Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote today. Please.

Be sure to vote today. Yes, I think Obama is going to win with at least 53% of the popular vote and at least 315 electoral votes. But you want to be able to say for the next four years, “None of this is MY fault.” You can only do that by getting out and voting for John McCain and other Republicans today.

On the plus side, the market usually gets a bounce no matter who is elected, because it reduces uncertainty. Though investors are scared of the Obama anti-growth policies (higher capital gains taxes, new trade barriers), let’s hope there is a strong “Obama Bounce.” Our IRAs/401Ks need it. And if the market settles down, there is a lot of money on the sidelines waiting to come in—at least until the anti-growth policies look like they are going to be enacted.

With any luck, Obama means those promises like he meant his promise to take public campaign financing.

Scott Adams predicted yesterday that if McCain pulls it out, there will be riots, martial law and the end of the Republic. (www.dilbert.com/blog). Another example of how those darn Republicans are always scaring voters to elect their candidates!

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