Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another "Pay to Play" scandal

Another Democrat governor. Another "Pay to play" investigation. When will we end the Democrats' "Culture of Corruption"?



But even if his phone is bugged, Richardson is miles smarter than Blagojevich, so will probably walk.

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  1. We the People are all tired. But what I am most tired of is writing letters that fall on deaf ears.

    The Obama Administration has their plan in motion. Part of their plan is to appear to listen to all sides and make a decesion on facts. But you and I both know that is a smoke screen.

    Wgen i reality, the Obama Administration does not play or even care to listen to the rules.

    It starts at the top and runs through to the bottom: Obama will not provide a simple birth ceritficate. There are NO public records of his birth. But this has taken a back seat. His chief of staff, operates his house like a "not for profit organization".

    Working the system is the best lesson the Obama Administration will provide. After the rich people; 250K and up,get tired of paying for his socialistic program, I hope they find a way to move their assect off shore. Then which group will be taxed to pay for the bailout.

    I am tired, but most of all, I and sick and tired of public officals loosing sight of "We the People" while thinking of certain special interest groups... this is the year of the Poor and Sick, and guess which other special interst group is going to pay... the healthy and the wealthy.

    We all don't have equal standards of work ethics, so why should we all have equal standers of living.

    Jack Landwehr
    Caledonia, WI