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Political Digest for May 23, 2011

I post articles because I think they are of interest. Doing so doesn’t mean that I necessarily agree (or disagree) with every—or any—opinion in the posted article. Help your friends and relatives stay informed by passing the digest on.

The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
Info about my book. Royalties to wounded veterans.

The Rapture scheduled for Saturday
Was apparently cancelled due to lack of interest.

This is too bad. I like Cain, but think he can't win. Think my ticket is Pawlenty-Rubio. ~Bob. Excerpt: Now Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels says he’ll not seek the GOP nomination for President in 2012.

Guest Post--Tired of PC
if you missed it. ~Bob.

Why the change?
I notice the papers are suddenly spelling it Usama bin Laden, not Osama. Is Osama to close to Obama? ~Bob.

2 young kids watched their dad's gangland execution, prosecutors say
This is typical of the Mexican drug cartels. Anyone who thinks they will keep their violence on the south side of the invisible, unguarded line that is our border is dreaming. Illinois has abolished the death penalty, so the worst this animal will get is three hot meals, a room, a bed and entertainment for the rest of his life, courtesy of the taxpayers. If he kills a guard or another inmate, they'll take away his TV privileges for a week. ~Bob. Excerpt: Two young children stood in a Southwest Side garage and watched as their father and three other men were executed last year by members of a crew that robbed and killed drug dealers, prosecutors said Thursday. Raul Segura-Rodriguez, 36, was charged with first-degree murder in the slayings of the four men in the 6100 block of
South Kildare Avenue
last September. He was already being held without bail on charges related to the slayings of two other men on the North Side on Feb. 26. Prosecutors said Segura-Rodriguez and the crew's alleged leader, Arturo Ibarra, arrived at the garage on Kildare about 9 p.m. Sept. 2 carrying handguns, gloves and duct tape. They had set up a narcotics transaction but planned to rob and kill the men instead, it was alleged.

Punjab, anti-Christian violence: nurses sequestered, families evicted from home,-anti-Christian-violence:-nurses-sequestered,-families-evicted-from-home-21614.html
Excerpt: A Muslim colleague steals mobile phone and cash, then accuses two nurses of theft. The women, held in solitary confinement for nine hours, were subjected to physical violence. Muslims raid homes of two families in Gujrat. The episode ordered by a former lawmaker who wants to take possession of the land. Muslim doctors refuse treatment to Christian policeman.

Muslim Brotherhood leader of Tunisia calls for an end to Israel
Obama's allies in the "democratic" Arab Spring movement. ~Bob. Excerpt: Arab media has reported an interview with Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood leader Rachid Ghannouchi in which he calls for and predicts the end of Israel.

Islamist Candidate for Egyptian Presidency: Israel's End Is Near
Obama's allies in...wait, I already said that. ~Bob. Excerpt: In an article titled "Israel's End Is Near," Dr. Muhammad Moro, an Islamist candidate for the Egyptian presidency, claimed that the path to world freedom was the destruction of Israel, as it was the spearhead of global imperialism. He said it was the national and religious duty of Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, and freedom seekers the world over to march peacefully in their millions to Israel's borders in order to liberate Palestine.

Suicide bomber kills at least 6 in Kabul hospital
Didn't get the memo. ~Bob. Excerpt: A suicide bomber killed at least six people and wounded 23 more at a military hospital in a heavily guarded area of Kabul on Saturday, security officials said, the worst attack in the Afghan capital in months.

Pakistan's President: Islam is a religion of peace and tranquility -- as jihadis murder 16 in attack on NATO fuel truck
Excerpt: Glad he cleared that up. Now if he could just convince the Pakistanis who are mourning Osama bin Laden in droves.

"Spanish-Speaking Only" Mayoral Debate Fuels Charges of Racial Bias
Excerpt: El zapato está en el otro pie. That’s Spanish for “the shoe is on the other foot,” a phrase that seems applicable to a mayoral debate held in Miami last week that excluded participants who were not fluent in the local vernacular. In the case of the debate, the local vernacular was Spanish. The event, held at Florida International University and broadcast by Spanish language TV channel Univision, outraged the non-Spanish-speaking mayoral candidates and many audience members. A student at the university commented, “We have a large Hispanic community, but this is Miami and we like to celebrate our diversity here. I don’t think it’s right to exclude any candidate.” Interestingly, the complaints of racial bias are being leveled not only by Caucasians but by other people “of color.” Roosevelt Bradley, a black candidate, called the publicly funded event “polarizing and divisive,” adding, “this turns the clock back 50 years on race and ethnic relations.”

16 Important Facts About Jews, Arabs and Israel
Worth reading. But unfortunately, to the Jew Haters on the Left, facts don't matter. ~Bob

By being unclear in his speech on the Middle East on Thursday (which was transmitted in Arabic and Farsi), Obama left himself room to flip flop when speaking to AIPAC. He now says that what he meant by the 1967 borders (or lines) in Thursday’s speech was not the military lines that existed before the six day war on June 4, 1967. That can only leave the borders that came after the six day war unless I am missing something. Either way, I’m not buying it. I’m calling flip-flop. If this indeed was what Obama meant by 1967 lines then why didn’t he clarify when Netanyahu and he were giving their joint press conference on Friday? (What's unclear. He said "1967 borders," got a lot of heat, folded, and now says that means "negotiated borders." Problem is, the Arabs don't care about borders. They care about killing all the Jews in the name of Allah, to the smallest baby, as we recently saw. Pushing borders back is only a way to get closer to that goal. ~Bob.)

The Hitchhicker's Guide To Money
Excerpt: The combined terms in elected office for Barney Frank, Harry Reed, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama add up to nearly 100 years, while their combined experience in private industry adds up to less than the average job tenure at McDonald’s.  Those of us living here within the province of Natural Law inherit an understanding of money as an expression of worth. Barney’s, Harry’s, Nancy’s and Barack’s avoidance of living within the natural world of free enterprise equates to a lack of appreciation for what money is. I believe that the long train of abuses and usurpations from Washington are due, in part, to their lack of appreciation for what money is. Bear with me while I go over the basics. (Robert Heinlein said “Money is an honest man’s promise to pay.” I always found that inadequate. A far better, though longer, explanation of money can be found in Rand’s Atlas Shrugged at around page 410 or so (depending on what edition you have); look for Francisco D’Anconia’s speech/lecture at a party. Humans have only two ways to exchange values with each other: voluntarily by means of money, or by force (explicit or implied violence). Taxes, for example, are collected with the implied force of police, courts, and prisons awaiting those who fail to pay. Voluntary transactions can sometimes be accomplished without physical exchange, ideas for ideas, for example, but usually some physical objects are involved. Barter may work now and then, but it’s difficult to make change for a cow—or a Monet. Money is much easier to live with than whips and guns—which are the only alternative.  Ron P.)

Women's Growing Impact
Excerpt: A special-election House race in Western New York this Tuesday is receiving much media attention. The frenzy is not because the race is between two qualified women, Republican Jane Corwin and Democrat Kathy Hochul; this is the first House election since Republicans took over the House, and many in the media are looking to write about an upset in a conservative district. More frenzy centers on thrice-defeated, 78-year-old Democrat candidate Jack Davis, who is suspiciously running on the Tea Party line.

USDA fines family four million dollars for selling bunny rabbits
Excerpt: When the Dollarhite family of Nixa, Mo., first started raising and selling bunnies as part of a lesson to teach their teenage son about responsibility and hard work, they had no idea they would eventually meet the heavy hand of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). According to a recent article covered in Breitbart's Big Government, the USDA recently ordered the Dollarhite family to pay more than $90,000 in fines because they sold more than $500 worth of rabbits in a year -- and if they fail to pay the fine by Monday, May 23, the fine will multiply to nearly $4 million. It all started back in 2006 when John Dollarhite and his wife Judy rescued two rabbits that ended up breeding. The family cared for and raised the new rabbits, and eventually began to sell them to neighbors, friends, and others for $10 or $15 each. Having started by first selling the animals for meat, and later for show, the Dollarhites carefully and humanely raised the small creatures on their three-acre homestead, all while teaching their son honest values in a business environment similar to running a small lemonade stand.

This is only news to those who were not paying attention to Obama's hard core supporters. ~Bob. Excerpt: Pro Israel supporters gathered at the Israeli Consulate in NYC waving flags and holding signs. The came to oppose Obama’s actions in support of terrorists like Hamas and his betrayal of Israel, the only Democracy in the Middle East. A number of major Jewish organizations, including the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), RAJE, Jewish Action Alliance, among others, gathered at
Second Avenue
42nd St
to protest President Obama’s suicidal call that Israel should retreat to the indefensible 1967 borders.

Ripe climate: Someone like West for president?
Excerpt: A few weeks ago, I was inundated by "Draft Allen West for President" emails from around the country. At first I dismissed them, since West is barely into his first term in Congress. But now I'm not so sure it's that outlandish a proposition. I'm not predicting Allen West will run for president next year, nor trying to fan that email campaign. At a West speech I attended last month, he flatly said he was aiming at re-election to the House in 2012. I believe he will run to keep the District 22 seat. What I am saying is that in 2012, the climate could well be ripe for a run by someone like him — a non-politico background, military career, charismatic and disarming personality against a so-far weak field of GOP rivals and a sitting president who might be vulnerable. It starts with the economy, and 2012 is unlikely to be a good year for an incumbent. Here is why.

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