Sunday, May 22, 2011

Guest Post

Tired of PC--and lies
Paul Rendine

I'm really getting tired of this country's drive to not upset anyone, group, or otherwise. Since when did PC become the law of the land when it comes to discussing anything or everything? Why should anyone who disagrees with any POTUS decision automatically be called a "racist" just because he's black? And, yes, I said black, not African-American. Although my ethnicity is Italian, I don't consider myself an Italian-American. I am an American! PERIOD.

The PC BS craze has gotten way off the beaten path, too. Instead of saying someone lied, that term has been replaced by such adjectives as "mis-spoke" or "mis-stated." A lie is a lie is a lie. For example, our current POTUS - who is way too intelligent to LIE and is a lawyer, too - in just the past several weeks, LIED - not just mis-stated or mis-spoke - about a diverse amount of issues ranging from:

      1. The known levels of natural gas and oil already plotted that are known to be under America's land and waters;

      2. The level of production we are now getting from our own and still-allowable producing wells, both on shore and offshore;

     3. About how much safer and secure our southern border with Mexico is;

    4. How someone somewhere "inadvertently" sent help to contain and put out the wildfires raging in Texas and, to a smaller extent, across their state line to New Mexico. That federal aid went to NM and not to TX. I guess that Texas was being punished for something.

   5. Directed his NLRB and the IRS to, essentially, wage a war of "punishment" to those groups, corporations, individuals, and others who are perceived to be the enemies of the POTUS by checking their political contributions to which candidate or party. Oh, I'm sorry. That must have come from some faceless, nameless bureaucrat in my office.

   6. Or directed the NLRB to file suit against the Boeing company from locating a huge new assembly plant in South Carolina. Why? Because SC is a "right to work" state and Boeing's employees there would not have to be unionized.

I'll bet you, as well, that this POTUS knows what the definition of the word "is," is, too.

While many people are questioning why so many details are being made public about the, so far, treasure-trove of intel that Seal Team 6 got from UBL's "hide in plain sight" so-called "million dollar fortress" in a major Pakistani city, the answer is quite clear. The WH is working as hard as they can to extend the "bounce" that the POTUS got from UBL's demise into being swept back into the WH in 2012. Never mind the fact that each release gives the al Qaeda network that is still out there time to change tactics and go in other directions because now "the Americans know more than we thought they did." Al Qaeda is not stupid: they can and will change tactics. But the WH could care less. Their goal is to do whatever it takes to get their guy re-elected. As they dribble out more leaks, they keep the poll "bounce" higher and longer. They might be winning some with that tactic, too. Last week, in some man-on-the-street interviews, several people actually said, "I didn't vote for him in '08, but I will in '12, because HE GOT UBL."

Changing subjects just a bit, why does anyone think that the Democrats in Congress are really concerned about the illegals coming into the U.S. from Mexico? That answer is simple, too: Because they see the fastest growing minority group in America - Hispanics - and they want to buy their votes, too, which would almost ensure their rule of this country in perpetuity, just as they have for other such groups going back to the FDR Administration.

Maybe the Democrats have already won the "buy those votes" scramble anyway. Why would I say that? If you want the answer, look at the dramatic concerns about getting this country's fiscal accounts in much better shape, rather than face imminent bankruptcy. Most Americans, even the older ones in this country, readily agree that we must find ways to curtail our spending, but that common sense logic is usually trumped quite handily by the proviso "but don't touch my Medicare or Social Security!" Even when the huge drag that those two "entitlements" are pressuring the largest amounts of red ink on our fiscal health, most people still say: "Yes. Yes. I understand, but don't touch my Medicare."

Perhaps the "entitlement sweepstakes" game has been won "fair and square" by them anyway. But HOW do you ask? The answer is also quite simple, but it does take a long period of time to build to the pot of gold - total political domination of the U. S. by one party. But, how'd they do that? It starts by remolding our educational system - some call it "dumbing down" - to develop an electorate that is more easily controlled by anecdotes rather than facts and figures. Why are there fewer students in the math and sciences today than there were 25 years ago? It builds by ingratiating themselves into the media - print and electronic - knowing quite well that our lack of patience will, ultimately, seduce most people into relying almost totally on TV news as THE ONLY source of news and information.

Then comes the icing on this very palatable piece of cake. Realists talk of facts, figures, and consequences. Democrats talk about emotional moments - the gut checks of life - by describing what those heartless realists would do if we let them. They would let Grandma starve; deny her medical care; or worse. They would deny food and shelter to poor innocent children; ignore their needs for basic childhood immunizations; or worse. The network news would dutifully dig into their archives to find videotapes or DVDs of emaciated and sickly elderly people, while also - for good measure - pulling out those videos of starving, barely clothed children. No matter if all the facts say that making this small change will get this country back on a path toward sustainable financial health, in almost every case, visually-enhanced emotional appeals will trump facts and figures.

Why? Because we are Americans and we have become some of the most generous, sensitive, and compassionate people on Earth. Given our personalities then; infused with our basic lack of any REAL education; enhanced by those wonderful visions on our TV screens; all the while being infused with the mantra that everything can and should be absolutely perfect in America and you have the cocktail that we are faced with today. The opposition "bleeding hearts" have been developing this tactic for some time now. It reminds me of a quote attributed (I believe) to a Taliban leader in Afghanistan: "You may have the watch, but we have the time.)

I don't profess to know or have all the answers to solve our current host of difficulties. But I do know that somebody has to get off their collective backsides and start to do something NOW. Otherwise, I do believe that we risk losing it all. What will it take to get this "sleeping giant" to wake up again? Why can't we do it? Maybe it's time to begin impeachment proceedings against our sitting POTUS? From where I sit, this corrupter-in-chief has compiled a Humvee full of "high crimes and misdemeanors."


  1. Wow great comment and analysis. Why not run for Congress?

  2. Great post. I wish I could write like that.