Sunday, July 22, 2012

Guest Post: Bite Me, Mr. President

Bite Me, Mr. President
By Timothy L. Messett

Obama just stated "that American Businesses did not do it on their own". With all due respect Mr. President...Bite me.

The Employees did not work 18 hour days and around the clock many, many times. They did not work seven days a week for years on end. They did not skip family vacations until it was too late to start. They did not shoulder any financial responsibility should the business fail. They did not have to comply with thousands of pages of regulations. They did not have to deal with Bank loans, Business Plans, credit lines, record keeping and insurance. They did not have to pay unemployment or worker's comp insurance premiums. They did not have to match SS deposits to supposedly guarantee retirement benefits.

In return, we paid a fair salary. We shared in profits every profitable year. We made maximum contributions to pension and profit sharing plans. We purchased dozens of cars for our best employees. We have paid off mortgages for great employees at retirement. We kept sick employees at full pay for months without chance of reimbursement. We paid for weeks of vacations. We paid 100% of the EE's Major Medical costs.

Yes, not all companies do this, but that is THEIR decision, not the government's through taxation. On the whole, the economy and employees are much better off with an employer than the US Government. If an Employee does not like the Employer, he has a choice to work elsewhere. The Government gives Employees (or Employers) no options.

And yes, Mr. Barack, the Government roads and services do help employers with business, but no more than they help the employees. Employees need the roads and services not just for business, but for every aspect of their lives. Over all, the  government and their regulations and taxes hurt business more than they help. Oh, and by the way, we paid for those roads with our taxes, not by some miracle of  government funding.

So Mr. President, please bite me, and hopefully it will be your last opportunity after the Nov elections.

For all who read this, please Un-friend me if you disagree. I really don't want ignorant friends. Especially you young adults and is your future that is being mortgaged and destroyed, and sadly, most of you really don't realize it or care.


  1. In addition those roads were built by American construction companys paying all the above not the goverment.

  2. As a fellow small business owner, I applaud your sentiments. No one outside of my dad helped me materially in meeting the obligations of owning a small business. He lent me money for a year when, wait for it, I was audited by the IRS because of accounting errors my accountant and I made. There was no attempt to defraud the government. I misunderstood how some payments needed to be made. I fought with the IRS for over a year. Net result, I owed a few thousand dollars for late filings (because the originals were deemed incorrect). At every turn, the government has stood against the growth of my company.

    Currently, in spite of a positive balance, I am charged at the highest rates for state and Federal unemployment insurance. This surcharge prevents better compensation for employees and is part of the decision not to hire an additional worker. And this is just one area of higher expense due to governmental largesse.

    I beg to differ with Mr. Obama. Businesses, like mine, PAY for the things that support ALL Americans. Mr. Obama, and those like him of both parties, would rather pander to minorities (I define minorities as any group that represents less than 40% of the voting public, including races, unions, large businesses, and those politically well connected.) to buy votes than to govern according to the founding principles of this great nation, so they can maintain their power and financial success.

    You, Mr. Obama, and those like you, who support ever bigger government, are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs that pay for your pandering. As Margret Thatcher famously said, "Eventually, you run out of other people's money". This is currently true of Greece and Spain. Soon to follow, are France and the US. How will you hang on to power when that happens here?

    People like me always survive. I don't believe you know how, Mr. President. You have always blamed others for your failures and claimed their success as your own. What will you do when you are held accountable for your actions? Will you cry, "Let them eat cake?"? This is America, Sir. We don't tolerate imperialism for long.