Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Update on today's third debridement surgery

Today’s bronchoscopy—debridement surgery went well. I’m already on room air, talking walks and breathing better. Hopefully soon I’ll be back to where I was four weeks ago. I understand the surgeon debrided more and put a light stent where the slough is causing “dynamic collapse.” (That means the airway closes when I breathe in, opens when I breathe out. A “collapse” closes and doesn’t open.) The stent will likely stay for 2-3 months, to hold open the airway, and let the area heal and strengthen so it doesn’t collapse—if it works, of course. It had to be light, due to the tricky area, but that means I could cough it up. The NP said, “If so, don’t swallow it, put it in a bag and call us.” The other downside is that it collects mucus, so I expect another bronch in the next two weeks to clean things out and see how it is going. I’m still in the hospital until tomorrow, as they need to put in a PICC IV so I can take antibiotics at home. The PICC skill was in short supply with high demand the last two days. They think I’ll go home in the morning. The need to run IVs will restrict my travel range, maybe for 4-7 days. So I’m hopeful I’m back on the right road. Thanks as always for the good thoughts, prayers and kind wishes. And whoever sent the Hooters Girls over with the beer and wings, you’re the best!

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