Saturday, June 21, 2014

Thirteen Things Obama Cannot Change by Executive Order

Thirteen Things Obama Cannot Change by Executive Order
Robert A. Hall

The law of supply and demand.

The truth that nothing is free. When something is described as "free," it only mans that the cost was born by someone else.

The law of unintended consequences.

The fact that even the pro-AGW scientists admit there has been no significant global warming since about 1995.

The truth that government cannot give anything to a person without taking it from someone else, because government does not produce wealth.

The law of diminishing returns.

The tendency of all people to make economic choices they believe are in their own or their family's best interests.

The tendency of people to stop trusting someone who has repeatedly lied to them, or made promises he knew he couldn't keep.

The conflict between his green base and creating jobs.

The fact that his many lies and broken promises are caught on video tape and cannot vanish like the IRS emails to him about targeting conservative groups.

The fact that tens of millions of Muslim believe in using violence to subjugated all Infidels to Muslim rule, to convert them or to exterminate them.

Give people back the health insurance plans he promised they could keep.

Make his government as transparent as he promised with putting his poll numbers in the teens and perhaps facing impeachment.

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