Sunday, October 9, 2011

Random Thoughts for October

Bumper Sticker Suggestion: Planned Parenthood – Aborting inferior peoples for over 80 years. They must feel like King Herod. Millions of black babies aborted over the years, and still The One survived. Don't call me racist--it's Planned Parenthood that has the disparate impact on black folks.

Do everything you can to make your children competitive. The education Nazis are trying to breed that out of them in the schools; just one more liberal nostrum. It will destroy our economy, military and system of government. At the very least, your competitive kids will rise above all the Eloi the education system is breeding, when they are all slapped by reality. (Thanks to Mark Steyn in After America for reminding me of the Eloi. See H. G. Wells.)

But it’s best to encourage kids to be competitive at things they have a talent for. I “lettered” in college…in chess, where I played first board. The only thing that would make American Idol less appealing would be having me sing. And at 5’8” and clumsy, I wouldn’t have done well at basketball, despite being competitive, though I was class champion in Beginner’s Foil.

The voters keep sending Barack Obama messages, from Sen. Scott Brown to the 2010 mid-terms to the special election in NY-9 won by a Republican for the first time since 1922. But he’s a statist. He couldn’t get a clue in a field full of clues during clue mating season.

One of the most frightening facts in Mark Steyn’s book After America is that at today’s birth rate, 1,000 German men will have 480 sons, while 1,000 Afghan men will have 4,000 sons. Now you know why they carry those signs at rallies of the Religion of Peace saying, “Islam will dominate the world.”

Being a skeptic, I don’t believe any of the Internet rumors about the Obama Administration until they’ve been officially denied.

“The dog ate it,” is no longer the top kids’ excuse for not doing their homework. The new top three: Global Warming, George Bush and Racism.

Obama is right that Washington needs to stop playing political games and put country ahead of party. And pass the Ryan Budget.

Somebody should tell the government that often doing nothing is the right course of action. But you’d have to shut the media up to let them get on with doing nothing.

Anyone who thinks “bipartisanship” is the answer should look at decades of bipartisan corruption in Illinois. Besides, we can always have a little bipartisan cooperation. You just do it my way.

Too many of the Hispanics and Muslims who have come to the United States in the last thirty years are not really “immigrants” seeking to become Americans and join our way of life, but “colonists,” seeking to impose their corrupt and anti-freedom cultures on us. We should welcome immigrants and oppose colonists.

I suspect black thugs have killed more decent black people than the Klan ever thought of killing. But, since the murderers are black, there are no political points to be made by those who claim to care so much for black people, so the grievance-mongers don’t turn out.

I’m inspired that the editor of Inspire has expired!

George Kaiser raised $50,000 for Obama, and got $535,000,000 in future-taxpayer-funded stimulus money for Solyndra that was pissed away. I can’t come up with $50,000, but if I gave Obama $500, could I get $5,250,000 to piss away, at the same exchange rate? Frankly, I can put $500 on my credit card, and with $5,250,000, I bet I could create at least a few jobs that would actually last.

Taking a hint from the Obama Campaign’s latest attempt to get Americans to spy on each other like good Socialist Apparatchiks and report criticism of Obama to #AttackWatch, my wife has established #BobTheLout for citizens to report cases of supermodels, actresses and young babes hitting on me. So far, no one has squealed. Whew.

In his brilliant but frightening book, After America, Mark Steyn quotes blogger Kate McMillian of “Small Dead Animals” ( saying that the opposite of “Diversity” is ”University.” A perfect truth for our times.

I like my job. I don’t mind working, often have to be dragged away from the computer at the end of the day. But boy do I hate to get up in the morning and go to it. Where are my DIs now that I need them?

If you start a business, investing money and sweat, and through risk and working 90-hour weeks, your company eventually starts to make a profit, it will pay the highest corporate tax in the world. What is left will be your income, in capital gains. That income will be taxed again, at 15%. So it is a lie that Warren Buffet pays lower taxes than his secretary, as his income is taxed twice, first as corporate income, then as capital gains. ALL CORPORATE TAXES are taxes on someone’s income, either the owners or the customers, who must pay higher prices to cover these taxes. They are in addition to the income taxes the stockholders (mostly in retirement plans) or the customers pay. Not to mention sales taxes—which come from income.

If Leonidas returned to Greece today, he would disown the Greeks in shame. Plato would weep. Alcibiades would change sides. Again.

My new Green Program. Send me money, and I’ll promise to keep my carbon footprint smaller than Al Gore’s. And I’ll promise not to use any fossil fuels to power my yacht, just paddles. You’ll feel all warm and fuzzy for saving the environment. Happy to help.

The leader who doesn’t give frequent and public recognition to his subordinates for their ideas, contributions and efforts will find those ideas, contributions and efforts reduced to the minimum needed to get by, thus making the leader look bad and hurting the organization. Too many “leaders” don’t get this. The other name for such leaders” is “failures.”

Many politicians depend on envy to get elected. They try to convince us that it doesn’t matter how well off we are, as long as someone, say Warren Buffet, has more than we do, that person is evil and should be made to share what he earned with us. This is the philosophy in the old Russian joke about Boris, a peasant who was offered one wish by a genie. After deep thought, he said, “Kill Ivan’s goat,” because Ivan, with a goat, was better off than he was.

The Democrats forgot the old saying, “Don’t knock the rich—the poor aren’t hiring.”

SEIU: Obama’s Head-Breakers.

Solyndra. Fast and Furious. LightSquared. 9.5% Unemployment. Trillions in new debt. Iran. Libya. Doesn’t it seem like such a simpler, innocent time when folks were all upset about Bill Clinton lying under oath in a sexual harassment case about stains on Monica’s Blue Dress? As though women were entitled to honest testimony in sexual harassment cases! (If you depend on the MSM, you may not know the details of these current scandals, like you would if Bush was president.)

I’m sorry, but guys wearing ball caps as they eat in restaurants are cretins. Not as big as cretins with face piercings. Not anywhere near as big as cretins risking killing a child while talking on cell phones or texting while they drive. But still cretins.

Some websites make you jump through so many hoops to comment that you get to thinking they don’t really want comments. Others are dead easy.

In 1972, in my first campaign for the state senate, the Democrat incumbent put a straw candidate in the primary against me. I ignored him, focused on running against the Democrat, and when I crushed the straw man in the primary, it gave me media coverage and credibility. It was the first of his mistakes that let me win—by 9 votes. GOP candidates would do well to focus on Obama, not each other.

I was in-line at Dunkin Donuts to get a black coffee. Guy in front of me was twice my size, and I'm fighting my weight. He told the clerk, "I need two Boston Cream donuts." I bit my tongue to keep from saying, "No you don't."

If you are represented by Democrats in Congress, it is good manners to write every week and thank them for letting you keep part of what you earned.

The next time a statist tells you a planned economy is more efficient, with wise central authorities making economic decisions, ask him to make you a can of peas. Costs under a dollar, so he should be able to produce one in an hour. If not, ask him to write down how many individuals and how many decisions are involved in putting a can of peas in his hand. Both numbers run into the thousands. There’s the guy who bags the seeds, the guy who sells the bag, the guy who makes the seed bags, the guy who produces the material for the seed bags, the guy who prints the name and details on the seed bags, the seed bag maker’s accountant, the guy who delivers the seed bags to the farmer, the….

I’m on Linked In, mostly to respond to requests to link. I was saying at a staff meeting that I didn’t know what it was good for. One subordinate said, “It’s helpful for finding a new job.” “Ah, are you trying to tell me something?” I responded.

Is the Obama Tax on tanning salons racist, since it has a disparate impact on white folks? Okay, only on white folks dumb enough to use tanning salons.

It drives me nuts when I hear an educated talking head on TV say, “For-Tay” for “forte” meaning strength. The pronunciation is “Fort.” Yes, so many people think that the musical term forte (For-Tay) sounds classy that dictionaries in the last few years have started giving it as the alternative pronunciation. Doesn’t make it right. Still annoying. Standards are slipping.

I gave up years ago on the battle that “attender” means “one who attends” and is correct, while “attendee” means “one who is attended.” So, really, if you have attendees, you have to take your meeting to them. (Payer: one who pays. Payee: one who is paid. See?)

Interest Groups (yes, including me) desperately lobbying Congress to “not cut me,” are like crabs fighting over a mostly-eaten fish carcass on the beach, unaware that a tsunami is roaring ever-closer to the shore. Those of us aware of the tsunami don’t know what to do about it, and meanwhile, someone else might get that last bit of rotting fish….

I hear that some group has decided that using white paper is racist, thus kids should use colored paper. Watch out vanilla ice cream—you’re next!

Don’t believe in eternal life? Look at the history of “temporary taxes,” like the corporate income tax.

Here’s a thought. Let’s make it that in a civil trial, if the jury (or judge in a bench trial) rules that the lawsuit is frivolous, the law firm that filed the suit must pay a fine of 5% of the amount they are suing for. Their licenses to practice are suspended until the fine is paid.

Just as I was starting to think Cain was worth considering, he plays the Jesse Jackson race card on Perry. Pushed me towards Perry, frankly, though I’m not committed to any candidate.

Doesn’t matter who I’m for in the GOP race. Here in Crook County, IL reform means the dead only get to vote once.

The politician’s dilemma. If I vote for X, I’ll get re-elected next year, but it will have disastrous effects on the county in ten years. If I don’t, an ardent supporter of X will defeat me.

My wife can multi-task, backseat driving two cars at once. A few years ago I started to back up, but slammed on the breaks when she said, “Don’t hit that car!”  “What car?” “Oh, I was talking to that guy backing up over there. A few days ago she did it again. I was waiting to turn left. “You can go not,” she said. I started to edge forward, but was watching the oncoming traffic. “Not you! I was talking to that guy.” Who was waiting to turn across in front of us. Makes life an adventure.

Been reading, Washington’s Crossing, a great book about the revolution. It quotes, Nicholas Collin, a Lutheran minister and British loyalist in NJ as saying, “By God, there will never be peace until the Presbyterians and Whigs are cut off!” Yup, we Presbyterians are cantankerous, alright.

Want to be safe from looting when the entitlement riots start? Open a book store. Oh, they might burn you out of nihilist spite, but the uneducated underclass want to steal iPods and designer clothes, not books. Most haven’t read a book in years, if ever. Peeps cn tx nt read LOL.

Memo to business owners: Don’t create new jobs, hoard your money. No telling where Obama will strike next.

If killing American citizens in arms against the country like Awlaki is wrong, Meade should have read Lee his rights at Gettysburg and arrested the Army of Northern Virginia to stand trial. I’m not sure they would have gone quietly, though.

We are not being “led from behind.” We are being led by a horse’s behind.

In November, 2008, I predicted Obama would be another Carter. As it turns out I was a starry-eyed optimist.

Unfortunately, there are millions of desperately poor people in the world who would kill you for a loaf of bread. Fortunately, almost none of them are in the United States. In the US, the desperately “poor” will kill you for an iPhone. But only if it is the latest model. And only if they are not too obese to chase and catch you. They like designer jeans and expensive clothes, too. Another reason I shop at Goodwill.

Canada thinks we are mean to immigrants, and they need more people. Solution: We build RR lines from Mexico to Toronto and Vancouver.

Someone sent me the all-purpose Democrat platform, for every election: "See that guy with more stuff than you? Vote for me and I'll take his stuff and give it to you."

How long before groups like Occupy Wall Street and MoveOn declare driving a “human right” and insist the taxpayers pay for auto insurance for everyone?

If Occupy Wall Street
won and all their demands were met, they would starve in the subsistence economy they would create. They are the failure of American Education made manifest.

If OWS gets them to cancel all debts, does that mean we don’t have to pay off on the government’s debt?

Just what we need: Another Obama “Yes We Can, Fool ‘Em Again” bus tour.

Q: Name five powerful people who all believed that maximum government control of the economy is desirable. A: Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Obama. (No, I’m not suggesting a moral equivalence. Maybe an economic results equivalence, though.)

TV doesn’t have news, it has entertainment posing as news. This includes Fox News, which leftie blog readers seem to think I watch 24/7.  This is why most Americans know far more about the latest celebrity case—Natalie Holloway, Casey Anthony, Amanda Knox—than they do about the details of the Federal Debt their grandkids will be stuck with. It’s why they know more about the candidates on American Idol, than the candidates for congress or the presidency. Readers of my blog are, I suspect, better informed than 98% of their fellow citizens, not because of the blog, but because they are among the few who seek out things like my blog.

Ah, October, my favorite month. It’s the six months that come next that I find trying. You’d think, being a Rich Republican, I could afford to go south for the winter. Alas, in this economy, even the geese don’t go south anymore.

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