Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A few interesting political items

August 16th marked the 51st anniversary of my journey to Parris Island, SC to become a Marine. The next three months changed my life forever. My drill instructors gave me self-discipline and tenacity and that has made all the difference. One is gone now, the other two I know not of, but I can never repay the debt. I think often and pray for them. ~Bob

Funny: Frau Klintonstein. By Tim Donovan
Tim lives in Madison. Great guy. ~Bob


Modern Day Slavery in Vietnam and Malaysia. By Michael Benge
Another topic that would be of major interest to anyone who really cares about the whole subject of existing slavery, but the only slavery that interests anyone in this Administration is the kind that ended in the USA 150 years ago.  That past event remains in tight focus, merely enslaving people somewhere else where it's mostly out of sight and it would be inconvenient to notice for political reasons, that's so far down the priority scale that you can't even see it from a satellite in space. --Del

20 times Donald Trump has changed his mind since June

FINALLY Someone Tells The Truth - Pat Condell

There's Women And There's That Woman Hillary

Worth Reading: The Third World Mind of the Clintons. By Jonah Goldberg

How Nazism Explains ‘Moderate’ and ‘Radical’ Islam"

The Biggest Idiots in Politics: The #Blacklivesmatter Protesters

VIDEO: Black Youths Mocking Blood Soaked White Man After He Was SEVERELY Beaten By A Mob Of 40 Thugs
But it's racist to say his life mattered. ~Bob

Tampa man impersonating Naval Officer arrested

Black Ministers: Remove Bust Of Racist Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger From National Portrait Gallery

Hillary’s State Department Routinely Hid Emails On Purpose

A Quick Guide to the Foreign Policy Views of the Democratic Presidential Candidates

Want ‘sustained happiness’? Get religion, study suggests

WATCH: ISIS Throws 2 ‘Gay Men’ Off Roof & Stones Them

A Paris 'Beach Party' Turns Into A Middle East Protest
I'd have been glad to help out by adding realism to the "die-in" event. ~Bob

Officer And Suspect Draw On Each Other In Close Firefight

Why I Left Greenpeace

Can Little Donald, Ben, or Carly Really Grow Up To Be Whatever They Want?

Backers fear old weaknesses stalk Clinton campaign

Islamic State takes Libyan port city
Excerpt: Its “refugee” incursions into Europe will now only intensify. Among the “refugees” will be untold numbers of jihadis. There is no telling how many Europeans will die violent deaths as a result.

Report; vast majority of big money donors lean Democrat/Liberal

Muslims Are Not Obligated To The Agreement They Signed With A Non-Muslim – A Simple Explanation.

History, American Democracy, and the AP Test Controversy

Four Israeli prime ministers were personally involved in anti-terrorist operations. Two of them risked their lives to rescue Israelis. One of them has been called "chicken shit" by the pencil pushing toadies of the Oministration. http://www.timesofisrael.com/when-the-prime-ministers-took-down-the-hijackers/?utm_source=The+Times+of+Israel+Daily+Edition&utm_campaign=40b69903cc-2015_08_13&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_adb46cec92-40b69903cc-54603393
Cordially, Larry Greenberg

Minimum-wage offensive could speed arrival of robot-powered restaurants
Ya think? Pie-in-the-sky thinking has consequences. ~Bob

‘Straight up execution’: Crime surges across the District
Progressive Policing Produces Piss-Poor Payoffs. ~Bob

Black Consultant, worth reading: The Republican Party in Black and White. By Raynard Jackson
Mr. Jackson makes a great point here, and the incompetence of the GOP leadership to even talk about race, much less start trying to market themselves and their principles to Blacks, is, to me, puzzling, frustrating, and downright depressing.  How can they be so damn dumb? --Del

Odierno: Army 'dangerously close' to being cut too deep
Isn't this nice, finally a ranking general dares to mention that the emperor's new clothes are maybe just a little too light, why you can hardly see them at all. He wouldn't say this before now, although this chopping at the military has been ongoing for years at this point.  When your retirement is scheduled and you really have nothing to lose anymore, it does a lot for being bold.  But it's a very good thing that he's come out with it, clear and plain.  Maybe more people will become aware of the sad situation we're in. --Del 

'Immigrant': The New N-Word. By Ann Coulter 
What's nice about this is that it's not about religion or race, it's simply about the logic of bringing in people other than those we need here (engineers, doctors, scientists, etc.) or those who are legitimate refugees from a situation in which we have some form of involvement (like the Vietnamese fleeing oppression after the war, maybe those who were translators for us in Iraq, etc.).  The whole "give me your poor" etc thing worked well for centuries, but those people arrived here in the "melting pot" days and all came to assimilate.  Bringing in people who clearly don't want to assimilate is like eating inedible vegetation, it brings nothing good and can often make you sick. It is also true that a bunch of the illegals are the people who have come on tourist or student visas and just never went home.  Time to send them home as well.  In today's world and with the lack of social pressure to make people assimilate, what no nation needs is an influx of those who don't want to be part of the culture and in fact will remain hostile to it.  They're learning this the hard way in Europe, with tremendous social problems in many of the wealthy eurozone countries that have taken in millions of non-assimilating foreigners. The statistics tell us clearly that illegals do far more than their share of crime, and even the legals collect far more than their share of social benefits.  We don't need to suffer any more of the problems than we have already by tolerating illegals or permitting legals who don't want to join as Americans. --Del

Why Carly Fiorina’s polling bump is even better than we thought

The Doctor Won't See You Now. By Sally Pipes
Excerpt: Only three in ten enrollees in Obamacare’s exchanges report being satisfied with their health coverage, according to a new poll from the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions.

Islamic State beheads, crucifies twelve people in Libya
“Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment.” — Qur’an 5:33

Muslim beats his wife in front of cops, says she is his “property”
 “Righteous women are therefore obedient, guarding the secret for Allah’s guarding. And those you fear may be rebellious admonish; banish them to their couches, and beat them.” (Qur’an 4:34)

RIP Stefan The Stork – One Of 30 Million Birds Killed By Wind Farms Every Year
They banned DDT, condemning millions of black, brown and yellow kids to a terrible death by Malaria, to save the birds...now it's screw the birds, we need green energy! ~Bob

State Dept. Finds 17,855 Missing Hillary Clinton Adviser Emails

Carly Is a Winner. By Bruce Walker

Worth Reading: Hillary Clinton is her own worst enemy. By Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
Writer is a black liberal. ~Bob

Worth Reading: Hillary Clinton’s Nixonian mindset is on full display. By Michael Gerson, Washington Post


Running against DC. By Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt
I realize it’s quite stylish for aspiring presidents to run against “Washington” right now. I’d just ask everyone to notice that Barack Obama, having been in the Senate two years before running for president, actually surrounded himself with veterans of Capitol Hill once he was in office. Sure, he ran against “the same old faces in the same old places,” but he picked Joe Biden and his decades of friendships and connections on Capitol Hill as his veep, and once he was elected, he had Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff. He put Hillary Clinton, top Democrat in Washington since 1993, at State; he kept on Robert Gates at the Pentagon. He wanted Tom Daschle -- former Senate Majority Leader -- running the health-care push. In other words, when Democrats want to get their agenda enacted, they go to the crusty veterans who have been there forever, have connections and relationships and favors to call in and who know where all the bodies are buried. I notice that we on the right are adamantly rejecting this approach.

Approval of Arctic drilling comes just before Obama's visit

The Clash of Civilizations: The Muslim Immigration Dilemma for the West. By Mike Scruggs

Fournier: I Would Have Considered Leaving Journalism For Hillary Clinton's Campaign, Now I Don't Trust Her
Rob Fournier leans left. Here is what he had to say last weekend about Hillary on Face the Nation. It would appear character DOES count [to some] within the 4th Estate. I was very surprised to hear these comments when I was watching the show Sunday…..Greg. If you listen to Ron Fournier as well as Doug Schoen over the last few months you can tell that the tide is turning hard against HRC I think it’s irrevocable but others may disagree. It’s no longer that everyone is just getting a “whiff” of the old Clinton days; it’s now a matter of the stench getting so bad that clothespins just won’t work any more. Her character is really now being seen for what it is and it’s a very unpleasant sight. --Jim

Ghana: Muslims give gay man Sharia punishment of 100 lashes
Excerpt: Woe to you — from the gay community — if you dare to point out Sharia persecution of gays. When Pamela Geller and I ran ads highlighting the mistreatment of gays in Islamic law, the San Francisco City Council issued a resolution condemning not that mistreatment, but our ads. Gay advocates such as Theresa Sparks and Chris Stedman attacked us for daring to call attention to the institutionalized mistreatment of gays under Islamic law. Their gay advocacy doesn’t extend to standing up to Sharia oppression of gays, even though that oppression is far more virulent and violent than anything from “right-wing extremists” in the U.S. And you can’t blame them: given the Leftist/jihadist alliance, it’s clear that if they spoke out against Sharia mistreatment of gays, they would no longer be invited to the best parties, and might even be branded as “right-wing.” Their moral cowardice and duplicity, however, are obvious.

Who Is the One Actually Making Common Cause with Iran’s Hard-Liners, Mr. President?
Excerpt: The latest Quinnipiac poll shows that the American public rejects the president’s Iran deal by more than 2-to-1. This is astonishing. The public generally gives the president deference on major treaties. Just a few weeks ago, a majority supported the deal. What happened? People learned what’s in it.

Report: EPA’s Global Warming Rule Could KILL Thousands Of People
The Tragic and Complete Collapse of Racial Relations. Polls show that racial relations have gotten much worse under Barack Obama. Why has that happened? By Victor Davis Hanson  
OK, Hanson is a White man, so of course that means he must be biased in his analysis?  I hope that kind of instant reverse racism might be avoided.  It is of course true that he cannot 100% understand everything about Blacks, but none of us really ever gets perfect understanding of anyone else, not our own children, not our spouse of many years.  The question is simply whether we believe someone of good intelligence and good will can still learn enough to come up with some analysis that is valid. I sure have to hope that's true, otherwise we all fall into separate little tribes than can never interact well. I think Hanson hits some very good points.  None of which answers the question I have asked so many times of myself and lots of others-which is, how can the problems of the inner city ghetto communities be ameliorated even somewhat?  How do we re-establish the practice of stable family life, inculcate respect and desire for good education, and get everyone to feel they have a chance to succeed, that the whole system is not stacked against them?  I wish I knew, I wish someone, somewhere, had the answer, but so far I've not heard any anywhere. --Del). the first thing is to understand that the pathologies of the inner city are caused by culture, not race. I recommend, Life at the Bottom by Theodore Dalrymple, which demonstrates the same pathologies in the British inner cities among white Britons. ~Bob


Great ad worth seeing

Civil War Photos--Then and Now

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