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Political Digest for July 29, 2012

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Book Recommendation: Carnifex. By Tom Kratman
As readers of my Old Jarhead Blog know, my personal reading is focused on history, politics and economics, professional reading on management and healthcare. But sometimes I need a break, and nothing is better for that than one of Tom Kratman's military science fiction novels. Of course, Kratman is not entirely a "break" from reading about politics or the military, but he is enthralling. Carnifex is a sequel to A Desert Called Peace" and like all good sequels, it can stand on its own. But if you haven't read Desert, you'll be doing yourself a favor if you read it first. Kratman is a retired Army LtCol, and one would expect his mastery of the feel of close infantry combat to be good. But in this book, he shows equal understanding of war at sea and in the air. His detailed plotting and fully believable characters will hold you through this long novel, full of the twists and turns of a global conflict on several fronts. It is the Earth and all our problems, including the "War on Terror," set on a distant planet, centuries in the future. But the "War on Terror" (or perhaps better the "War against Salafist Jihadism") on Nova Terra is being fought by some men who are as ruthless as hard as the terrorists in defense of family and freedom, despite the hand-wringing of the usual collection of progressives. This is the third Kratman novel I've read. The first was Caliphate, which I also recommend, about the war here after a terror nuke strike on the US. I have others waiting for when the non-fiction pile shows a little light--or the brain needs a change of pace. One is surprised that he can turn out novels so rapidly, at such a high quality of writing. After reading his books, rich with his philosophy of leadership, this old Marine would have been proud to sever under Kratman's command. Whether I would have measured up to his standards is another question, beyond knowing at this stage of my life. Lastly, the Author's Afterword in Carnifex is a bonus, and worth alone what you will pay for the book. Send it to your Congresscritter.

Ilana Mercer's Into the Cannibal's Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa. By Jack Kerwick
Excerpt: And the ugly fact is that whatever can be said of apartheid, by virtually every measure -- especially rates of crime -- the new South Africa is exponentially worst than the old. Doubtless, stripped of all of the hideous details regarding the quality of life that serve to distinguish post-apartheid South Africa from its counterpart of yesteryear -- astronomical rates of crime, corrupt and incompetent government, etc. -- Cannibal loses its identity as the work that it is. 

What 'These Hands' Can Produce by William R. Mann
Excerpt: It will no longer do for apologist media propagandists and pundits to claim that Mr. Obama is simply unschooled in the tenets of free enterprise. Mr. Obama’s comments of recent months have increasingly unmasked his agenda. It should be painfully clear to the casual observer that Mr. Obama’s “Fundamental Transformation of America” is nothing less than destroying the free enterprise system in America, redistributing income, installing a series of socialist labor fronts, and creating a syndicalism dream that Mussolini could never have achieved in Italy.

Excerpt: The Communist who's the subject of the stunning new biography by Paul Kengor is Frank Marshall Davis. He's the black poet, journalist, and activist whom the young Barack Obama hung out with as a teenager in Hawaii, then wrote a weird, disturbingly affectionate poem about entitled "Pop" while a student at Occidental College. He's the man whom President Obama describes as his mentor in the latter's autobiography, Dreams from My Father.

Obama's second-term agenda will prove devastating to U.S. By Aaron Klein
Excerpt: Americans may think they know what President Obama would do if he wins four more years. But, in reality, they have no idea just how radical and far-reaching his agenda would be. Obama himself has been clear about using another term to “reform” our financial sector and ensure the implementation of ObamaCare. (If the Kulaks don't go along with the people... ~Bob.)

Excerpt: Campus Reform has compiled a list of the top ten most shocking courses being offered on college campuses. Here they are: (I got this article from a friend of mine who is a psychologist in the military. He recently had a First Lieutenant recently as a patient and reviewed his college transcript. ALL courses like these - not kidding. Not a SINGLE math course, "hard science" course, business course, critical thinking course or anything. And I wonder how much that man or his parents paid for the "education". But what is worse and not shown in this list of extreme courses are the ones that don't sound too bad, but really are. I refer for instance to History courses that have as their underlying principle that this country was founded by nasty rich White men who started policies of enslavement, land theft, exploitation, and genocide that are the basis of our prosperity today. So that our modern history is one of imperialism, racism, and terrorism. These courses are worse than the crazy ones, since they don't just leave empty heads, but heads full of anti-American zeal. And we see the results of such indoctrination all around us these days. --Del)

Worth Viewing: How To Stop a Massacre: Surveillance Video Reveals Simple, Low-Cost Solution That Works Everywhere. By Mike Adams
Excerpt: The answer is revealed in the stunning short video shown below. This remarkable solution: (This really works. ~Bob.)

Olympics Kick Off With Tribute to Socialized Medicine
Excerpt: God bless the Brits. Theirs was the country that gave birth to the United States.

Excerpt: In fact, to the extent it addressed Ms. Abedin, the letter sent to the State Department’s inspector general by five House conservatives actually understated the case. The letter averred that Abedin “has three family members — her late father, her mother and her brother — connected to Muslim Brotherhood operatives and/or organizations.” It turns out, however, that Abedin herself is directly connected to Abdullah Omar Naseef, a major Muslim Brotherhood figure involved in the financing of al-Qaeda.

The 1.5% Presidency: Growth stumbles for the third time in this Less Than Great Recovery.
Excerpt: President Obama didn't comment on Friday's report of declining growth in the second quarter, and that's no surprise. The economic story of his Presidency is by now familiar: a plodding recovery that has taken its third dip in three years and is barely raising incomes for most Americans.

One of American's foremost strategists says the era of liberal democracy is in jeopardy, and the historical norm of dominance by great powers will return if the U.S. fails to lead
Excerpt: And he is worried that Americans increasingly don't understand how special the modern era has been or their own crucial role in developing and securing it. To some, the Obama's administration's desire to "lead from behind" and seek United Nations approval for actions abroad represents an appropriate retreat to a more humble American posture. Mr. Hill, by contrast, sees the possible end of a great era of human rights and democracy promotion the likes of which the planet has never seen.

Judge Backs Catholic Owners of Firm on Health-Law Rule. By Louise Radnofsky
Excerpt: A federal judge on Friday granted a temporary injunction sought by Catholic owners of a Colorado heating-and-cooling company who had objected to new federal requirements that they provide contraception coverage in workers' health-insurance plans.

Contraceptive Mandate Suffers Court Blow as Catholic Business Wins Crucial Court Case
Excerpt: A Colorado business owned by a Catholic family does not have to comply with President Barack Obama's new healthcare mandate that private employers provide employees with insurance coverage of birth control, a Colorado federal judge ruled on Friday. U.S. District Judge John Kane in Denver temporarily blocked the government from the enforcing the contraception requirement against the religious owners of Hercules Industries Inc, a private manufacturer of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment.

Gun Control Misfires: A Tale of Four Cities
Excerpt: New York Mayor and Soda Nazi Michael Bloomberg has urged police officers to go on strike until all privately held handguns are turned in, which sounds like an exceptionally good idea in New York, which has been experiencing a summer rash of shootings. I’m sure the criminals could use the stress reduction, and residents will feel much safer knowing they won’t have to worry about shooting themselves in the foot while waiting for the police to come deal with a robber in the living room. Gun control doesn’t work for a lot of reasons that are clear to anybody who is susceptible to logic.

Letter: Koran says we can't all just get along Excerpt: When Muhammad took control of Mecca, he destroyed all of the idols except the stone deity, the Moon God, Allah. That sacred black stone had presumably come down from heaven, perhaps it was a meteorite. So, you see, Allah has no connection with the one true living God of the Christians and Jews. How can we best define Islam? I do not believe it qualifies as a religion. Dr. Robert Morey says it best: "Islam is the deification of seventh-century Arabian culture" ("Islamic Invasion," Harvest House Publishers, 1992).

Four Little Words: Why the Obama campaign is suddenly so worried.
Excerpt: What's the difference between a calm and cool Barack Obama, and a rattled and worried Barack Obama? Four words, it turns out. "You didn't build that" is swelling to such heights that it has the president somewhere unprecedented: on defense.

The Muslim Brotherhood's American Defenders. By Caroline Glick
Excerpt: On Wednesday, John Brennan, US President Barack Obama's assistant for homeland security and counterterrorism, made a quick trip to Israel to discuss Hezbollah's massacre of Israeli tourists in Burgas, Bulgaria last week.
Hopefully it was an instructive meeting for the senior US official, although his Israeli interlocutors were undoubtedly dumbstruck by how difficult it was to communicate with him. Unlike previous US counterterror officials, Brennan does not share Israel's understanding of Middle Eastern terrorism.

Worth Reading: Navy SEAL Lessons Learned From Aurora Colorado. By Brandon Webb
Excerpt: As I continue to read about the terrible tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, I can’t help but think there’s some lessons from my time as a Navy SEAL that I can pass on to the average citizen. I want to make sure that the victims of the Aurora do not suffer or die in vain. As a country, we need to learn from this tragedy, raise awareness, and save lives in the future. So here goes…

The Biden family business: Joe’s 1 percent kids. By Michelle Malkin
Excerpt: Vice President Joe Biden, America’s textbook Beltway barnacle, still labors under the illusion that he’s America’s middle-class Everyman. And now, he’s gone and dragged his adult children into the land of Democratic make-believe. This is a BFD: a Biden Fabulist Dud. As usual with White House class-warfare demagoguery, reality doesn’t fit the wealth-bashing narrative.

Excerpt: Today at the WH, Pres Obama convenes a Cabinet meeting - 18th of his presidency, first one since Jan 31st. So it appears, like the president's jobs council, his cabinet has been focusing on jobs. And, like the jobs council, the president hasn't held a cabinet meeting in over the last six months. (Must have rained out his tee time. ~Bob.)

Pakistan’s President Yesterday Ordered The Arrest Of Criminals Behind An Olympics Visa Racket Exposed By The Sun. By Stephen Moyes
Excerpt: A dozen passport officials have been suspended. An aide said Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf and President Asif Ali Zardari were appalled after we exposed corrupt officials offering potential terrorists the chance to sneak into Britain with the Pakistan Olympic squad. (And Romney was slammed for worrying how the Olympics would turn out? ~Bob.)

Egypt: Muslims kidnap and enslave thousands of Christian girls
Excerpt: "Forbidden to you are your mothers and daughters, your sisters, your aunts paternal and maternal, your brother's daughters, your sister's daughters, your mothers who have given suck to you, your suckling sisters, your wives' mothers, your stepdaughters who are in your care being born of your wives you have been in to -- but if you have not yet been in to them it is no fault in you - and the spouses of your sons who are of your loins, and that you should take to you two sisters together, unless it be a thing of the past; God is All-forgiving, All-compassionate; and wedded women, save what your right hands own." (Qur'an 4:23-24)

Sri Lankan at Risk of Being Beheaded for Praying to Buddha
Excerpt: A Sri Lankan youth employed as a domestic aid has been arrested in Saudi Arabia for praying to a statue of Lord Buddha, which is considered an offence according to Islamic Sharia law. 

Excerpt: The Lebanese judo team forced International Olympic Committee officials to erect a barrier between themselves and the Israeli judo squad, Friday afternoon in London, just hours before the Games’ opening ceremony, reports Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot.

Excerpt: A woman was shot dead on July 20 by her brother, a police constable, for not withdrawing a case registered against him in April. Tariq Shah, their elder brother of the deceased, said Najma, 35, part of the Sharqpur Inter College for Girls’ cricket team, used to wear pants and ride a motorcycle. He said he and his brothers did not approve of it. He said they had warned her several times but she did not stop.

Churches Should Not Be Built In Islamic Countries, Say Preachers
Excerpt: A group of Islamic preachers claimed that churches should not be built in Islamic countries particularly in the Arabian Peninsula following the issuance of an approval for constructing a church in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

Barack Obama: The Weakest President In History? By Anna Pukas (UK Paper)
Excerpt: Obama’s campaign slogan was mesmerisingly simple and brimming with self-belief: “Yes we can.” His presidency, however, is turning out to be more about “no we won’t.” 

Sneaky Dems Attempt Gun Control In CyberSecurity Bill
Excerpt: Democrat Senators have offered an amendment to the cybersecurity bill that would limit the purchase of high capacity gun magazines. May I ask what in the world high capacity gun magazines have to do with cybersecurity? I already know. They have nothing to do with it, but this is how our Congress works.

U.S. backs away from supporting global arms trade treaty
Excerpt: The United States upended a major international treaty negotiation, telling foreign delegates at the final session today that they needed more time to consider the pact. Some diplomats said that Washington is seeking another six months, pushing off any decision on the politically sensitive treaty until after the U.S. election

2 Apaches Kill A Platoon Of Taliban 2 Apaches Kill A Platoon Of Taliban

DOE Ignores Criminal Investigations When Considering Contract Applicants. By Lachlan Markay
Excerpt: It is Department of Energy policy to ignore the federal government’s own criminal investigations into companies applying for taxpayer funding. The admission came from a DOE official who testified at a congressional hearing Thursday.

Worth Reading: DOJ (HOLDER) drops sexual abuse civil rights investigation (Against Black Judge) citing ‘conflict of interest.’ By Jeff Poor
Excerpt: A Freedom of Information Act request last week showed that the Department of Justice dropped a sexual abuse civil rights investigation the day after President Barack Obama’s inauguration, citing “conflict of interest.” In 2009, Herman Thomas, a black Democratic judge who had been elected numerous times in an Alabama county with predominantly white and Republican population, saw what had been a promising career come to an abrupt halt after he was indicted on charges of sodomy, kidnapping, sex abuse, extortion, assault and ethics violations. According to the indictment, Thomas was accused of sexually abusing male inmates in exchange for leniency.

Record number of coal-fired generators to shut down in 2012
Excerpt: Facing declining demand for electricity and stiff federal environmental regulations, coal plant operators are planning to retire 175 coal-fired generators, or 8.5 percent of the total coal-fired capacity in the United Statesaccording to an analysis by the Energy Information Administration (EIA). A record-high 57 generators will shut down in 2012, representing 9 gigawatts of electrical capacity, according to EIA. In 2015, nearly 10 gigawatts of capacity from 61 coal-fired generators will be retired. (Not if B. Hussein is FIRED! Romney will order his cleansed EPA to go full steam ahead on all sources of domestic energy - especially coal. --DH)

A man was apparently caught by a rival gang member who shot him in the head as he tagged a wall on 22nd Place, just west of California Avenue early Saturday morning, according to police. The man, one of at least six people shot overnight, was in extremely critical condition when taken to Mount Sinai Hospital a few blocks north on California Avenue. An evidence technician recovered a can of black paint that fell under a car and the smell of the paint lingered on the wall Saturday morning.

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