Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Media Tried to Smear Ron DeSantis. It Backfired | Opinion

 When you see a column like this in Newsweek, not exactly a Right Wing publication, you can rejoice that every once in a while the truth does come out at least a little bit in the media.

In this case, what 60 Minutes and their reporter tried to do was so damn egregious and so blatantly obvious that no remotely fairminded person could ignore it.  Is all the media this biased?  No, not all, but most of the media is biased and we see that readily.
Most media articles, including in the NYTImes this morning, are about how "Jim Crow" the Georgia election law is.  Yet that it actually increases access to voting in terms of polling place time is ignored.  That in fact its provisions are still a good deal more open to voting than numerous other states, e.g. New Jersey, is ignored.  That it does not say people in line cannot be given water, it only says that partisan organizations cannot approach and distribute anything to people in line, which is very reasonable.  (If it were GOP activists handing out water and snacks, we'd have heard about it a long time ago in furious protests.)
I am proud to say that an old friend who lives in George and is very much a Democrat told me she orginally heard the whole "voter suppression" screaming, but being bored at home decided to actually look at the legislation.  Only to slowly realize it was not at all about voter suppression, and the claims were purely political propaganda.  It won't change how she votes at all, but she is upset at the duplicity and stupidity of what is being claimed.  (See... it is possible to be a Liberal and still abandon all reason.  Although it's unfortunately not the way a lot of people have gone.)
It will be interesting to see how things go in Georgia at the next election.

The Media Tried to Smear Ron DeSantis. It Backfired | Opinion

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