25k. ~Bob)

Gun News

Self Defense Still Reigns as Number One Reason Women Purchase Their First Firearm. By Katie Pavlich
Excerpt: According to a report released by the National Shooting Sports Foundation at the 2015 SHOT Show, self-defense still remains the number one reason why women purchase their first firearm. Home-defense comes in second. 

Excerpt: Passersby, uncertain of what is going on, but hearing Foster screaming that Mr. Daniels has a gun, help immobilize him in what appears to be “just in case” involvement until law enforcement officers arrive, review the footage, and arrested Foster for battery. Frankly, I have to wonder if part of the reason for Foster’s attack is that he saw a black man with a gun and assumed that Mr. Daniels just had to be a criminal.

Man fatally shoots robbery suspect at DeKalb Sonic
A 23-year-old National Guard member foiled an attempted robbery at a DeKalb County restaurant Sunday night.

Suspect dead, another in custody in possible home invasion near the Heights
Excerpt: Investigators said one suspect struck a family member in the face with a handgun while the second suspect forced the family inside the residence. A friend of the family managed to retrieve his gun from his vehicle and fired at least once at one suspect, who fled the scene on foot. Police said the family friend then confronted the second suspect and fatally shot him.

Man charged for weekend home invasion, slashing resident’s throat
Excerpt: “I’ll kill my targets tonight,” Kaehne reportedly wrote in the journal the day before he broke into a nearby home. There is no indication in the complaint that he was acquainted with the residents of the house he broke into. .. The wound stretched from the victim’s ear and curved down to within a quarter of an inch from his Adam’s apple, the complaint states. The victim’s girlfriend, who awoke during the fight, picked up a gun, spurring the burglar to flee from the scene and evade a shot from the gun while doing so.

Race Card News

No Civil Rights Charges Against Darren Wilson
Excerpt: No matter what Attorney General Eric Holder said previously about police profiling, it doesn’t make Officer Darren Wilson guilty. The Department of Justice recommends not charging Wilson with violating the civil rights of Michael Brown when Wilson killed him in Ferguson, Missouri. (Interesting timing – the day after Barack Obama mentioned the case in his State of the Union.) Holder still needs to sign off on the end of the investigation, but if anyone could find a racial issue where there is none, Holder would. But it’s not over, either.

Police release Ferguson looting video: Watch ‘peaceful protesters’ strip a store like a horde of rats. by Joe Saunders
Excerpt: St. Louis County Police are seeking the public’s help identifying looters in newly released footage of “peaceful protesters” pillaging a small business in Missouri after the announcement that a grand jury would not indict a police officer in the death of a black man. The video released Wednesday shows hundreds of looters stripping a convenience store called the Dellwood Market just outside Ferguson, while supposedly protesting the death of Michael Brown at the hands of white police officer Darrell Wilson.

Obamacare/Government Healthcare News

H&R Block: ‘No One Can Understand’ New Obamacare Tax Code
Excerpt: H&R Block, the nation’s largest retail tax preparation company warns that the newly released Obamacare tax code, officially called the Affordable Care Act, is likely to confuse millions of taxpayers who try to tackle their tax returns for 2014. “Now that the Affordable Care Act has made health care a tax issue, no one can understand it,” H&R Block flatly tells taxpayers in a video that resides on its dedicated Obamacare web site.

Religion of Peace News

This is not good: Yemen's president, cabinet resign amid rebel standoff
Excerpt: Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi has resigned under pressure from Shiite rebels who seized the capital in September and have confined the embattled leader to his home for the past two days. Presidential officials said Hadi resigned after being pressured to make concessions to the rebels, known as Houthis.

That time Obama touted success of Yemen strategy as model for handling the Islamic State. By Philip Klein
Excerpt: On Wednesday morning, Americans woke up to news reports that rebels in Yemen had made gains and were holding the U.S.-backed president captive, raising concerns about the stability of the country. But last September, when President Obama outlined his strategy for defeating the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Obama touted Yemen as a successful model. (All Obama claims and promises come with a sell-by date. ~Bob)

Worth Reading: Journalism Dean: Free Speech Doesn’t Protect Offensive Images Of Mohammad. By Alexandra Zimmern, University of Wisconsin
Excerpt: DeWayne Wickham, dean and distinguished professor of journalism at Morgan State University, published an editorial this week in USA Today that essentially argues free speech rights should not and do not give people the right to make fun of Mohammad. (did he speak out of taxpayer funded art "Piss Christ?" Or Muslim cartoons depicting Jews as greedy apes, pigs and drinking children's blood? I bet not. ~Bob)

Worth Reading: European 'No-Go' Zones: Fact or Fiction? Part 1: France. By Soeren Kern
Excerpt: A 120-page research paper entitled "No-Go Zones in the French Republic: Myth or Reality?" documented dozens of French neighborhoods "where police and gendarmerie cannot enforce the Republican order or even enter without risking confrontation, projectiles, or even fatal shootings." In October 2011, a 2,200-page report, "Banlieue de la République" (Suburbs of the Republic) found that Seine-Saint-Denis and other Parisian suburbs are becoming "separate Islamic societies" cut off from the French state and where Islamic Sharia law is rapidly displacing French civil law. (Despite the protests of the lying Paris mayor there are no-go zones in Paris (see link below). Now, CNN did a propaganda spot aimed at deceiving you into thinking this was not true. However, the area of Paris they filmed was apparently on the very outskirts of that no-go zone and there were a lot of tourists there. There are no tourists in REAL no-go zones, so don't be fooled by a lot of frog wash! --Don Hank. And there are no go areas in Birmingham London and even Blackpool - where the MP was the Home Secretary himself who on touring his constituency was told by Muslims that he could not enter their area - he was not welcome!! No better witness than the Former Home Secretary!! --RA. France has a much higher level of Muslim population than any other European country, and they have been more or less segregated in various areas since the initial infusion from Algeria, which was actually mostly those Algerians who had worked for the French during the years of colonization. They were considered enemies of the Algerian rebels who finally won the country's freedom, so France let them come in to save their lives. There apparently have been various articles about the problems of the "no-go" zones for some time, but I have not followed any of that very much. Now someone has published an article saying they don't really exist, and it seems that Mr. Kern below decided to really rebut that claim in detail. This of course is more a social problem than a religious one, but for at least some people religion enters into it. The two brothers who murdered the cartoonists (and a Muslim policeman) shouted they were there to avenge the insult to the Prophet, so they were certainly about religion. It would seem the French have allowed the problem situation to just keep growing, for fear of the horrific mess it would be to really take it on. It would take the army going into the areas and become some kind of civil war. What a mess! I have no idea what the French government can do to approach such problems. When you let a bad situation just grow and grow for 40 years it creates a monster that is not easily dealt with. --Del)

Will the West Defend Itself? By Walter E. Williams 
Excerpt: Leftists and progressives believe that the U.S. should become more like Europe. They praise Europe’s massive welfare state, socialized medicine and stifling economic regulation and accept its unwillingness to defend itself against barbarism. I wonder whether America’s leftists and progressives want to import some of Europe’s barbaric extremism associated with its Muslim population. Several European countries have what are called “no-go zones.” No-go zones function as microstates governed by Shariah. The host countries' authorities have lost control over these areas. In some cases, they are unable to provide even police, firefighting and ambulance services. In France, no-go zones are officially called Zones Urbaines Sensibles, or Sensitive Urban Zones. 

Constitution takes another hit: White House, Congress Clash Over Iran Sanctions
Google the title if the link doesn't get the story: Excerpt: “The more I hear from the administration and its quotes, the more it sounds like talking points that come straight out of Iran,” said Sen. Robert Menendez , the senior Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, at Wednesday’s hearing on sanctions. “And it feeds to the Iranian narrative of victimization, when they’re the ones with original sin.” ... Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the White House doesn’t view an agreement with Iran as a treaty that requires Senate approval, but a matter of “executive prerogative.” (Article II, Section 2, clause 2, U.S. Constitution: "[The President] shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur . . ." Not only do we have a president who just ignores the Constitution, we have an administration full of people who go along with it. -- Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt. Apparently even though Mr. Obama has been said to have taught courses on the Constitution, his memory of its contents has slipped quite a bit. The words are simple and clear enough, a 2/3 Senate approval is needed to confirm international treaties. This country's Chief Executive does have a great deal of power, but he does not have ALL the power, he is not a king or emperor or dictator. The Founders were crystal clear that they were setting up three Branches of Government, with powers balanced out between them, precisely because they were all unified in their determination to not have anything like a king running the nation. Mr. Obama must know that, but it's starting to look like he's decided that in his final two years in the Oval Office he will just get the bit in his teeth and run away with things as he so desires. This is not good. --Del)

Obama-Menendez dispute shows Dem Iran rift. Ted Barrett and Jeremy Diamond, CNN
Excerpt: A heated exchanged between President Barack Obama and Sen. Robert Menendez (D-New Jersey) broke out Thursday over whether the U.S. should impose new sanctions on Iran amid ongoing negotiations over the country's nuclear program, according to two senators who were in the room.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia dead at 90, state TV reports
Excerpt: King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, the powerful U.S. ally who joined Washington's fight against Al Qaeda and sought to modernize the ultraconservative Muslim kingdom has died at 90, according to Saudi state TV. His expected successor is his 79-year-old half-brother, Prince Salman, who recently has taken on the ailing Abdullah's responsibilities.

In Failing to Confront Islamism, the Left Betrays Itself. By Tarek Fatah
Excerpt: As the world struggles to understand and cope with the rise of pan-Islamism and international jihadi terrorism within Western countries, one thing is becoming increasingly clear - the success of the Islamists is partly due to what I believe is a grand betrayal of civil society by the political left in Western democracies. Instead of leading the fight against the fanatics' religious obscurantism, they have embraced it. The refusal of social democrats, liberals and leftists to stand up to Islamofascism in the democracies of Europe, North America, India and South Africa, has also had an unintended consequence. ... I detest what communism ended up doing, but Lenin's wisdom on this point left an imprint on this Muslim's mind forever.

Female Genital Mutilation a Growing Problem in Iran. By Irfan al-Alawi and Stephen Schwartz
Excerpt: The hideous practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) is neither an exclusively Muslim nor a principally Middle Eastern phenomenon. It exists among non-Muslims through wide areas of Africa. But in Iraq and Iran, FGM is mainly associated with Kurds. The Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq, which is fighting against the terrorists of the so-called "Islamic State," has pursued a substantive effort to eradicate FGM. As reported here, the KRG parliament introduced legislation prohibiting FGM in 2007. The law was passed in 2011 and forbade, additionally, child marriage, so-called "honor murders," and other abuses suffered typically by women. In 2010, the KRG health ministry produced a plan to eliminate FGM and called on Islamic clergy to condemn the custom.

ISIS targets 'educated, professional women': Three female lawyers executed by jihadists in past two weeks
Excerpt: Three female lawyers have reportedly been executed by Islamic State militants as the UN warns that educated women in Iraq are especially at risk.

Hamas Praises Tel Aviv Bus Stabbing Attack
Excerpt: A Palestinian terrorist stabbed and injured nine Israelis, four of whom remain under serious condition, on Wednesday morning after boarding a Tel Aviv bus. Security camera footage obtained by Israel's Channel 10 shows the terrorist chasing after civilians running from the bus following the initial attack, stabbing a woman in the back, reports the Jerusalem Post.

UK Gov't Minister Warns Mosques About Hate Preaching. By John Rossomando
Excerpt: A letter from a top British government official calling on United Kingdom mosques to root out "men of hate" is generating push-back from the Muslim Council of Britain. The letter from Communities Secretary Eric Pickles was co-signed by Lord Tariq Ahmad of Wimbledon, a member of the House of Lords and sent to 1,100 imams and other Islamic religious leaders.

Robert A. Hall is a Marine Vietnam Veteran who served five terms in the Massachusetts State Senate. He is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic. For a free PDF of Collapse, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at) Hall’s eleven books are listed here:

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