Monday, November 3, 2008

Change is Coming

Change is Coming
Robert A. Hall

It appears that tomorrow, Americans are going to choose:

--An Administration and Congress that will put lawyers completely in charge of all the top levels of our government, and beholden to the trial lawyers, supporting the explosion of lawsuits.

--An Administration and Congress that have promised to punish and discourage those who create jobs, and reward those who don’t.

--An Administration and Congress committed to appeasing the violent jihad from abroad, and the creeping stealth jihad at home, thus feeding the beast.

--An Administration and Congress committed to economic policies such as higher trade barriers and taxing investments in jobs, which have produced terrible economic results in the past.

--An Administration tied tightly to the corrupt Daley machine in Chicago, with jobs for the favored “outfit” insiders.

--An Administration led by a president with under four years of national legislative experience and no executive experience, but lots of experience associating with people I wouldn’t trust to feed my cat.

--An Administration that supports policies that will make a majority of Americans recipients of government money, with a minority paying the bills. Once the majority learns they can demand ever-larger transfers of money from the most productive to the least productive, via the ballot box, economic catastrophe is only a matter of time.

--An Administration that has promised it will take money from those who earned it, and send checks to those who did not, if they will only vote the right way and elected these people. That used to be called bribery.

--An Administration and Congress that have promised union bosses they will take away the right of working men and women to a secret ballot on union elections, so workers can be intimidated and threatened to vote as the bosses want.

--An Administration that has promised to appoint judges based on their empathy for favored groups of political supporters, rather than their knowledge of the law, their intellect and certainly not for their impartiality.

--An Administration committed to eviscerating the military, to provide funds to reward supporters.

--An Administration that has endlessly promised change. The voters, polls show, want change, and don’t seem to care what kind of change they get, as long as they get change.

They are going to get change. Good and hard.

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  1. an administration who already declared to be in support of killing more pre-born babies from conception to the grave in less than 270 days.