Monday, August 24, 2015

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Lovely fall day today in Wisconsin, cool and breezy. But it' still August.

I managed, with a walking stick, to march the whole route in the Sun Prairie Corn Fest Parade with the GOP contingent. Stiff, but still was able to do Physical Therapy the next morning. With Grandson Dale below:

Then at the RPDC annual picnic, we met Judge Joe Donald from Milwaukee, a very bright guy who is running for the Wisconsin Supreme Court as a conservative. ~Bob

In my view Trump with his ever-changing opinions would be as big a disaster as Obama has been. A few of the articles exposing Trump's past liberal opinions below. ~Bob

20 times Donald Trump has changed his mind since June

The Trump Catharsis. By Victor Davis Hanson 
Excerpt: Trump preps little. He has no real agenda. And he makes stuff up as he goes along. For such a New York brawler, he has thin skin, smearing his critics, often in creepy fashion. How can a former Democrat, once a pro-choice, pro-amnesty liberal and a supporter of single-payer health care, remain the godhead of the conservative base for weeks on end?

How Trump spent the war years

Donald Trump is a counterfeit Republican. By George F. Will

Trump Supports Assault Weapons Ban and Longer Waiting Periods

Bernie Sanders’ Wife Could Face Prison For Defrauding Vermont

Excerpt: According to CBS News, French media outlets are reporting that the Americans who subdued the shooter were U.S. Marines. A Marines spokesman confirmed to CBS that the shooter was stopped by Americans, but not whether they were Marines. (Later reports say they were servicemen, but not Marines. ~Bob)


Marines: Toward the Sounds of Chaos

Worth Hearing: The Speech Every 2015 College Grad Needs to Hear. By George Will

Worth Seeing: The Iran Nuclear Deal

7th Planned Parenthood Video Reveals They Harvested Baby’s Heart While It Was Still Beating

Exclusive: Dozens of Clinton emails were classified from the start, U.S. rules suggest. By Jonathan Allen, Reuters
Excerpt: The new stamps indicate that some of Clinton’s emails from her time as the nation’s most senior diplomat are filled with a type of information the U.S. government and the department’s own regulations automatically deems classified from the get-go — regardless of whether it is already marked that way or not.

EXCLUSIVE: Hillary's email firm was run from a loft apartment with its servers in the BATHROOM, raising new questions over security of sensitive messages she held
I've never had a doubt that foreign governments were reading her mail. if hackers can get into the US Government websites, as we know they can, certainly a small, private server would be many times as vulnerable--and the SoS is the second highest target after POTUS. ~Bob

Worth Reading: Why Democrats Can’t Confront What Hillary Has Done. By Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt (I again urge you to subscribe to Morning Jolt.)
The Democratic Party is about to have a breakdown. For at least the past four years, if not longer, the average Democrat, when asked about the nominee-in-waiting, will respond, “Hillary Clinton is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.” Oh, sure, they may not be able to think of any accomplishments, and they may gripe about her ties to Wall Street. They may openly acknowledge that she lied about her e-mail server. Her team may openly gloat that no one cares whether she followed. But most of that they hand-wave away. She’s just doing it because she has such ruthless enemies. Everybody does it, she’s judged by an unfair, harsher standard than everyone else. The problem is that there isn’t really a good reason to keep lots of classified information on a private server. We’re talking about information from the National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (spy satellite images), the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and the Central Intelligence Agency.
The Director of the DIA at the time Hillary was at the State Department said there’s a “very high” chance her e-mails were hacked by foreign intelligence -- Chinese, Russians, or others. “Likely. They’re very good at it. You know, China, Russia, Iran, potentially the North Koreans. Other countries that are quote-unquote our allies, because they can.” This sort of decision is just stupid. It’s dangerous for herself, for everyone she e-mails, for the Obama administration, and of course, for national security. It’s an astonishingly short-sighted risk-reward calculation, to escape Freedom of Information Act requests and Congressional subpoenas by putting your communications at risk of being read by Russia’s foreign-intelligence service or the Chinese Ministry of State Security or God knows who else. The problem for Democrats is that their worldview rests upon their leaders’ being the smart ones. They’re the ones who are wrapped up in “smart power.” They’re the ones sophisticated enough to “empathize with our enemies.” It’s those knuckle-dragging Republicans, those neocon warmongers, those paranoid xenophobes, those backwards hicks who just don’t understand how the world works. All it takes to get Russia to behave better is a reset button. The fall of Muammar Qaddafi in Libya deserves a “victory lap.” Syria’s Bashir Assad is a “reformer” and “the road to Damascus is the road to peace.” If Democrats acknowledge Hillary made a stupid and consequential decision, everything else built upon that perception of intellectual and judgmental superiority crumbles. Yes, it erodes the case for her to be commander-in-chief. But what’s more, it forces Democrats to look at what their foreign-policy philosophy has really generated. Has the outstretched hand really thawed relations with hostile states? Have the concessions made to hostile states changed their behavior, rhetoric, or policies? Are international institutions really responsive to horrific mass violence? Is the world safer? Are human rights more respected? Are extremist groups waning or thriving and expanding?

Déjà Vu: When Bill Clinton Pardoned His Former CIA Director over Classified Documents on His Home Computer

A Willing Suspension of Disbelief. By Bruce Walker
Excerpt: Leftism is a pathology of mendacity.  When Obama told us that his grandfather liberated Auschwitz, that was a gratuitous fabrication – he could have honestly stated that his grandfather was part of the army that helped liberate concentration camps in western Germany, but truth means so little to him that inventing the Auschwitz fable pinged no conscience at all.  In the same way, when Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton told America that she was named “Hillary” in honor of Sir Edmond Hillary climbing Mt. Everest, even though that happened years after Mrs. Clinton was born, that also was an effortless deception, because to her, truth has value only when it is helpful.

ISIS No. 2 killed by US air strike, White House confirms
Excerpt: Hajji Mutazz, the second in command of the terrorist group ISIS, was killed in a U.S. military air strike on August 18 while traveling in a vehicle near Mosul, Iraq, officials said. Mutazz was the senior deputy to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and coordinated movement of weapons and explosives in Iraq and Syria

The Iran Deal is Everything Bad About Obama in One Package. By Daniel Greenfield

AP Exclusive: UN to let Iran inspect alleged nuke work site
Yep, they get to inspect themselves sometimes.  What a deal!  So the arsonist gets to examine the reported arson fire, the rapist gets to interview the rape victim, the pickpocket gets to check on how the victim got robbed?  I love it.  Just when you think they've pulled all the insane crap possible, they come and surprise you again. --Del. Seems normal to the Obama administration. Every time there's a scandal they investigate themselves and find not a smidgeon of corruption. ~Bob

The Moment a Black Woman Criticizes Her City Council for Comparing Illegal Immigration to Slavery


Remaining Government Stock of WWII M1911’s Handguns to Be Sold Off to The Public…..
Maybe. But I'd be surprised. ~Bob

While Americans Got Poorer, These Congresspeople Got (A Lot) Richer

O'Reilly on America's Race Problem
Been around, but worth seeing if you haven't. ~Bob

Army kicking out decorated Green Beret who stood up for Afghan rape victim

Illegal immigrant accused in triple homicide in Florida home

Out-Of-Control Big Government Is Destroying Us. By Victor Davis Hanson
Going back to the founding of the nation, the debate was always about whether to allow Big Government or not, with the bulk of the Founders against it in general, and the Bill of Rights written specifically as safeguards against giant government. Over the centuries the government has grown much larger than any of the Founders ever envisioned, but of course as times changed some growth was necessary.  We do need an environmental agency, a safety agency, a tax collection agency, etc.  Maybe not a Dept of Education, but certainly no agency so big and powerful that it no longer really answers to anyone, no agencies who become politicized, yet we have stark examples of both ongoing. Obama is a true believer in Big Government run by the proper elite, and has been pushing that since the day he got into office.  He doesn't care what "the people" want, he is one of those who KNOWS what is the right thing to do and no one is going to slow him down from doing it.  He behaves much more like an emperor than a President, and the media have been giving him a pass on that.  He threatens people, defames them, belittles them, if they don't go along with his ideas.  He doesn't understand nor care about the military, it's all social programs that have his focus.  And he is too often slanted on racism, our race relations after six years of his being in office are enormously worse than when he started. But enough of my comments....  Hanson talks about the mess that we're in now with Big Government and out of control agencies.  This is why people like me figure even a poor GOP President in 2017 will be preferable to any more Democrat enlargement of the government. --Del

Obama Declares War On Natural Gas
The general war on coal is really pretty bad, will wipe out jobs, make energy more expensive, and of course actually do next to nothing in terms of reducing worldwide CO2 emission.  But to then go even further, to this latest bit of control/control/control, is really nuts, since what they're attacking now is actually a good thing even if you believe in manmade Climate Change.  But it's the natural part of fanaticism without any bounds, where you keep taking off heads even when all your enemies have run away.  This is just the consequence of putting fanatics in charge and giving them a free pass to do anything and everything that comes to their minds.  Meanwhile, if you really believed in the need for cheap, CO2 free energy, you'd be providing huge incentives to nuclear power, thorium plants in particular that create a fraction of the waste of the old plants and even use up some of the old waste.  But they're not doing that either, because the ecofanatics don't believe in nuclear power either, the French with their 75% national power source and no accidents be damned. Among the first things a new GOP President will need to do is cut the EPA way, way back, retire a lot of the fanatics, trim their mission back to what it was and needs to be, and find out who let loose 3 million gallons of heavy metal contamination and fire them.  (Which oddly enough, is not happening under present leadership.) --Del)

Republicans Say They Are Happier With Their Marriages
Conservatives also give more to charity than liberals and are more likely to believe in God. ~Bob

Stealing From Wal-Mart Is Not a Crime, UW Relations Director Declares
Since this responsible administrator is black, he will face no discipline for this. it does great harm to blacks to as it reinforces racial stereotypes with racists.  ~Bob

Frederick Payne, Decorated Fighter Ace in the Pacific, Dies at 104
Excerpt: Frederick Payne, a retired Marine Corps brigadier general who was honored for his exploits as a fighter pilot in the Pacific in World War II, died on Aug. 6 at his home in Rancho Mirage, Calif. He was 104 and the oldest of America’s surviving fighter aces.

Hillary: ‘With a Cloth or Something?’ Refusing to Say Whether or Not She Wiped The Server

VIDEO: Fla. Prof Says Muslims 'Procreate Like Mushrooms After the Rain,' 'The Problem is Islam'

Worth Seeing: Pat Condell - A Society Of Cowards

Worth Seeing:  Pat Condell: Why Do MUSLIMS Always Blame The JEWS
Mauritania court upholds conviction against anti-slavery activists
Slavery is in the Holy Qur'an, so only Islamophobes oppose it. ~Bob

Imagine that. Police say repeat offenders driving crime rise in District and elsewhere
Most f the offenders in the big cities are black, as are most of the victims. Nothing hurts the black community like letting black thugs off with a wrist slap to prey on blacks again--but black lives only matter if the killer is white. ~Bob


In Elite Schools' Vast Endowments, Malcolm Gladwell Sees 'Obscene' Inequity
I bet this is one band wagon the liberal professors don't jump on. ~Bob

Jonathan Daniels was murdered by a Lowndes County, Alabama, man who went unpunished. Still, he did not die in vain

China’s Air Pollution Kills Several Thousand a Day
And we are going to cut world carbon output. ~Bob

What happens when a Muslim woman is beaten in public?

Islamic State stones five women to death for not wearing the veil

India: Muslim brothers behead teen sister, display her head as warning

Government report: U.S. fight against Islamic State disorganized, incoherent

Islamic State links its origins to the killing of Osama and US withdrawal from Iraq

Dog next to mosque

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