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Guest Post: Healthcare for Smarties - Alinsky

Healthcare for Smarties - Alinsky

We have all heard that Obama and Hillary were followers of Saul Alinsky, a radical of the 1960's. In fact, Hillary's thesis was on Alinsky's tactics and I understand that document is sealed.

Remember that most of us have a belief based on religion value systems. Jewish, Christian, Islam, Buddhist, Hindu etc., and the common thread is you try and live a good life inside your belief parameters.

These rules define the lack of ethics in pushing a desired ideology.

Alinsky Rules of the Ethics of Means and Ends.

1. That one's concern with the ethics of means and ends varies inversely with one's personal interest in the issue.
2. The judgment of the ethics of means and ends is dependent upon the political position of those sitting in judgment.
3. In war, the end justifies almost any means.
4. Judgment must be made in the context of the times in which the action occurred  and not from any other chronological vantage point.
5. Concern with ethics increases with the number of means available and vice versa.
6. Less important the end to be desired, the more one can afford to engage in ethical evaluations of means.
7. Generally success or failure is a mighty determinant of ethics.
8. The morality of a means depends upon whether the means is being employed at a time of imminent defeat or imminent victory.
9. Any effective means is automatically judged by the opposition as being unethical.

10. You do what you can with what you have and clothe it with moral garments.

11. Goals must be phrased in general terms like "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity", "Of the Common Welfare", "Hope and Change".

Ref: Rules For Radicals, Saul D. Alinsky, Vintage Books, 1971
 Reveille For Radicals, Saul D. Alinsky, Vintage Books, 1946
Daily Question: Any examples of current administration policy  influenced by these rules?

Semper Fi, John

John D. Conroy, Jr., D.O., FACOI, FACP

PS: The reason for going into all the Alinsky history is the effect the teachings and influence it has on our current leaders. He clearly was a major influence on both Obama and Hillary.

Dave Getz provided the website of Hillary's thesis, it has been released.

For a published copy in economic policy:

Copy of original document:

Important point is while the Weathermen, SDS, did have a violent strain both Obama and Hillary opted for a peaceful approach in the system.


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