Thursday, January 8, 2009

Democrats cave on Burris

See this great Washington Post column:

Gee, who could have predicted that Democrats who vowed that no appointment by the innocent-until-proven-guilty Governor Blagojevich would be seated, would fold when the Black Caucus got behind Burris?

Ok, who other than me in a post last week (published in the Wisconsin State Journal, Saturday, December 3, 2009). Here's what I wrote in that column:

"Q: But suppose black leaders like former Black Panther and now Congressman Bobby Rush start criticizing the Democrats for not seating Mr. Burris?"

"A: That changes everything. If enough black leaders criticize the Democrat senate leaders, white liberals may give fewer dollars to the Democrat Party. Then the Democrats will cave and seat Mr. Burris."

To read the full column, scroll down to "Your Blagojevich Scandal Questions Answered."

There's a rumor that Obama called Reid and said, "Make this problem go away."

Ya think?

New Question. Supposed Governor Blagojevich (B-eBay) had appointed an equally-or-more-qualified white guy. Would he be on the verge of being seated?

Answer: Not if it was Gandhi.

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