Tuesday, November 11, 2008

To the Old Breed on Veterans Day

To the Old Breed on Veterans Day

They’re dying out, you know.
They’re fewer every year.
We watch them homeward go,
And shed an errant tear.

They are the old, true breed
Who wore the uniform.
They served at every need,
For that was once the norm.

Their passing goes un-mourned,
They simply fade away,
But Freedom once was borne
By them through every day.

They suffered, toiled and died,
They sweated, bled and fought,
Through honor and through pride
Your liberty they bought.

So you may heroes jeer,
And you may comfort seek,
Oh, let the feckless sneer,
The cowards and the weak!

The day is coming near
When you will beg for men,
And they, no longer here,
Will not return again.

--Former SSgt Robert A. Hall, USMC

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  1. Thanks for your service and continued service here in this blog!