Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Health Update & Book Recommendation

Health Update: They now tell me they will release me Thursday when the antibiotic course is done. I’m back down to 3-4 lpm of O2 sitting, more for walking. I will be taking a CPAP/BiPAP home with me to help keep the airway open nights and as much as possible during the days. Then I will come in for the next bronchoscopy when the custom, handmade stent comes in from France. Sacré Bleu, Monsieur, we have been working 35 hours per week—we need our five-week vacations this summer! ~Bob

Book Recommendation: The Curmudgeon's Guide to Getting Ahead: Dos and Don'ts of Right Behavior, Tough Thinking, Clear Writing, and Living a Good Life by Charles Murray

This wonderful book was given to me by my friend Chuck to read in the hospital, which I did in under two days, despite time out to be poked by various healthcare professionals. Its major drawback is that it was published in 2014, and I really needed it in 1969. This is the perfect gift for your college students or recent graduates, provided they are literate and can read and comprehend above the newspaper level, which has dropped from 8th grade reading in recent years to The Little Engine That Could level. It assumes the reader is in his/her twenties, bright and looking to get ahead. There are pretty much three sections, one on developing a successful career, one on becoming a great writer, which I wish I had read 25 years ago, and a final one on having a good life. There was little I disagree with, and I’m probably wrong where I do. I highly recommend this book.

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