Saturday, August 8, 2015

Some important items--some entertainment

Though I'm still tired and weak a lot, I continue to try to progress in Physical Therapy. I have upped the speed for my 30 minutes on the treadmill to 2.8 MPH and have increased the weight for my 50 reps on the upright row to 65 lbs. The 50 reps on the other three weight machines remain as they have been. I'm doing more exercise now than at anytime since my three months at Parris Island, which started 51 years ago this month. ~Bob

Must Read: History's Complexity Should Discourage Retroactive Morality. By Victor Davis Hanson
This is a badly needed call to reason, and for resistance to the latest PC fanaticism that raises blind intolerance to the level of religious zealotry.  The mindless drive to tear down past figures for behavior that was hardly unusual for their time and place, the demand for perfection by today's highest standards, on the part of those who lived in different worlds, is not just incredibly stupid, but also ultimately damaging to society. --Del

Must See: Gun violence in the world: NUMBER ONE WITH A BULLET

Must Read: Asking Trump Whether He’d Support the GOP Nominee Was Anything but ‘Unfair.’ By Jonah Goldberg

Worth Seeing: Bill Whittle - Racism - Democrats and Republicans switch sides?

Worth Reading: Is Obama taking Hillary out? By Monica Crowley

Canada Sanctions Iran, Chooses Principle Over Profit

Is India dumping the “Palestinian Cause”? India emerges as Israel’s new geo-political ally

Vietnam Veterans for Factual History
Good site and organization. ~Bob

A SHORT TAKE ON THE GRAND OLD PARTY DEBATE. By Colonel Andy Weddington, U.S. Marines (Ret)

Health Insurer Earnings and Merger Update

Islamic State abducts dozens of Christians from Syrian town: monitor. BY SULEIMAN AL-KHALIDI

Islamic Republic of Iran sentences man to have eyes gouged out, another has hand and foot amputated
Kerry's and Obama's partners for peace. ~Bob

Op-Ed: The Obama Way Has Failed. Hillary is more of the same. Her term as secretary of state is an unmitigated disaster.
This article does the best job on Obama and Hillary I've seen in a while.  Too bad it will have no effect on anyone on the Left, and not enough people who should see it will. --Del

Police warn of No-Go Zones in Germany
We've heard a lot about the no-go zone in France, but now even in Germany, where I really thought the government was not as stupid as the French, seems to have allowed things to get way out of control.  There is a growth in Right Wing parties in Germany, as in the UK and Holland, for the same reasons, people have been watching the crap get worse and worse for over ten years and they are now getting really fed up and angry about it.  As I would be too if I were seeing any such crap going on here.  But are we already seen little bits of it here, the neighborhoods near Detroit that Arabs have taken over, or the Somalis in Minnesota? --Del


How the Obama White House runs foreign policy
A great look at the monster group that Obama has built up, from which so much wonderful stuff comes.  Heaven help us. --Del

SATURDAY'S POLITICAL SCRAP. By Colonel Andy Weddington, U.S. Marines (Ret)

Carly Fiorina Talks About Her Record, Presidential Run at RedState Gathering 2015

No one, and I mean no one, has been a bigger supporter of the hardliners in Iran than Obama

So which women has Donald Trump called ‘dogs’ and ‘fat pigs’?

Carly Fiorina’s stunning debut. By Kathleen Parker

Virginia: Muslim firefighter put on paid leave for saying of cops, “We have to start putting them in body bags”
I never had a job where I could get a paid vacation by threatening someone. Alas. ~Bob

This notion that if you insult a certain person, you’ve also insulted their race, gender or religion is just propaganda social programming.

Nominee to Lead the U.S. Marine Corps Openly Defies Barack H. Obama

Satire: Winded Warrior Project Helps Soldiers, Vets Get Fit

Satire: USMC Eliminates Safety in Attempt to Cut Numbers

Fake Cop Pulls Over Real Cop, Gets Real Charge

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