Friday, January 23, 2009

War on Terror Over!

I Guess Terror Won.

Do you feel safe with the "War on Terror" Over?

Put me down agreeing that "War on Terror" was a bad name, though I used it as a heading for a column predicting September 11, 2001 published in August of 1998. (It’s in the blog achieves below.) "War to preserve American constitutional liberty against Islamofascists who want to subjugate everyone, especially women, under the brutal tyranny of Shari’a Law” is probably too long. But we will find a better name after the next 9/11.

As Israel learns again in Gaza, because you stop killing them does not mean they will stop killing you.

Only when an American city lays a smoking, nuclear ruin, or tens of thousands innocent Americans lie dead in the streets from a bio-war plague will America get serious. Denying foreign terrorists their “constitutional right” to plot murder on their cell phones without US Agents listening in will be the least of it.

And we will remember who let our guard down.

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