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Random Thoughts for June, 2013

Random Thoughts for June, 2013
Robert A. Hall

Based on thousands of requests—okay, maybe four—I’m working on making my collection of Random Thoughts since 2008 available in book form. Stay tuned.

With the IRS Scandal, the AP phone records scandal, the Fast and Furious gun running scandal, the Benghazi scandal, the Pigford scandal, the war on Libya without Congressional authorization, now increasingly shown to have been a disaster,  and others. I think you could build a fair case for Obama’s impeachment. But it’s not worth doing until you have 20 Democrat senate votes for it. That will not happen. If you don’t have the votes, it is likely to help him, as it did Clinton at the time (which I predicted). And Democrats are not going to face the wrath of black constituents and riots in the cities if he was removed.

Benghazi—what I think happened: I think that Obama and Clinton made a cold political assessment that it was better to let Stevens and the SEALs die than to risk a response, because a rescue effort might fail with even more deaths, and it might create a firefight that would kill Muslims, thus provoking riots in the Muslim world, none of which would have been good for Obama’s reelection. It would have totally destroyed the “we have al Qaeda on it’s heels and the war on terror is over” narrative of the Obama campaign. Then they cast around for an explanation that didn’t identify terrorism, and tried to pin it on the video. That unraveled by the debates, despite the moderator weighing in on Obama’s side, and we now know was a deliberate lie. Americans were allowed to die to protect Obama politically. That’s despicable. But most Americans care more about the latest sensational trial, American Idol and their free Obama Phones than about honor or the lives of brave Americans.

Turns out the Obama of the first Romney-Obama debate is the real Obama. Who knew? Well, other than right wing tea party nuts being audited by the IRS.

Because my advancing pulmonary fibrosis is forcing my retirement, we are putting the condo in Cook County we bought in 2009 for $160,000—thinking the market had bottomed—up for sale. The agent says we should expect to lose $60,000. I would like to thank millionaire Bill Clinton for pushing the Community Reinvestment Acct, creating the housing bubble. Also the millionaires Jim Johnson and Franklin Raines who got wealthy by creating the subprime market at Fannie Mae. Also my old colleague Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and other Democrats who defended Fannie against Bush’s efforts to rein it in, promising us they wouldn’t cost taxpayers a nickel. Dr. Thomas Sowell has pointed out that both white and black owned banks gave mortgages to whites at higher rates than to blacks, and to Asians at higher rates than to whites, because people individually in these groups had better credit ratings and were more likely to repay the loans. But Progressives always have to find racism, and if that hurts the average guy, white or black, they don’t care.

Obama blamed Bush when gas went to $1.84 a gallon. Can we get Bush back to do this again?

Anyone surprised by the Obama scandals must not know that Obama is a Chicago Way politician, nurtured in the bosom of the corrupt Democrat machine.

I think the GOP is likely to blow the advantage these expected scandals give them, as they did with Clinton, turning his perjury into a plus for him. In poker, you overplay and average hand, but you under play a great hand. They can’t seem to learn.

All this talk of Obama being impeached or resigning is just talk. The House can impeach, but conviction requires 2/3rds of the Senate. Few Democrats would dare to alienate their black constituents, especially when it would likely mean riots in the cities. Unless they have video evidence of him murdering someone, or selling secrets to al Qaeda, no chance. Maybe not then.

I recently announced that my declining health had forced me to retire by November. People keep saying “Congratulations!” Gee, on a worsening terminal illness? Should I wish them the same?

How come FEMA’s response to Katrina was George Bush’s fault, but anything the IRS, the Justice Department or the State Department has done in the last five years was totally separate from Obama?

Why is it brave for one athlete to tell people he’s gay, and divisive for another to say he’s a Christian?

Maybe they could head off future terrorism by going down the welfare rolls for Muslim names?

Seems to me that retirement is when every day is Saturday and no day is payday.

Facts are hard things. Math is fact based.

Fact: There are tens of millions of Muslims in the world, and thousands in the US, who would consider that murdering you and your children, and blowing up your church or synagogue was an act of piety. Not all of them. Not even, I think, a majority of them. And many wouldn’t do it themselves, but would cheer your death. But it is very hard to tell the decent ones from those who suddenly “Go Jihad” due to being radicalized at their mosque, Muslim social group or on the Internet. Until we recognize that fact, we will continue to lose the long war against jihadists.

Few things are as evil as good intentions that produce bad results for real people.

They say if you build a better mouse trap, the world will beat a path to your door. Today, the people at your door will be: The EPA, demanding an environmental impact statement. Manufactures of other traps, lobbing government to outlaw yours. PETA organizing a protest. OSHA demanding that you institute operator safety regulations. The DOJ, with an anti-trust suit claiming your trap is anti competitive. Obama, claiming you didn’t build it, but wanting to tax it heavily to spread your wealth around. And so it goes...

Few things are as disappointing, or as common, than finding a lack of loyalty in people you have been loyal to.

There are few handicaps worse than the self imposed one of having a bad attitude.

I hope, for old times sake, Obama declares this “recovery summer” again.

So, which was worse? Watergate, Fast and Furious or Benghazi? First, remind me again how many people died at Watergate?

Oh, if only Obama had thought to make Benghazi a “gun free zone,” none of this would have happened.

My position on Syria: “Stay the hell out.” Any arms we give anyone there will eventually be used to kill Americans, Israelis and other kuffer.

When Mexicans point out that the Southwest US once belonged to Mexico, we might point out that all of Mexico once belonged to the Indians. ~Bob.)

Martin Luther king Jr dreamed of an America where people would be judged by “the content of their character, not the color of their skin.” Of course he was a Republican. Democrats hate that idea. Race is all that matters to them, not character, not individuals, not personal responsibility, not accomplishment, but only by group identity where some groups are eternal victims, entitled to claim largess from other groups.

Hey, did you hear that Tamerlan Tsarnaev's secret burial place is on a pig farm? Tell all your Muslim friends!

I volunteer for the firing squad to shoot the Cleveland kidnapper. I’ll bring my own rifle and ammo.

Remember what your mom said: Always wear clean underwear in case some member of the Religion of Peace blows your legs off, screaming “Allah Akbar” in a fit of workplace violence, and you have to go to the emergency room if you get through triage.

Liberal logic: if low skill Americans lose their jobs to “undocumented workers, they can go on food stamps, welfare or disability. That’s what they are for.

Using pejoratives like “libtard” helps liberals as more moderate folks will tune you out, and anyone with a mental challenged loved one will be offended by you, not the liberal you are targeting.

Houston, Texas has about the same population and same income level as Chicago, though a larger minority population. They also have “concealed carry” for guns, versus Chicago’s restrictive laws. Houston has half the murder rate of Chicago. That must be the “Wild West” Sheriff Tom Dart is trying to avoid. After all, a 50% cut in murders would mean fewer police and Sheriff’s deputies would be needed. And they all vote.

There are Starbucks people and Dunkin’ Donuts people. I’m a Dunkin’ guy.

Whenever there is a violent incident reported as breaking news, the left media and liberals all start hoping that the perpetrator is a white, Christian, veteran, NRA/tea-party member so they can drive their narrative. Conservatives hope the perp is black, Hispanic or Muslim so the media won’t use it to sear all of them. More often than not, they get their wish.

Not all muggers are bad guys. Be a little careful about turning your back on good guys.

Not surprising that the left is making the Gitmo detainees—those who haven’t been released to return to murder—into victims. The love ruthless murderers.

It’s hard for me to understand why someone who at 18 is not considered old enough to have a beer is old enough to join the military to go war, fight and perhaps die, to help select the next President of the United States, to get married, to get tattoos, to have an operation and to sign contracts.

I would not accept the job of Press Secretary to ANY president.

On Benghazi, the Administration went from “it was a video,” to “we’re investigating’ to “What difference does it make” to “It was a long time ago” very nimbly.

When a politician uses the passive voice to say, “Mistakes were made,” it’s like a child saying “The lamp broke,” thus distancing him from responsibility.

With all due respect to Tom Jefferson, “pursuing happiness” doesn’t work. But if you commit yourself to things you care about more than yourself, such as family, job, non-profit cause, church or temple, community, of service to your country, happiness will find you.

Tee shirt suggestion: “I’m an environmentalist. I helped make Al Gore rich beyond anyone’s dreams, the lower class poor and jobless and I and my greenie friends feel all warm and fuzzy.”

Government is now so big, that no one is responsible for what it does.

How to tell if you are an elitist in the One Percent: You have someone stand in the rain holding an umbrella over you.

Democrats pretending that Benghazi, IRA, and AP/DOJ are not scandals bodes well for GOP in 2014.

Obama’s scandal excuses are getting down to “I know nothing, besides Nixon did it too.”

The “Book of Mormon,” a musical comedy, has been playing in Chicago. I don’t know what the Mormons think of it, but I haven’t gone. Waiting for them to come out with “The Holy Qur’an: A Musical Comedy.” That should be fun. Go armed. No pressure cookers allowed.

If a TV infomercial tells you the price of the item, but not the shipping and handling costs, you can bet they are going to hose you on S&H.

Remember when members of the media were watchdogs instead of lapdogs?

When a Progressive says “Social Justice” he means “Stand and Deliver!”

If Obama had responded as strongly to Benghazi as he did to Sandra Fluke being called a “slut,” those SEALS would be alive.

When I call a business and get, “XYZ business can you please hold?” rattled at me, I’m always tempted to say, “No, we will give the prize to the next person” and hang up.

I received a bumper sticker mock up with the Democrats’ dream ticket: “Weiner -Holder for 2016.”

Why are you surprised at the current Obama administration abuse of power scandals? He was nurtured in the bosom of the Chicago Daley Democrat machine, never spoke against corruption or abuse of power in Chicago.

I’ve noticed that people who like to stick it to other folks are surprised and outraged when the other folks try to stick it back.

Have you paid “your fair share” to support the next Obama golf vacation, the next First Daughter’s international spring break, the next White House Celebrity Bash or the next funding of Muslim Terrorist organizations?

Officials knew about the IRS political abuses in October. Too bad the public was kept in the dark.

The IRS and AP calls scandal prove one of two things: The Obama Administration is a threat to freedom. Or the administration is incompetent and the government is a threat to freedom. Take your pick.

If I understand liberals and the media, anyone who holds the position an gay marriage that Obama held last year, before he switched to Dick Chaney’s position, it’s a heartless, brain dead Neanderthal.

When Obama “evolves,” it looks like “spin” to onlookers.

Remember when MNSBC talked about the Obama Administration being relatively scandal free? Ah, good times.

If Islam is a “religion of Peace,” as both Bush and Obama assured us, wouldn’t their be a massive, world-wide campaign of Muslims against jihadists defaming their religion with violence?

Starting in 2014, you might not want to talk politics or wear conservative tee shirts to your health care appointments.

Polls show that, given a choice, a majority of folks would chose Republican policies, but vote for Democrats because they like them better. Hope they like the results they are getting.

Jihad: The original hate Crime.

If you vote for cool over competent, you get what you deserve.

You haven’t heard real cursing until you’re with me when I step on my oxygen hose and rip it painfully off my ears.

If you cite the Crusades as justification for Muslim violence, victimhood and anger, either you are ignorant of history or you want to ignore facts to prove your point. Muslims attacked Europe many time, and first. See the Battle of Tours and Charles Martel (Supposedly an ancestor of mine, but so far back, probably of yours as well.)

It only takes one disaffected employee with a negative, hostile attitude to poison the well in an office.

Scratch a Progressive, find a Totalitarian. All for your own good, of course.

Communism is when government owns all businesses. Socialism is when it owns big ones, like energy and healthcare. Fascism is when business is privately owned, but controlled and directed by the government, with favored companies rewarded. Which sounds most like America today?

With all my medical tests for a lung transplant evaluation, I’ve given more blood than the loser in a vampire movie.

If someone is looking to be offended, anything will do.

One of my jokes is that sometimes when I’m introduced to someone, I say, “Congratulations on getting to meet me!” One fellow at a party topped me, saying, “Well, it’s been a pleasure so far!”

Affirmative Action is racism, dressed fancy for the Progressives Ball.

Groups keep subscribing me to e-mail lists faster than I can unsubscribe.

See something, say something, get charged with Islamophobia or hate speech.

Be nice if the person in front of you using the food stamp credit card at least thanked you.

From the KKK to Tammany Hall to the IRS, Democrats have always intimidated the opposition.

Now that Hezbollah is on the side of the “bad” Syrian government against the “good” rebels, does that make Israel, who fights Hezbollah, the good guys? So confusing.

They say there is no food that really burns fat. But that’s not true. A turnip a day will do it. But you have to dig it up yourself, from a farm at least ten miles away, that you walk to.

A Chinese couple in grocery recently saw my oxygen tank, said they were Christians and asked if they could pray for me. I said sure. With her saying "amen" regularly, he pretty forcefully, if in not the best English ordered Satan & pulmonary fibrosis to leave me alone, never return, and put me under the protection of Jesus. I'm not making fun of this—I’m grateful for anyone who cares and wants to help. This is the second time someone has publically prayed for me. Maybe it will help.


Robert A. Hall is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic.
For a free PDF of the book, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at)

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