Thursday, June 15, 2017

The violence begins

Worth Reading: The Violence is Only Getting Started. By Erick Erickson
Excerpt: It is now possible for a person to go an entire day and never knowingly encounter someone who thinks at all differently. We can self-select websites to read, television channels to watch, and radio stations and podcasts to listen to. We never have to be troubled with the other. As we encounter the other less and less, we see them as alien. As we see them as alien it becomes easier to see them as less than ourselves. It becomes not only easier to then view them as the enemy, but also easier to cheer on violence against the other. After James Hodgkinson fired shots as Republican congressmen, a number of people with blue checkmarks on social media (a status denoting someone of note) began justifying Hodgkinson’s attack. One noted the GOP had it coming. Another said it could have been self defense if Hodgkinson was losing his healthcare. Still others were upset Hodgkinson had not actually killed any Republicans. When you create your own world instead of living in the world God created for you, you can make it in your own image. Soon you can believe the worst about others when those you have allowed into your world agree. The only way to back away from this instead of falling over the precipice is for Democrats, Republicans, and the media to acknowledge that the other side really does not want you dead. But there is too much invested in believing otherwi

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