Saturday, April 10, 2021

Why violent crime surged after police across America retreated

 So we need an explanation in USA Today as to why violent crime went up as policing activities decreased?  Really?

But it's a good article, just supplies facts about what happens when you cut back on police work and work hard at demoralzing and demotivating officers.  Of course some of us crazy old people did anticipate this, but hey, maybe that was just our Far Right bias showing itself?  It couldn't be that we actually have some real understanding of how things work, could it?  After all, so many really smart people with advanced degrees and so many politicians and activists said all this was a great idea.... how could they have been mistaken?  Oh well...
The real question is how do cities regain a level of control and get back to that quaint idea of law and order.  How are they going to recruit good people to go into law enforcement now?  I can only feel sorry for the people living in a lot of these cities, until they vote in some seriouis people who will shrug off the "social justice" priority and get back to keeping citizens safe in their homes, businesses, and on the street.

Why violent crime surged after police across America retreated

Even the most dedicated officers who now face a greater risk of being sued, fired or prosecuted for doing their job feel pressure to pull back.

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