Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thanks to Liberals

Thanks to Liberals
I started a #ThanksToLiberals hashtag on Twitter, and sent the tweets below. ~Bob

#ThanksToLiberals The debt is over $17T

            #ThanksToLiberals The $Trillions in unfunded entitlement liabilities can never be paid

            #ThanksToLiberals The US is not feared or respected

            #ThanksToLiberals Millions are losing their doctors

            #ThanksToLiberals Millions are losing their health insurance

            #ThanksToLiberals We found out what's in Obamacare

            #ThanksToLiberals Black babies are 40% of the aborted

#ThanksToLiberals More blacks are murdered in 3 months in Chicago than were lynched in the 1930s by the Klan

#ThanksToLiberals The real unemployment rate is over 15%

#ThanksToLiberals Workforce participating is at it's lowest in 35 years.

            #ThanksToLiberals Black unemployment is through the roof

#ThanksToLiberals Al Qaeda is alive and Detroit is dead

#ThanksToLiberals There are more PT workers every day

#ThanksToLiberals Health insurance costs more for millions.

#ThanksToLiberals The poor will be lots paying more for energy.

#ThanksToLiberals Millions of third world kids died of Malaria.

#ThanksToLiberals Wind farms are killing eagles, while polluting China.

#ThanksToLiberals The government now reads your e-mail.

#ThanksToLiberals The IRS has become the armed wing of the Democrat party.

#ThanksToLiberals Mass murder takes place in "gun free" zones.

#ThanksToLiberals Black life expectancy in Zimbabwe dropped from 63 to 36.

#ThanksToLiberals Future generations are being looted to buy votes today.

#ThanksToLiberals Men get maternity coverage.

#ThanksToLiberals Elderly nuns get free birth control.

#ThanksToLiberals Catholics have to pay for abortion and birth control.

#ThanksToLiberals Planned Parenthood eliminates more "undesirables" than Auschwitz did.

#ThanksToLiberals Only thugs can carry guns in many cities.

#ThanksToLiberals The % of people employed by the govt. grows every year. Eventually has to reach 100%, except collapse comes first.

#ThanksToLiberals Christians are considered terrorists.

#ThanksToLiberals Ethanol has raised food prices for the world's poor.

#ThanksToLiberals Christians in the Middle East are being exterminated.

#ThanksToLiberals 500 Mexicans and Brian Terry died from DOJ walked guns.

#ThanksToLiberals 4 Americans died in Benghazi to avoid a rescue attempt that might have embarrassed the Obama campaign.

#ThanksToLiberals Stoning rape victims to death for adultery is considered "just their culture."

#ThanksToLiberals Mutilating the genitals of little girls is considered "just their culture."

#ThanksToLiberals Iran will soon have a bomb.

#ThanksToLiberals Libya is now an Al Qua'da stronghold.

#ThanksToLiberals Chicago with strict gun laws has twice the murders of Houston, with concealed carry.

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