Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Who is deplorable now?

From my friend, Del: The latest one is that at a comedy show, a well known woman comic, Wanda Sykes, went into anti-Trump "humor" in part of her routine, which finally
caused some of the audience to boo her. Her reasoned, rational, responsible, considerate response? A torrent of "**** you all" screams at the entire audience, and flipping the bird as she left the stage. Now there's a class act if ever there was one. But remember, it's those Far Right Deplorables who are the ignorant, stupid, nasty people. And it's the ones on the Left who are the tolerant, kind people. Sure. I keep wondering how long this stupid, ugly nonsense can go on before the people pushing it figure out that all it does is make the rest of us happier than ever about how the election came out, and more determined than ever to keep fighting the leftist establishment. --Del

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