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Political Digest for July 11, 2012

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I have several healthcare appointments over Wednesday and Thursday, so the forecast is for light posting and limited bloviating. ~Bob.

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Excerpt: For the first time, federal officials also revealed that Terry and an elite squad of federal agents initially fired bean bags – not bullets – at a heavily armed drug cartel crew in the mountains south of Tucson in December 2011. During the exchange, Terry was shot and killed. The bean bag aspect of Terry’s murder has long been suspected by Fast and Furious investigators, but this is the first official confirmation. (If his murderer had missed, and Brian Terry were still alive and working on the border, his new ROEs (in addition to arming himself with beanbags) would be...........'If you see something, run and hide because we don't want to offend the drug cartels.' (If his murderer had missed, and Brian Terry were still alive and working on the border, his new ROEs (in addition to arming himself with beanbags) would be...........'If you see something, run and hide because we don't want to offend the drug cartels.' -- DH. Yep, going after known heavily armed and very violent criminals, our guys were forced to start off the confrontation with beanbags! This is another "you can't make this stuff up" from the upper level federal bureaucrats. These people need to be demoted, replaced, retired, or at least taken far away from any decision making capacity. And realistic people whose primary goals are to get the job done and keep our people as safe as possible while doing it have to take over the management of the Border Patrol. Why agents keep working there under these conditions is a real puzzle. --Del. The government is run by, excuse the language but nothing else fits, assholes. ~Bob.)

Holder Says Civil Rights ‘Under Renewed Threat’ From Conservatives
Excerpt: In an address to the National Council of La Raza convention in Las Vegas on Saturday, Attorney General Eric Holder told the Hispanic advocacy group that the gains of the Civil Rights era were coming “under renewed threat,” and touted the administration’s efforts in protecting the rights of minority groups and immigrants. (How about Brian Terry's civil rights? ~Bob.)

Obama Campaign Threatens Donors: 'We Could Lose If This Continues.' By Charlie Spiering
Excerpt: The Obama re-election team is not happy with the latest fundraising reports, showing that Mitt Romney and the RNC raised $35 million more than the president and the DNC. “We could lose if this continues,” reads the subject line of a message emailed to donors today from Obama’s Campaign Chief Operating Officer Ann Marie Habershaw.

Hamas MP: Allah used the Nazis to punish the Jews, and "today it is the turn of the Islamic nation to punish them once again"
Excerpt: He punished them by means of the Germans, and before that by means of the Romans.

US Congressmen Selling Out Constitution To UN
Excerpt: Through the end of this month will mark some of the most important days in recent American history for the Second Amendment. ... The reason for such a meeting? These leaders will be finishing up an international Arms Trade Treaty that has the potential to seriously override our Second Amendment rights to own, purchase and even carry a firearm.

Rep. Markey reveals that US authorities made 1.3 million requests for cellphone info last year
Excerpt: Cellphone carriers responded to 1.3million requests for information from federal, state and local law enforcement agencies last year, according to information obtained by Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Ed Markey. Carriers provided law enforcement agencies text messages, phone location data and wiretaps. Law enforcement also requested the carriers provide “cell tower dumps” in which all the phone numbers that ping off a specific tower during a select period of time are collected.

Iranian Position Paper: We Are Pursuing Nuclear Weapons
Excerpt: According to an Iranian position paper, Iran’s protestations that it doesn’t seek nuclear weapons capability are a lie. The paper, which was used by Iran’s negotiators at Iran’s technical-level talks with the P5+1 powers in Istanbul, clearly indicates Iran’s intentions to expand their nuclear weapons program and rejection of negotiation with the West.

Taxes And Trust—The Achilles Heel Of Obamacare And Obama. By Pat Caddell Part One: The Opportunity The Political Cudgel--and the Embedded Nail
Excerpt: The Supreme Court’s Obamacare-affirming decision--which can be summed up as “Read John Roberts’ lips, it’s a tax”--has put a political cudgel in the hands of Republicans. The cudgel, of course, is taxes. But a huge nail is also embedded in the cudgel: the fundamental deceit of Obamacare. Yet in the week since the Court’s decision, Republicans have yet to demonstrate that they truly grasp the significance of this weapon--or that they can effectively wield it.

Islamist Group Pledges To ‘Wipe Christianity From The Face Of The Earth’
Excerpt: Israel has long faced the scorn of Islamists. Iran's Ahmadinejad has sworn over and again to wipe them off the map, supporter's of Egypt's new president have talked of conquering Israel and making Jerusalem the capital of Egypt, and Palestinians have taken opportunity after opportunity to fire a rocket into the Jewish state and stir things up. But it looks like Israel is going to have share the Islamist's scorn with Christians, at least for a time.

House Ethics Committee Unanimously Votes To Investigate Rep. Shelley Berkeley (D-NV)
Excerpt: In a stunning blow to the Senatorial hopes of Rep. Shelley Berkley (D-NV), the House Ethics Committee today unanimously voted to open an investigative subcommittee into conflict of interest charges stemming from her alleged attempts to direct cash toward the kidney health care industry – and, in particular, toward her husband, who runs the Kidney Specialists of Southern Nevada. Breitbart News led the charge in demanding investigation into Berkley's activities.

Alternator Belt Cut on Romney Bus
Excerpt: The Romney team today confirmed grass-roots reports that a campaign bus was sabotaged by an unknown vandal over the weekend. The bus, which was being used for campaign events but not transporting Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, was parked in Richmond, Va., when the vehicle was tampered with late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. A Romney campaign official told PJM that the alternator belt was cut.

David Maraniss and Obama's Communist Mentor. By Paul Kengor
Excerpt: It's interesting that not only does Barack Obama need continued vetting, but so do his biographers. The culprit is the same: the liberal bias that dutifully protects Obama like white knights guarding the king's castle, shamelessly tossing journalistic objectivity right out the window. As Sean Hannity likes to say, when it comes to Obama's background, it has fallen to us conservatives to do the job that the mainstream "Obama-mania media" plainly refuses to do.

Judicial Watch Pursues Answers In Kagan/Obamacare Controversy While DOJ Stonewalls
Excerpt: But Justice Elena Kagan provided no surprises when she voted in favor of keeping the president’s socialist takeover of our nation’s healthcare. I say it’s no surprise, because, as you may recall, Judicial Watch uncovered evidence which suggests that, during Justice Kagan’s tenure as Solicitor General, the Office of the Solicitor General had been more involved in the legal defense of Obamacare than had previously been disclosed.

Three Hundred Dead Mexicans, Will Mexico’s New President Ask For The Extradition Of Holder
Excerpt: The United States has lost two federal agents who were killed by weapons supplied by Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder; who has intentionally allowed over 2,000 military grade weapons to fall into the control of the Mexican drug cartels, but Mexico has lost over three hundred citizens and they are still counting. Mexico’s former president was an ardent Obama supporter and was unlikely to demand an explanation or file an arrest warrant for Eric Holder as an accessory to mass murder. Obama was just too much of an ally for illegal immigration and he liked to bow in submission or else he has an amateurish approach to protocol… (Warning: Graphic images. --Barb.)

England: Hospital Staff Suspended After Man Dies on Doorstep of A & E. By Martin Evans
Excerpt: As he lay on the ground just yards from the hospital entrance it is alleged that medical staff, including nurses, porters and paramedics ignored his plight. It is also claimed that members of the public stepped over the man as they entered the hospital, with some even stopping to take photographs and video footage on their mobile phones. An unnamed eyewitness said he was horrified by what he had seen.

Agenda 21: How Globalist Domination Happens on a Local Level. By Susanne Posel
Excerpt: This does not necessarily mean that there will be room for humans as we are seeing massive areas of land being placed under restrictions called “conservation easements”, “scenic byways”, “protected areas”, “biosphere reserves”, “wildlife refuges”, etc. The names are varied and plentiful, but the result is always the same: More government control; less human freedom. ( If you ever have to debate a lefty/RINO/environmentalist freak about the need to have these corridors free for animals to travel between the 3 countries (in other words, no borders), here is what to ask:
Can you name one species of animal that would become extinct if its individuals were confined to the US, Mexico or Canada, respectively? Answer: the reptiles and mammals in this eco-system are generally not migratory (except for caribou, which live mostly in Canada anyway). They stake out large territories and stay within them. As for the insects and birds, the borders do not stop them anyway. Further, there is no law that will stop animals at the border. They don't need to produce ID. Keeping the border closed (it will never be completely fenced as long as we keep producing spineless weeny politicians) will generally not interfere with their habitat. Now if we can just come up with a way to cause extinction among politicians! --Don Hank)

America: This time, it's personal. J. E. Dyer
Excerpt: Romney in the Oval Office would not be a predator, ideological or otherwise. But his idea of the proper role and scope of government is much closer to that of Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and all the Democratic presidential candidates since 1964 – including, ultimately, Barack Obama – than that of Ronald Reagan. Romney’s a Massachusetts pol; a Republican in Massachusetts would be a Democrat in a good 35 of the other states.

Allen West: 'If you are going to attack me...get your facts straight!' By Leah Bark
Excerpt: 'The facts are that we have had more people added to Social Security disability then jobs created, and that is appalling. Since 2009, our country has seen 2.4 million jobs created compared to 3.1 million people added to Social Security disability. I am against the waste, fraud and abuse when it comes to social security disability, and I will not be silenced on that issue.' (Go West! --Kate.)

Doug Giles Says: The Current Cowardly Church Needs a Mega Dose of the Rebel Spirit.
Excerpt: Unlike America’s original rebel Christians who dumped the Brits’ taxed tea into Boston Harbor and told King George that he could kiss their King George, today’s evangelicals, I believe—especially the dandy ministers who love to be loved—would have folded like one-ply toilet paper before British oppression. We’re a timid tufted titmouse compared to our rowdy founding forefathers. Here are four reasons why I believe today’s evangelicals would have melted like little bon-bons during the American Revolution:

GOP: Vulnerable Democrats will back healthcare law repeal vote
Excerpt: House Republicans are predicting several more Democrats will join them Wednesday for the chamber’s second vote to repeal the healthcare law. Only three Democrats voted for repeal after the GOP took control of the House last year, but Republicans are confident they can add to this number on Wednesday in spite of the Supreme Court’s ruling that the law is constitutional. (The people oppose the law, but lucky for them, they have Progressives around to tell them what’s good for them. ~Bob.)

Romney’s $106M haul stuns Dems
Excerpt: Mitt Romney’s $106 million fundraising haul not only stunned Democratic strategists but suggested the presumptive GOP nominee might be building an insurmountable financial advantage against President Obama. 9well, to be fair, Romney has two of the best political fundraisers in history working for him: Barack Obama and John Roberts. ~Bob.)

Pipelines Are Safest for Transportation of Oil and Gas. By Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute
Excerpt: A review of safety and accident statistics provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation for the extensive network of existing U.S. pipelines—including many linked to Canada—clearly show that, in addition to enjoying a substantial cost advantage, pipelines result in fewer fatalities, injuries, and environmental damage than road and rail. Americans are more likely to get struck by lightning than to be killed in a pipeline accident.[1] (For Obama, it’s about the Base, not facts. ~Bob.)

End the DoD's Green Energy Fuelishness. By Kenneth Green
Excerpt: There's a war underway over the future of biofuels for the U.S. military. Republicans are targeting Navy Secretary Ray Mabus' plans for the creation of a "great green fleet" that would power ships and planes with biofuels, and where military bases would generate half their power using renewable energy rather than conventional, fossil-fuel powered electricity. Both the U.S. House and the Senate Armed Services committee passed legislation that would halt the green fleet. (you are surprised that Obama would put the mystical dreams of his Greenie base above the budget deficit or the lives of troops? ~Bob.)

Boondoggle Harvest
Excerpt: As Congress dithers, the September 30 deadline for a new farm bill moves ever closer. Conflicting plans from the House and Senate remain irreconcilable as their respective advocates insist that they are implementing the optimal amount of support for America's agricultural sector, says The Economist. However, much of the debate in Washington fails to acknowledge openly that the farmers of America are increasingly without need of such help. Indeed, with crop prices at their current levels, these long-time recipients of government support are taking in record profits. Payments to farmers, which include sums for taking part in conservation programs, have been running at around $12 billion a year since 2007. Yet since then farmers have enjoyed record prices and incomes, and increasing yields. Farm income is at its highest in almost 40 years, and farm failures are down to a rate of less than one in 200 a year.

Obama's Tax Hike on Job Creators
Excerpt: "The last thing you want to do is to raise taxes in the middle of a recession, because that would just suck up—take more demand out of the economy and put businesses in a further hole." That was President Obama in 2009, trying to reassure Americans that he was going to wait until after the recession to raise taxes. Yesterday, he began pushing again for higher taxes on the "wealthy"—which would actually hit 1.2 million of the country's most successful job creators.

Quote to consider on November 6, 2012
When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing - when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors - when you see that men get richer by graft than by work, and your laws don't protect you against them, but protect them against you - when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice - you may know that your society is doomed. --Ayn Rand.

Identity Crisis
Excerpt: It seems the Romney campaign believes that any day or dollar spent talking about anything other than the economy is a day or dollar wasted. Unquestionably, the economy’s state and direction, as well as voters’ perceptions on Obama’s handling of it—are important. (…) A willingness to fire the president, however, is only one step. Voters also have to be willing to hire Romney. (A life-long Democrat frequently quoted or interviewed on NPR, Cook’s careful neutrality and open-handed advice to the Romney campaign in this column is the first sign I’ve ever seen he might be unhappy with the current administration. And, if he’s unhappy, how many others like him are there? Even if I’m reading this correctly, it won’t change the polls—or the votes, come November. We have a lot of work to do and this is good advice; I hope the big guys read it. --Ron P.)

Outrage over mob attack in Michigan: 'Officers made choice to allow Muslims to silence Christian speakers'
Excerpt: A legal team that has gone to court in the past to protect Christians at Arab events in Dearborn, Mich., is returning to the fray, this time taking on the local sheriff’s department over a decision by officers to threaten Christians with disorderly conduct while angry Muslims were heaving chunks of concrete, stones, bottles and debris at them.
It happened at the 2012 Arab International festival on Father’s Day weekend, and a video of the attacks has gone viral on the Internet. (“Allah made me do it” is becoming a legal defense. ~Bob.)

Tim Ball: Climate is changing ... it's cooling! Scientist says 'foolish' government focusing on isolated heat waves
Excerpt: Dr. Tim Ball says that’s nonsense. Ball is a former professor of climatology at the University of Winnipeg and is one of the leading scientific voices challenging the climate-change movement. Ball says the events we’re seeing are cyclical and are actually the start of a cooling trend for our climate. (If it gets too cold, Al Gore can burn the money he’s made off of Global warming. ~Bob.)

Black-on-Jewish Violence in the U.S.A. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: As Marc Heinberg walked home from his prayers, the hymns welcoming the Sabbath, the Day of Rest, still humming in his ears, he heard someone yell out, “dirty Jew.” On the old farm road, half-a-dozen African-American teenagers surrounded him, screaming racial slurs and pummeling him with their fists. The two worlds had collided, as they so often did, leaving pain and violence in their wake. (Expect Obama to say, “If I had a Rabbi, he’d look like Marc.” Ha. ~Bob.)

Calls to Destroy Egypt’s Great Pyramids Begin. By Raymond Ibrahim
Excerpt: According to several reports in the Arabic media, prominent Muslim clerics have begun to call for the demolition of Egypt’s Great Pyramids—or, in the words of Saudi Sheikh Ali bin Said al-Rabi‘i, those “symbols of paganism,” which Egypt’s Salafi party has long planned to cover with wax. Most recently, Bahrain’s “Sheikh of Sunni Sheikhs” and President of National Unity, Abd al-Latif al-Mahmoud, called on Egypt’s new president, Muhammad Morsi, to “destroy the Pyramids and accomplish what the Sahabi Amr bin al-As could not.”

The Truth About Government ‘Job Creation.’ By Thomas Sowell
Excerpt: President Obama constantly repeats how many millions of jobs have been created during his administration, while his critics constantly repeat how many millions of jobs have been lost during his administration. How can both of them be right — or, at least, how can they both get away with what they are saying? There are jobs and there are net jobs.

A State Revolt Against ObamaCare Emerges
Excerpt: : After the Supreme Court's ruling, President Obama declared ObamaCare "here to stay." But a revolt is brewing among states that, if it continues, could cause key pieces of the misbegotten law to collapse.

A pathetic ‘tax cut.’ O’s sad gambit. By John Podhoretz
Excerpt: So we have come to this: President Obama is now treating not raising taxes as though it were the same as providing a tax cut. Gene Sperling, his top economic adviser, even dared to refer to Obama’s proposal yesterday of a partial one-year extension of the Bush rates as a “tax break.”

New slayings shake Apple to the core
Excerpt: The Big Apple just kept getting bloodier yesterday, with at least eight more people struck by gunfire — three fatally — as NYPD statistics revealed a jaw-dropping jump in shootings over last year. For a second day, Mayor Bloomberg tried to blame the violence on the “traditionally” high level of gunplay around the Fourth of July — but the stats belied his claim that last week was just business as usual on the increasingly mean streets of New York.

9/11 Truther, Prominent Democrat Running for Statewide Office In Missouri
Excerpt: A Democratic Party caucus chairman vying to become Missouri’s next secretary of state is a 9/11 Truther who has associated with a radical Muslim cleric and trafficked in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. MD Rabbi Alam is an Obama campaign ally and Missouri-based Democratic activist who chairs the National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus (NDPAAC), a Democratic National Committee-sponsored organization that liaises with Asian minorities.

Worth Reading: A Primer For American Military Intervention. By Mark Helprin
Excerpt: In either 2013 or 2017, a new president will take office. The economy notwithstanding, the world will remain a dangerous place, and military intervention may yet be necessary. Of late America has not fared well in this, and the new president should wipe the slate clean, making sure that we do not fight wars that we need not fight, or lose those that we must.

Meet the tiny 300-square-foot apartments Mayor Bloomberg wants us all to live in
Excerpt: Can New York apartments get any smaller? Mayor Michael Bloomberg hopes so. The mayor announced today that he will create an entire building of studio apartments under 300 square feet at
335 East 27th Street
, near
First Avenue
. The proposed units are so tiny he will have to suspend zoning regulations to do so.

FDA rule prohibits Bay Area woman from artificial insemination
Excerpt: D.C.-based nonprofit group Cause of Action filed suit in California last week against the Food and Drug Administration on behalf of a Bay Area woman, claiming “the FDA is trying to define a personal relationship and regulate individuals’ intimate decisions.” The Bay Area woman, who filed the suit anonymously under name Jane Doe, wished to conceive a child through artificial insemination. Due to strict FDA regulations over distribution of human cells and tissue, however, she is not allowed to conceive a child in the way she wishes, despite a private, pre-existing agreement with the sperm donor.

CBO: US posts $900 billion dollar deficit in first nine months of fiscal year 2012
Excerpt: The Congressional Budget Office estimates the U.S. will report nearly a trillion dollar deficit for the first nine months of fiscal year 2012. In its “monthly budget review,” the CBO reports that the Treasury Department has accrued a $905 billion deficit throughout the first three quarters of the fiscal year, which began on Oct. 1, 2011. The deficit was $66 billion less than the $971 billion deficit incurred over the same period of fiscal 2011

An Interview with Historian Walter Laqueur on the Arab Spring. By Barry Rubin
Excerpt: Walter Laqueur is one of the world’s greatest historians and political analysts. Indeed, it might be said that Laqueur was one of the main people who created this profession and hence the scores of think tanks around the world. He has written extensively about European and Middle East politics, terrorism, and insurgency.

Your UN: Tax Proliferators for the Planet. By Claudia Rosett
Excerpt: American taxpayers shell out billions to the United Nations system every year. So what does that money help pay for? Well, one thing that U.S. taxes help fund is the UN’s quest for new ways to impose yet more taxes, which the UN would like to see collected and spent not by national authorities, but by some global authority, such as, well, the UN itself.

Excerpt: The House Ethics Committee on Tuesday cleared Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-Fla.) on charges that he violated House rules by intentionally misleading Congress about his finances. The secretive ethics panel announced that it had completed its investigation of Buchanan, stating that the errors found within his financial disclosure forms did not warrant punitive action. Buchanan has since amended his disclosure information to more accurately reflect his financial holdings, the committee stated.

Excerpt: What I am asserting is that the Bureau’s continued overemphasis on seasonally adjusted results in an erratic economy with little if any meaningful discussion of the underlying raw (i.e., not seasonally adjusted) data consistently gives the public an incomplete and often erroneous picture of the job market.

Hundreds of geese gathered up to be gassed in NY to avoid bird strikes
Excerpt: The Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge yesterday was the worst place to be a Canada goose. Federal officials rounded up about 700 of the birds from the area to be euthanized in hopes of cutting down on the strikes with passenger jets that have forced emergency landings from JFK and La Guardia Airports. The action also ended a two-year dispute between the US Department of Agriculture and the National Parks Service over removing the birds. (Right up there with being a bald eagle or a wild mustang. Citizens who want “freedom” next. –Barb.)

Will Class Warfare Work? By Bernard Goldberg
Excerpt: President Obama is at it again. He wants Congress to extend the Bush tax cuts for everybody but the so-called wealthy – that is, anyone making over $200,000 a year, or any family making over $250,000 a year.

Predictable—Except to Liberals
Excerpt: What do Denise Rich, the State of Maryland and France have in common? It is an outcome that is totally predictable, unless of course you are a liberal. What is it? Denise Rich gave up her American citizenship recently. For those of you trying to place that name, she is the ex-wife of billionaire Marc Rich. He was pardoned on the last day of the Bill Clinton administration.

Wealthy Socialite and Top Dem Donor Reportedly Dumps U.S. Citizenship (and Tax Burden)
Excerpt: Following Eduardo Saverin’s decision that he no longer wanted to be an American citizen in May– possibly to save tens of millions in taxes– notable socialite and top Democrat donor Denise Rich has followed suit, according to reports. (“Taxes? They’re for the little people—and patriotic Republicans, of course—not for we Liberals in the 1%.” ~Bob.)

Is President Obama Intentionally 'Destroying' America? By David Limbaugh
Excerpt: During my book "tour," radio hosts are forever asking me whether I believe that Obama is intentionally attempting to destroy America. It's a fair question, especially given the title of my book and because so many people legitimately believe he is.

Obama Parody Brought to Attention of Secret Service
Excerpt: Make fun of the president, get reported to the Secret Service.

The Real Price of Obama's Prevarications. By Jack Cashill
.Excerpt: On July 5, Fox News ran a piece documenting the "fresh scrutiny" Barack Obama has faced since the June publication of David Maraniss's new book, Barack Obama: The Story. "By some counts," Fox's James Rosen reported, "The Story presents more than three-dozen instances of material discrepancy where [Dreams from My Father] fails to align with the facts as Maraniss reports them." Although Rosen tried to determine whether Obama was justified in prevaricating as he did in his 1995 memoir, he did not assess the real cost of that prevarication. (Obama and his apologists/promoters have glorified the lie of white suppression of black Americans, and have brought it to a level of legitimate, actionable grievance, to the point where race relations have been set back some 75 years, and if B. Hussein loses in November, we may see "Holder's people" unleashed to hunt down any & all whites (and Asians, whom they also resent for their success here). We could be subjected to a nationwide scenario of violence that is currently exploding in Rahm Emanuel's Chicago ... and although Jack Cashill doesn't reach this conclusion, it's a real possibility, therefore it will be the real price of the media allowing this unknown character to lie his way to the presidency and lie his way through it. Time to fasten seat belts, IMO. –DH)

Khamenei in Isolation as Revolutionary Guards Threaten Mayhem, Kill Drunks
Excerpt: The folks who claim to be in the know about such things would have us believe that the opposition to the Iranian regime has been crushed, and that Khamenei and his henchmen are firmly in control of the country. But he seems to know better, and he just published a poem (really!) lamenting the failure of the 12th Imam to reappear and to make everything wonderful by slaughtering the enemies of the Shi’a, etc. Maybe he thinks his regime hasn’t done enough to get the Mahdi out of his well in Iran, and he has issued a call to all and sundry to prepare themselves for the End of Days. (Ledeen is one of the best sources of accurate information on items from Iran and the Middle East. It sounds as if the Revolutionary Guards are well on their way to being THE controlling faction in the Iranian government. --Ron P.)

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