Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Guest Post--Comment on "Collapse" from the UK

Although you wrote the original 'I'm tired' a couple of years back, a chain email landed on my desk this morning featuring it. My good lady thought I might enjoy it.

I am 65 this July. I don't know if it is something to do with being over 60, but I accorded strongly with your essay - but I did not enjoy it - It hit the nail full on and although many might think it to be a 'fun chainmail', I found it dire and totally serious. It also made me quite frustrated, because although it identified the problems we face, it failed to offer any thoughts on how we as individuals might change them.

Then I noticed your book - 'The Coming Collapse of the American Republic', and have spent a couple of hours nodding in agreement and considering the implications of your conclusions. You have obviously given the situation considerable thought and research, the whole book proposes a rational argument to a chilling prospect, one that I believe faces America and the EU alike. Wherever the 'Wealth Takers' are allowed to direct government to satisfy their insatiable greed, then I am afraid that the outcome must follow a probably predictable path. America though is still young enough to retain the spirit of the 'Cowboy' - free ranging, free thinking, uncontrolled and probably uncontrollable. Today's 'Cowboys' are the drugs and organised crime gangs.

As governments become progressively more bankrupt, they will be forced to close off services such as Policing to 'problem / no go' areas, and in these areas the new order will flourish - no taxes, no government, only control by the strongest and most fearless. These places will not be ghettos though - they will be extremely wealthy from the profits of illegal trade and zero taxation, and as these areas grow, the 'civilised' areas will shrink and become ever poorer.

I guess that at several points, the failing government will attempt to use armed forces to route the bandits and sequestrate their wealth, but like all urban warfare, the government will fail and simply hasten the end of the order of things.

My big question though remains - where has the wealth gone? The government does not have it, so where has the enormous wealth of this nation gone? Follow the money and we might just find out who is really in control of the governments and the public - either that or we might just discover a very quick way of becoming dead... Come the revolution though, and these wealth barons will become the new kings and queens of the new world. Their wealth and lack of morals will ensure that they integrate the gangs into their new order.

--Derek Smith, Lincolnshire, England

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  1. Sadly, the 'vanished' wealth has moved to countries where the creation of wealth is not regarded as dirty or distasteful or the wealth creators a source of income to be plundered to support ideology and the feckless.

    This was predicted in a treatise written by Louis XIV's Minister of Finance. He postulated that wealth is always attracted to those nations that do not restrict enterprise or over regulate it and which have low tax regimes. The UK lost that plot in the late 1940's when Labour declared it intended to nationalise everything and to tax the Rich until the pips squeaked.

    The real money and assets immediately moved out of reach, leaving only the moderately wealthy to pick up the bill and the result has been the squeeze on the Middle Classes, the real generators of enterprise and wealth. Look at China, Hong Kong (15% flat rate income tax - no perks or breaks.) and India, the wealth has gone there because they don't have hordes of parasitic civil servants to support and they are not strangled in red tape or taxed to ridiculous levels. It will flow back to us when we learn that lesson.