Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Social Security Fix Website

I receieved this as an e-mail, have not reviewed their solutions (no time right now), but I put it up for those who may be interested. ~Bob

I saw your article on I'm tired, and I wanted to share a website with you.  It is http://www.fixssnow.org/.  It is one stop shopping for people concerned with the state of Social Security.  It is different in that it looks that the economics of the system rather than the demographics.  We look at the deficit, jobs, and wages rather than how many retirees there are.
I hope that you will blog about the subject.  Social Security is different because it serves an audience that does not adapt well to economic change.  A crisis in Social Security may not financially affect you, but it will affect your family and friends as they watch seniors and the disable stuggle to adapt.
The basic problem with Social Security is every generation has agreed to a deal for its children that it would not accept for its own.  Today that means we have created about $100,000 of government debt per worker.  On top of that we expect the worker to generate enough wealth that he can take care of 1/2 a senior.  That is more debt and more seniors per worker than ever before.  In exchange, we expect them to accept lower benefits.  We need to create a system that works for all generations or we will come to a generation that says no.  Rick Perry is the start of that process.  Our website is the other end of the spectrum.  It looks at solutions.

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