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Random Thoughts for November, 2013

Random Thoughts for November, 2013
Robert A. Hall

Get the collection! My “Random Thoughts” from 2008 through July, 2013 are now collected in this book: The Old Jarhead's Journal: Random Thoughts on Life, Liberty, and Leadership by Robert A. Hall
The Old Jarhead’s Journal is a collection of Random Thoughts on politics and life and Conservative Political Essays, mostly published on the author’s blog, including the essay “I’m Tired” which went viral on the Internet in 2009, “The Hall Platform,” “This I Believe,” and “Why I’m a Republican.” While they will be of interest to conservative thinkers, they are collected here in book form as a service to readers who wish to give a copy to a favorite liberal and watch his or her head explode. All royalties are donated to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.

Obamacare Haiku (Send me yours: tartanmarine(at)

"You can keep your plan."
Lie that sold Obamacare.
Too late voters see.

"I won't sign a plan
Upping debt a single dime."
Trillion dollar lie.

Prosperity is the natural prey of progressives.

We recently had good news. My wife received official notification--not a mistake or misprint it said--that she was the certified winner of $978,779.77. We thought the 77 cents was a nice addition. We get it as soon as we scrape up the $25 processing fee to send them. I was going to write and suggest that they take it out of the winnings, but it costs $1.05 to write them, as they--Croft Research Corporation--are in the Netherlands. Buying a lotto ticket with the $1.05 seemed a better bet and saves 5 cents.

Now days, I find that it takes too much energy to sit around and do nothing.

A colleague, discussing my retirement, told me, "I can say it now; you're an acquired taste." I thought that was fair. My flamboyance, boisterous sense of humor and outspoken style can be, I know, off-putting. And people often "misunderestimate" me, as George Bush said. In college, since I was new to the area, people assumed that I couldn't be elected to student office, and were surprised when I won every time, once on write ins. When I ran for the state senate against a Democrat incumbent, in a 4-1 Democrat district as an unknown college student, people were stunned when I won--by nine votes. They were shocked in the next election when I beat the Democrat by 10,000 votes, and carried every city and town, including the ward he represented on the city council. They were amazed again in my third election when I was nominated by both parties, defeating a Democrat on write ins in the Democrat primary. People who have crossed me have learned to appreciate the Marine slogan, "No better friend, no worse enemy."

I try to use humor even in my professional writing. Some people find this unprofessional--but I found over the years that more people read my stuff because it was a bit entertaining as well as, hopefully, informative.

The problem with morning is it comes so early. It would get a lot better PR if it started at, say, 11:00 am

Some days at work I felt like my major task was to unsubscribe from all the commercial lists people subscribed my e-mail address to.

I needed a new head for my electric toothbrush. Ws picked up a four pack at Sam's Club. I told my wife I thought that a two-year supply was two many. "You'll be around in two years," she said. "Honey, I'm not even sure we should be buying those green bananas," I replied.

Just because a website agrees with your worldview doesn't mean it has accurate information.

Obama said he wouldn't sign a healthcare law that added to the deficit. The PPACA adds trillions. He said he opposed an individual mandate. Obamacare has a mandate.  He said you could keep your plan. Thousands are losing their plan. He said you could keep your doctor. Thousands are losing their doctors. He said it would bring the cost of insurance down. Thousands are being hit with higher premiums. Is anything he said about Obamacare true?

We were at the VA, and a fellow came up and asked the coffee guys how he could get to the 7th floor. "I'd take an elevator," I said. from his look, he didn't find that helpful. You try and...

Breaking: Gmail's new compose window still sucks. The old one worked fine, was very easy to use, except for no auto spell check, which the new one also lacks. I'm stuck with Gmail as the address is in my books and on my business cards, but if you don't have Gmail, don't switch.

There is no lie more dangerous than truth distorted by the media.

For vets who served a hitch in the Army, Navy, Air force or Coast Guard, it is something they once did. For almost everyone who served in the Marine Corps, it is one of the two or three most important things in their lives, and they usually still think of themselves as Marines.

Getting older means you have to buy more sympathy cards. I notice there are no humorous ones. If this lung transplant thing doesn't work out, I think my friends should send each other funny cards, like, "Bob croaked, but at least my wife and my whisky are now safe."

Men and women really are different. My wife has bath soap with names like "Olive and Aloe" and "English Lavender." I have soap with names like "Hyatt" and "Marriott."

The more a group supported Obamacare, the more likely it was to demand a waiver.

Boy, when Obama finds the people responsible for the Obamacare website, they'll get the harsh treatment he gave the guy who really drew the red line on Syria.

BREAKING: New media poll. Obamacare still has strong support among people who still support Obamacare.

If Progressive ideas are so good, why do they have to be mandatory?

“Nobody’s madder than me...:" said Obama. I agree--mad as a hatter.

Say, if you have three DWIs and they revoke your car insurance, isn't that a pre-existing condition they are discriminating against you for?

Obama should never have let George Bush build the Obamacare website.

If you want to keep the money you earned, you are greedy. If you want to take by force the money other people earned and spend it on yourself or your pet projects, you are for justice. Got it?

All you folks who voted for "hope and Change" who lost your health insurance, doctor and/or job due to Obamacare--how's that change working out for you?

Everyone is for cutting spending, reducing the deficit and controlling big government--as long as it doesn't hurt them personally.

I don't know if my wife is really that scared of spiders, or calls me to dispatch them so I'll feel like I'm still useful.

When I was a kid, I sometimes wanted to be older. But not this much older....

Black "leaders" and other liberal Democrats foster a feeling of victimization and helplessness due to racism in the black population, who are encouraged to think they can't get ahead, must depend on government and blame whitey. They do this to get votes, thus power, thus wealth. They often get violence as well. The media covers for them, identifying the race of the violence perpetrators only in rare cases where the victim is black and the doer white or "white Hispanic." But it's getting worse, as Thomas Sowell has pointed out, and the lid is going to blow off. Especially when the Dane Geld runs out.

Notice how politicians who screw up always say we "have to move on." Comes right before "spend more time with my family."

Do you think, late at night, sometimes Obama wishes John Roberts had voted the other way on Obamacare?

Is it just me, or is "Affordable Healthcare" a lot more expensive than the old kind?

You'd think the KKK would give Planned Parenthood an award, considering the millions of black folks they aborted.

Shouldn't those aborted be counted in the infant mortality rate.

I got up this morning before I wanted to. Just like every other morning.

Turn's out Obama promise "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor" now means "if you like your doctor, you can send him/her a Christmas card."

There's a lot riding on Obama's promise that the Obamacare website will work by the end of November. But no promise of his has been true so far.

Friend says the country is doomed, but he wants to "go out in a pile of hot steaming brass." Yes.

Support the Saudi ban on women drivers: oppose the Keystone Pipeline!

We aren't far away from when if you don't order your coffee black, you'll be charged with racism.

In America, optimists who can see the future are learning Spanish. Pessimists are learning Arabic.

How to tell an Extremist Muslim from a Moderate Muslim: The Extremist is shooting at you. The Moderate is asking Allah to improve the Extremist's aim.

Talked to a woman of 38. She was complaining that her food stamps had been cut as she was working more hours. She was also showing off her new "do" with highlights in her hair, and her manicure, with seven layers of unchipable nail polish topped with sparkles. You helped subsidize that.

Giving a person who is ignorant of economics a vote is like giving an 8-year-old a loaded revolver. It might turn out okay....

My emails are so interesting, I understand NSA agents are fighting over the right to track me.

They pulled the picture of the Obamacare Girl off the Obamacare website. I bet they found out she's working in a topless bar to pay for her increased premiums.

Someone tell Obama if he gives the illegals citizenship and they enjoy the American lifestyle, they'll emit a LOT more carbon.

The stimulus, bailouts, green energy, too big to fail, Obamacare--all piggy banks for "the friends of Obama."

If Obama says, "If you like your religion, you can keep it," we are in big trouble.

I think the best way to demonstrate that women can be effective in ground combat is to require every NFL team to have at least three starting female players, to show they can do as well as men at the physical stuff.

I hate Halloween. People keep saying, "nice costume." And I'm not wearing one.

One good thing about Obamacare. I has created such a target-rich environment for identity theft, that those of us who don't give personal information to are probably safe.

Liberals, desperate to turn criticism of Obama's failing policies away from those policies, endlessly play the race card. "You hate him because he's black." But they don't feel the same way about their vicious hatred of Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams. Allen West, Mia Love, Tim Scott, Condi Rice or Clarence Thomas--hating them is fine. But Obama's disastrous performance as president, and the endless lies and broken promises, may fuel racism, because some people will blame it on his race, rather than his incompetence and total naive belief in progressive policies.

The Democrats were giving away "I love Obamacare" bumper stickers. Haven't seen that offer lately.

Prediction. Things will get so bad with Obamacare, that he will delay the worst parts until after the 2014 midterm elections.

The motto of modern journalism: If you can't say something bad about Republicans or conservative, say nothing at all.

Liberals act like it's wrong for us to root for the failure of Obamacare, a law we think puts the final straw on the coming fiscal collapse of America. Why? Don't they root for laws they think are bad to fail?

There are only two choices. You can have a country with free markets, property rights and the rule of law to enforce contracts, or you can have a country where the masses live in grinding poverty, exploited by those who hold power or take it.


Robert A. Hall is a Marine Vietnam Veteran who served five terms in the Massachusetts State Senate. He is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic. For a free PDF of Collapse, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at) All Hall’s other books are listed here:

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