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Random Thoughts for July, 2013

Random Thoughts for July, 2013
Robert A. Hall

I read that 100 religious people will have something like 40 more kids than 100 secular people. There’s a hopeful statistic.

One thing about the Muslims slaughtering the British soldier in London that went unnoticed was on the video, one of the killers says something like, “In our land (meaning Nigeria), things like this happen every day.” He was born in Britain, was a British citizen, but clearly didn’t think of himself as such. Immigrants that don’t wish to assimilate are a danger to every society.

If your education ended when you graduated, you are uneducated.

If this was a just world, they would discover tomorrow that Viagra cures pulmonary fibrosis.

Too many drivers think that a Stop Sign is just a suggestion.

My Uncle Frank had a sarcastic streak and a quick wit. Probably his best one was when he was teaching TV repair at Philadelphia Wireless. A student was carrying in a mirror, used to see the screen while the tech worked on the back of the TV. A friend yelled, “Don’t drop that mirror, George, you’ll have seven years bad luck.” “Yes,” Uncle Frank snapped, “and I’ll crowd it all into the next five minutes!”

Don’t let dread of tomorrow ruin today.

I’ve taken NSA employees off the blog mailing list. No use them getting it twice.

Europe hates us because they have never forgiven their more energetic citizens from migrating here to become free and prosperous, leaving them mired in the old ways at home.

One of the somewhat sleazy ways of trashing someone is to put it as a question, such as, “Does Bill Smith have a mistress?” That way, you aren’t saying he does, but raising the possibility in people’s minds. A lot of political websites, left and right, do this. Treat them with caution.

Everyone is willing to pay a fair price, as long as the payer gets to decide what is “fair.” But what everyone really wants is an unfair price in their favor.

Your view of the value of something usually depends on whether you are selling it or buying it.

People with no understanding of basic economic principles have a terrible handicap, which creates problems for them, the folks around them and the society in general. More people are handicapped in this way every year.

Always amazed that folks with high brain power can be so disorganized, or neglectful of details.

I know a young woman in her thirties who has always thought that credit cards were great, because you could buy now, and stiff them later. Unfortunately, the number of people like that runs into the hundreds of thousands, and we all pay for it in higher costs.

Why did Nero fiddle while Rome burned? Golf hadn’t been invented.

Read a good phrase, “Preplanned Chaos.”

Obama is arming the Syrian rebels. I do hope, in keeping with his principles, they all passed background checks to own guns. Apparently they forgot that step when he armed the Mexican drug cartels.

Managing associations, I often hear from reporters who want expert comment on some article or issue. And they want it right now! And I have no choice but to scramble to try and find someone knowledgeable, who can say something intelligent off the top of the head. Otherwise, the story may say, “We contacted the XYZ Association, but they declined to comment,” making it sound like we had something to hide.

"Unique" means "one of a kind." So there is no such thing as "very unique," or "really unique." It's unique or it's not. I suppose you could have "almost unique" though if there were two or three of them.

Few things cost as much, proportionally, as winning a free goldfish at the fair. Which usually dies after you buy the bowl, food etc.

Many babies are aborted because they are female. Suppose they identify a “gay” gene, and parents start aborting babies that might be gay? What then, liberals?


Robert A. Hall is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic.
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