Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The People Have Spoken!


Well, the people have spoken. It’s now time to put aside the animosities and excess of the campaign and come together. All Americans—Republicans, Democrats and Independents, rich and poor, black, white, yellow and brown, young and old, male and female—must now unite. There is work to be done.

We must join together and vow to fight the League of Leftie Lawyers (LLL: Reid and Durbin, Pelosi and Hoyer, Biden and Obama and their minions who now control the government) every inch of the way, to block their every effort to destroy American security, American political freedom, American economic freedom and American prosperity based on property rights and the rule of law. We will fight them in the courts. We will fight them in the media. We will fight them on the Internet and in the Blogs. We will fight them in the polls. We will fight them in every election. We will fight them in the bureaucracy. We will fight them in the military. If they again resort to thuggery by ACORN, union bosses and gang-bangers, we will fight them in the streets. We will preserve the American values of independence, hard work, individualism, limited government, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and all amendments in the Bill of Rights for future, wiser generations. We will contest every piece of ground. We will never surrender. So help us God!

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